Faltu Starlife update Tuesday 23 April 2024

Faltu 23 April 2024: The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Faltu to have food. She asks for his phone to make an imp call. He gives the phone. She thanks him and goes. Sumitra asks Savita not to worry.

Savita says I m Ayaan’s mum, I can’t live in peace. Sumitra says we will find a nice girl and get Ayaan married, this girl is really nice, she is my relative, look at her once. Savita says I can’t think of this now. Sumitra asks her to spend time with Ayaan and explain him to move on.

Tanu hears this. Sumitra says Ayaan must forget Faltu and move on. Faltu calls Charan. He asks where are you, I have to meet you, you go home and clarify. She says no. He asks why not, Ayaan has given the divorce papers, nothing can happen now. Tanu gets angry seeing Sumitra showing the girl’s pic. She asks what are you saying about Ayaan’s marriage, he should think to stay happy. Tanu says once he gets fine, we will get him married to a nice girl. She sends Savita to take rest. She asks Sumitra what are you doing, why is she increasing the problems. Sumitra says something is wrong, I have to find out.

Ruhaan comes to meet Ayaan. Ayaan says you snatched everything, what do you want now. Ruhaan says I came to give you a shock, I heard that you asked the police to find those three waitresses. Ayaan asks how do you know, did you send them to kidnap Faltu. Ruhaan says yes. Ayaan says but she would have come on her own, I have seen you both in your house. Ruhaan says what did you see, she was drunk, she was pushing me away, I tried to show you that the opposite is happening, trust me, I didn’t work hard to show that, because you had come to see Faltu and my romance. Ayaan asks what nonsense, what was that I had seen at the ashram.

Ruhaan says you wanted to see that, I went there to find Faltu, I was in guilt. Ayaan says you showed me proof that she is not with you. Ruhaan says yes, but I told the police that she isn’t with me, you made your mind that she is cheating you. Ayaan says you rascal… He raises hand. Ruhaan says don’t you dare. Faltu cries. Charan says I didn’t want to say this on call, say something, tell me your address, I will come there. She says yes, note it down. He notes down. He says fine, don’t worry, I will just come. She recalls Ayaan and cries. Dada ji looks on. Ruhaan says its not my mistake, you are responsible for this, you never believed Faltu.

Ruhaan says you just said you love her, but never respected her, you believed the one who you didn’t know, who came to take revenge, your weak faith on her didn’t make me do much, you took seven rounds with her and forgot everything so soon, we men are hypocrite, we want our wives to dance on our tune, we want to insult them always, Faltu left with her self respect. Ayaan says you finished everything, why did you come here. Ruhaan says because I have fallen in love with her, I m angry on myself that I ruined her life, she failed me, she didn’t come to me, she rejected me and my richness, her character doesn’t need any character certificate, I tried to get her but she left me always, she never looked back at me and wandered here and there.

Dada ji asks what happened. Faltu says my husband has sent divorce papers by my dad. Dada ji asks what, you are married, you are young. Faltu says I made a mistake, I should have focussed on my dream, I fell in love and got married, I regret now. He asks where is your husband, does he stay here. She says yes, he is JM mart owner Janardhan Mittal’s elder son Ayaan Mittal. He asks are you Mittal’s bahu.

Ruhaan says she was ready to forgive you, what did you do, you burnt your relation and left, I thought to tell you the truth before leaving the city, you are responsible for this, don’t try to find those girls, I have made them reach a safe place, after ruining Faltu’s life, I can’t ruin their lives, take care, Ayaan. He leaves.

Ayaan says how could I do this. He cries. Faltu also cries. Ayaan says I m really sorry. He calls Tanu. Janardhan says Ayaan is calling you, Tanu. Tanu takes the call. She asks why did you go office without saying, come home soon, I have made your fav pasta. He says I m coming home, we have to find Faltu. She asks why should we find her. Janardhan takes the phone and asks what happened. Ayaan says I made a big mistake, I did wrong with Faltu, I m coming home. Janardhan worries. He ends call and says I told him not to give divorce to Faltu, no one listens to me. Faltu asks do you know Mittal family. Dada ji recalls Neil telling the manager about JM mart. Dada ji likes his idea and says you lead this business campaign. Neil says no, I already have my plans. FB ends. He says I just know that they are a big mart owners and we need them for our branding, it was Neil’s idea. She says I can’t believe it. He says he isn’t so bad. She says you praise him always, you are good. He says he is my heart. She says sorry. He asks her to go and rest. She says my dad is coming to meet me. He asks will you go with your dad. Charan comes and asks what else will she do. He scolds her. She cries and hugs him.

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