Imlie starlife update Tuesday 27 February 2024

Imlie 27 February 2024: Atharva tells Imlie that kidnappers must not have come to the factory at all and must have taken their baby somewhere else. Imlie shouts what shall she do then, kidnappers will cross the border if they delay their search.

She requests her baby to cry and alert her, she will find her for sure. She hears baby’s cry and tells Atharva that their little one is somewhere around. They both start searching again in the whole premises. Imlie reaches a room where she hears baby sound. Guard stops her and says she is not allowed here.

Boss also stops her. Imlie says nobody can dare stop a mother from reaching her baby and walks in. Kidnappers try to calm down the baby, hide the baby in a fruit carton hearing footsteps, and themselves hide. Imlie checks cartons and finds her baby. Boss and goons stand

speechless. Boss says he didn’t know his transport security is so weak, he will find those 3 kidnappers, she can take her baby away. Imlie hears other babies crying and says there are many other babies here. Boss says her family would be very happy, she shouldn’t bother and need to return to her family.

Imlie walks out and notices one of kidnappers loading truck. Imlie tells boss that these are the kidnappers.

She hears kidnapper discussing that they loaded 7 babies in the truck and thinks a mother can fight with the whole world for her baby, nobody can stop her from saving those babies today. She ties her baby with her veil, opens truck, and gets into it. Kidnappers lock the truck from outside. Imlie finds babies in fruit cartons and finds 6 babies. Atharva notices kidnappers and informs Rudra and Manish.

They all 3 trash goons. Imlie finds 7th baby and says she and her baby will unite these babies with their mothers. Driver drives the truck away. Imlie tries to open the door. Atharva continues to trash the goon and asks where is Imlie and his daughter.

Imlie shouts for help. Atharva hears her and runs behind the truck. Imlie tries her best to open the door, but fails. Atharva succeeds in stopping the truck. Driver tries to drive the truck over him. Atharva escapes. Police reaches. Atharva trashes driver and gets keys from him.

He then opens the truck door. Imlie gets out of the truck and asks if he is fine. She informs inspector that all the babies are inside the truck. Rudra thanks inspector for saving his grandchild and other babies. Atharva takes his baby in his hand and pampers it. Kairi excitedly says she is her sister.

Atharva says his daughter is crying in tune, afterall she is DJ Arto’s daughter.

Devika and Rudra ask what would they name their baby. Kairi says she already chose a name, she is junior Imlie as she looks like mamma Imlie. Atharva gives baby to Rudra and Devika. Devika says she will spoil her grandchild with her pampering. Inspector praises Imlie for saving her and other babies. Imlie thanks him and says without her husband and family, she wouldn’t have done anything. Atharva says she would have as she is Imlie’s daughter Imlie.

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