My desire update Tuesday 27 February 2024

My desire 27 February 2024: Aruna tells her children that police found a phone in her cupboard and arrested her in Samrat and Nayan’s murderer charges. She accuses Kashvi for getting her and her sons arrested wrongly. Suraj and Pankaj determine to get her out of jail and punish Kashvi.

Next morning, Kashvi prays god to pass Arjun in his exam as she can’t see him fail, she wants him to see him passed in all his life’s exams. Arjun prays god that Kashvi has seen her parent’s death and a lot more in these recent days, he wants her to pass even if he fails and wants to see her happy always. He shows flowers on her and plays with her. She cheers up.

They both finish their exam and walk towards home to leave for Haridwar. Nitya reaches there and says she got their bags as she doesn’t want them to miss Haridwar bus. Arjun says he was telling Kashvi that they would be late, she is a best mom. Nitya asks them to hurry. They both board a bus and reach Haridwar.

Nitya marks x on Aruna’s photo and thinks she keeps an album of the people whom she killed for her benefit. She looks at Nayan and Sam’s pics and then her FIL’s pic and thinks she had to kill even him for her benefit, now she hasn’t left any evidence against her as no one is alive now.

Her FIL is seen in Haridwar on a wheelchair at a temple. Kashvi and Arjun are seen nearby him. She asks him to go and book a hotel while she prays at a temple. He leaves. A beggar stops her and requests money. She gives him money. Someone pulls FIL’s wheelchair away before she could see him.

Veera praises Mahima for trapping Pradyuman again and asks how did she do that. Mahima says she used emotional blackmail to fall for her again, now they will marry in Faridabad in front of her relatives who abandoned her and then will shift to USA with Pradyuman forever after marriage. Veera says she is lucky. Jagadish returns.

Nitya asks him to have something. Jagadish says he doesn’t want to. She says she couldn’t help when police found all the evidences against Aruna and arrested her. Jagadish says he is in deep sorrow seeing his only sister and her children in jail. Nitya says even she is in pain seeing her family shattered, but they have to cope up with their pain. She goes to show him something.

Arjun and Kashvi reach their hotel room and see it decorated. Hotel manager says it’s their honeymoon suite as Arjun told they are newly married. He says he has kept a gift hamper from hotel’s side and asks them not to worry as nobody will disturb them until they want to and leaves.

Kashvi feels awkward and asks Arjun if he booked a honeymoon suite. Arjun says they had traveled and were tired, he didn’t want to roam around searching for a hotel room and hence booked this available room; she should forget it and enjoy. She asks what does he mean. He asks her to concentrate on emotions and not words. He gets nervous noticing con**m in a hamper basket. Their nok jhok continues…

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