My desire update Tuesday 23 April 2024

My desire 23 April 2024: Kashvi asks Arjun, what he is doing? Arjun says I was hugging you. He says you have got me freed so smartly and did a big thing. Kashvi says you can hug me at home, and says I have planned surprise for you, and you can hug me then.

Kashvi asks him to hold the file and says lets go home. At home, Arjun asks Kashvi what is the surprise? He says thank god, you didn’t divorce me, I would have died really and asks her not to do this again. He says you said that you will give me surprise and asks if he can hug her now.

Kashvi asks him to close his eyes first. He closes her eyes and asks if she will kiss him. Kashvi asks him to open is eyes and sees. He sees Kashvi holding the broom. Kashvi starts beating him with the broom asking why did he waste so much money and bought the company. Arjun asks if money is important than you, and says the matter was about your name, respect and job. He says you would have gone to jail. Kashvi says I wouldn’t have gone to jail as I was right, and was saying truth, and truth always win. Arjun says I trust you and that’s why bought company to save you.

He says even you lied about divorce, and asks shall I beat you. Kashvi beats him more asking if he will beat her, and asks if he is mad and didn’t check that her signatures was not on the divorce papers, so how the divorce will happen. Arjun says right. She says I will not leave you so easily, and you will not get freedom from me. He says I don’t want freedom from you and wants you to be with me always, all life. He says I can’t live without you.

Kashvi says even I can’t live without you. Arjun kisses on her forehead and hugs her. They smile. Mahima sees them hugging each other and gets upset. Dadi sees them hugging and Mahima looking at them. She says she is thankful to God, as they are together again, and says their Jodi is made by God. She tells Mahima that now her marriage functions will not be cancelled and it will happen as planned. Romila says she will inform Mohit and his parents.

Later Kashvi and Arjun come to the hall. Dadi says your hand is fine. Kashvi nods yes. Arjun says Kashvi is fit. Nitya tells that it is good that you are fine. She says some foreign delegates are coming and wants to see Janmasthami function, and asks if they have idea where it is happening. Dadi says even we celebrate Janmasthami and asks her to call them home. Jagdish says good idea. Dadi says Kashvi is fine, so I was thinking to make Kashvi and Arjun as Radha Krishna, and then we will start Mahima’s marriage functions. Jagdish says yes. Nitya agrees with Dadi. Mahima tells Dadi that you want to make them Radha Krishna, but they could never unite and their love story is incomplete. Arjun tells Mahima that her knowledge is good, impressive and says Radha and Krishna couldn’t unite, but we are married.

He says we are not real Radha Krishna, but will just enact them. He says there is a difference between reel and real life, and says it is your habit to be in your own world. He tells Dadi that he liked her idea, and tells Micky and Monty, that they need their help as we want to become Radha Krishna.

Romila sees Mahima upset and comes behind her. She says they are husband and wife, and will do whatever they like. She asks why she is interfering between Arjun and Kashvi, and asks if she wants Mohit or Arjun. Mahima asks her to wait for sometime and you will know it yourself whom I want, and asks her not to interfere in her matter. Romila asks what is in your mind and says she can help her.

Mahima says she don’t want them to become Radha Krishna, infact she don’t want them to be together. Romila asks what to do? Mahima shares her plan. Jagdish tells Dadi that her plan is good. Dadi says Arjun didn’t want to confess his love until his project starts and Kashvi thinks that Arjun regards her as his best friend. She says they need a push for love. Mahima asks Romila to do as she said, and nobody shall know about it.

Arjun holds Kashvi tightly. She asks him to leave her. He asks if she has any problem? She stamps on his foot and moves away. The dance teacher asks them to pose as Radha Krishna.

Mahima thinks you can’t do anything in evening. Dadi gives costumes to Kashvi and then to Arjun. She asks Arjun to apply paint on his body. Arjun says how to apply paint on his back. He asks Dadi to apply it. Dadi says she is busy and goes. He calls Micky and Monty, but Jagdish stops them. Arjun calls Nitya. Nitya says Arjun is calling me. Jagdish says he will see Arjun and asks her to go and bring foreign delegates. She says she will go and talk to Arjun. Jagdish says he will see him. Nitya goes. Jagdish says everything is sorted now.

Kashvi comes out wearing Radha’s costume. Arjun gets mesmerized seeing her and says no beautiful Radha was made ever like her. Kashvi says she is looking good, because of the dress. She thanks him and asks why he is standing half naked. He says he is wearing his pants, and tells that Dadi asked him to apply paints to himself for playing Krishna’s part.

He says I called everyone, but nobody came and asks her to apply paint on him. Dadi and jagdish looks at them. Dadi asks Bijli to do her part. Bijli comes to Kashvi and takes the Paint brush. Arjun says Bijli is my best friend. He asks her to apply the paint with her fingers, as they are getting late. Kashvi is about to apply him paint with her fingers.

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