My desire update Monday 26 February 2024

My desire 26 February 2024: Mr Sharma enters police commissioner’s office and informs Nitya that the number she got in Birju’s mobile and asked to him to trace it’s location is active now.

Arjun asks where is the location. Sharma they would be shocked to know that mobile’s location is Nitya’s house. A hotel guest misbehaves with Mahima. Pradyuman tongue lashes guest and says he owns many hotels and can buy this hotel in seconds, Mahima is his would be wife and nobody can misbehave with her. Veera is shocked to hear that and Mahima grins. Pradyuman comforts Mahima.

Nitya brings police home. Aruna asks what is happening. Nitya asks her to wait and asks inspector to dial that number. He dials and finds mobile in Aruna’s cupboard. Aruna says how can a phone ring in cupboard while her phone is with her. Inspector gets phone and tells commissioner that Birju’s Madamji is none other than Aruna. Nitya recalls hiding her phone in Aruna’s phone to divert suspicious towards Aruna and get her arrested in Samrat and Nayan’s murder case. Aruna shouts this phone doesn’t belong to her and asks Nitya to trust her. Nitya slaps her and says Aruna killed her best friend, she didn’t trust Kashvi who repeatedly showed evidence that Aruna is her parent’s murderer, etc. She asks police to arrest Aruna in Sam and Nayan’s murder case.

Aruna pleads not to arrest her. Jagadish returns home. Aruna pleads him to save her. Jagadish tells Nitya that Aruna can be foul mouthed but can’t murder anyone. Nitya says evidence prove that Aruna is madamji. Jagadish says evidences can be planted, even servants can be madamji. Nitya thinks Jagadish is using his brain a lot, she needs to send Aruna from here before he proves her innocent. Aruna asks why would she kill Sam and Nayan. Kashvi says she should know the reason and describes Jagadish how she found multiple evidences against Aruna. Arjun backs Kashvi and says Suraj and Pankaj attacked Kashvi as she had gathered evidence against their mother.

Commissioner tells Jagadish that all the evidences are against Aruna and hence they need to arrest her. Aruna is taken away while she continues to plead that she is innocent.

Mahima asks Pradyuman why did he create a drama, she lost her job because of him. Pradyuman says he really means to marry her. Mahima hugs him and says she will never betray him again. She thinks she achieved her goal of trapping a rich sheep and enjoy a lavish life. Kashvi walks to Nitya’s room, hugs her emotionally, and thanks her for believing her. Nitya says she couldn’t let her best friend’s murderer walk free.

She gives her 2 Haridwar tickets and asks her and Arjun to immerse her parent’s ashes in a holi river there. Kashvi thanks her and leaves. Nitya grins. Pradyuman desires to marry Mahima in Faridabad with her family’s blessings. Mahima says her family disowned her when she had eloped with him, so they should marry in Mumbai itself. Pradyuman says she should marry in Faridabad itself and make her family jealous. Mahima thinks it’s a good idea and agrees. Aruna is taken to police station. His sons question her and she says Kashvi got her arrested in her parent’s murder case. They determine to punish Kashvi.

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