Imlie starlife update Tuesday 23 April 2024

Imlie 23 April 2024: A villager named Chintamani identifies Imlie as a bar singer. Imlie gets tensed seeing him and thinks if he identified her. Sonali takes Chintamani aside. Agastya gets suspicious and follows her. Imlie tries to walk behind him, but Daadi stops her and introduces her to villagers.

Sonali asks Chintamani what he was telling about Imlie. Chantamani hesitates and when she insists, he reveals that Imlie is Purvaiya famous bar girl. Agastya enters and angrily pushes Chintamani asking him how dare he is to ill speak about his wife.

Chintamani says he is telling truth. Imlie walks to them followed by Chintamani’s wife Sunita who asks why did Agastya push her husband. Sonali asks him to tell what was he said just now. Chitamani gets nervous in front of his wife. Imlie says he saw her at a aloo puri cart and got nervous to reveal it fearing his wife would scold him for having outside food. Sunita says even she saw him at the cart.

Sonali says Chintamani is lying. Sunita takes him away. Imlie threatens Imlie to expose her truth to Daadi. Agastya angrily hits a vase and asks her to stop creating drama in front of everyone. Sonali says his sin pot is broken now, she will reveal Imlie’s truth to Daadi. Daadi walks to them and asks what kind of truth, they were fighting in front of everyone and now standing silently. Noyonika wakes up and searches for water. She walks down the stairs in a semiconscious stage.

Agastya runs and holds her. Manno and Dolly take her back to room. Chintamani thinks of taking revenge from Agastya for his insult. He alleges Agastya of marrying Imlie and keeping his ex in his bedroom. Sunita joins him and insults Agastya. Daadi asks Sunita not to create drama. Chintamani says Chaudhrys create dramka by having 2 women in their lives, Agastya is following his father’s footsteps. Agastya holds his collar for insulting Daadi. Guests rescue Chintamani.

Imlie serves dinner on table. Dolly and Jugnu say nobody will have dinner today. Imlie cusses Chintamani and Sunita and asks why didn’t Daadi speak when they were accusing Agastya. Dolly asks her not to force them to reveal family secrets. Jugnu asks what about Agastya’s pain. Dolly stops him. Imlie says she doesn’t know about Chaudhdry family’s pain, but will try her best to lessen their pain. She notices Govind and Raji crying and comforts them. She then walks to Daadi’s room and comforts her. Daadi says she habituated to all this and asks her if Gattu Agastya had dinner. Agastya sits in a backyard feeling sad. Imlie walks to him and holds his hand. Aa Shiddath Banaloon Tujhe.. song plays in the backgrond. Agastya withdraws his hand. Imlie holds it back.

Agastya says the vultures are truly circling. Imlie says she doesn’t know so much English. Agastya she knows the world though, a vulture attacks when it’s prey is weak, even she can attack him today like the enemies did today, she should make a joke out of his helplessness and question him. Imlie asks if he is hungry as he didn’t have anything since morning. Agastya says he always humiliated her, she can take her revenge today. Imlie says she has her own standard and can’t be like him. He says she is right. She says he is selfish and after a long nok jhok says since he is not having food, his family is not having food. He asks her to go and feed them. She continues her drama takes him in to have dinner. After dinner, Agastya plays piano. Imlie walks to him and smiles.


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