My desire update Tuesday 21 March 2023

My desire 21 March 2022: Beena maasi asks Preesha why can’t she return to Rudra. Preesha reveals that she is Preesha Khurana and not Priya Sharma, she is a runaway criminal according to law and escaped from jail faking her death, she was framed in a murder which she didn’t do and would go back to jail if her identity is revealed and she will lose Roohi. Beena says Delhi is a big city and police has many cases to handle, so they will not bother about old case; she will not get another chance again and should think of Roohi’s future.Saransh returns home. Rudra asks how was his Rothak trip. Saransh gets tensed. Rudra says Roohi got a scholarship from Khurana school, why did he do that, does he know who Roohi’s mother is.

He says he knows, her name is Dr. Priya Sharma who is adamant and rejected scholarship; he cannot see Rudra like this and wants him back to normal and love him like a father like before. Rudra thinks its good Saransh didn’t meet Preesha or else he would have found out about her. He apologizes for yesterday’s behavior, asks her not to bother about Roohi, and says he loves him a lot. Saransh feels happy seeing him normal and misses Preesha.

Beena maasi convinces Preesha that she should think of giving a better life for Roohi. Preesha agrees and calls Saransh. Saransh picks call, thinks he knows this voice, and asks whom she wants to talk to. She says she is Roohi’s mother Priya Sharma and wants to speak to school trustee regarding Roohi’s scholarship, she has accepted Roohi’s scholarship. Saransh feels excited and says she can send Roohi tomorrow itself. Preesha says Roohi is small and cannot stay alone. Saransh says she can work as a doctor in his school. Preesha thanks him and disconnects call. Preesha then informs Roohi that they are gong to Delhi as she accepted her scholarship in Khurana School. Roohi rejoices and says she can meet Rudra whenever she wants to.

Preesha asks her to promise that she will not meet Rudra again. Roohi crosses her fingers and promises. She then bids adieu to Beena, Sachi, and her mother and leaves for Delhi.Rudra walks to kitchen. Sharda feels surprise seeing him there. Rudra says after her advice, he realized his responsibility for Saransh and will try to be an old father again, he will bake cookies for Saransh. Sharda says she wants him to live wholeheartedly. He says he lost his heart already and now will live for Saransh and her. She gets emotional and helps him bake cookies. Vyjayanti sees Saransh going out and asks where is he going. He says to help his friend and walks away.

He meets lawyer and informs that Roohi’s mother accepted scholarship and is coming to Delhi. Lawyer asks how did it happen while she rejected it yesterday and even complained Rudra. Saransh says he offered her a doctor’s job at their school, so they need to make her accommodation arrangements.Yuvraj visits Preesha’s house and gets angry not finding her here. He visits Beena and questions her. She says even she doesn’t know, maybe Mukhiya must have done something. Yuvraj leaves frustrated. Presha travels towards Delhi remembering all the past incidents. Roohi says she took a right decision and hugs her happily.

Rudra prepares cookies for Saransh and calls him. Vyjayanti informs him that Saransh went out to meet his friend 1 hour ago. Rudra shouts at her she is irresponsible, he married her to take care of Saransh and she is not needed in this house else, etc. Sharda asks him not to blame Vyjayanti. He shouts that Saransh is a kid and may get into trouble, he had visited Rothak yesterday. Sharda asks why. He calls Bunty and asks him to meet him. Saransh arranges a house for Preesha and Roohi and asks advocate Batra to find out where they have. Batra calls Preesha who informs that they will reach Delhi in 15-20 minutes.

Saransh says he will wait for them then. Bunty meets Rudra. Rudra says they need to search Saransh as he lied to Vyjayanti that he is going to his friend’s house but is up to something else. He calls Saransh and asks where is he. Saransh panics and says he is at his friend Harsh’s house. Rudra says he is coming there. Saransh calls Bunty and asks him to handle Rudra until he reaches Harsh’s house.Preesha with Roohi reaches housing society and asks watchman to call Mr Batra. Watchman informs Mr Batra. Saransh walks out not noticing Preesha and thinking he wanted to meet Roohi and her mothe and gets into his car.

Batra meets Preesha and asks if she met their trustee and shows Saransh’s car. Car drives away just then. Rudra reaches Harsh’s house and asks maid if Saransh came there. Maid says no. Saransh walks to him and says Harsh opened the door and hence maid didn’t notice him. He remembers reaching there when Rudra enters house and entering via backdoor and convincing Harsh to lie. Rudra says if he finished Harsh’s help, they can go home and takes him along. Batra takes Roohi and Preesha to the house. Roohi gets happy seeing it and thinks of meeting Rudra.

In car, Rudra asks Saransh about his project. Saransh gets tensed. He notices GPS and Vasu walking on road and excitedly runs to them. They get happy seeing him and asks if he came alone. He says he came with Rudra. Rudra walks to them. They get angry seeing him and walk away blaming him for Venky and Preesha’s death. Rudra thinks how to inform them that Preesha is alive. Saransh asks why grandparents are still angry on him when mamma is already dead.Saransh reaches home and informs Bunty that he shifted Preesha and Roohi to a new home and thinks of informing Rudra. Rudra offers him cookies. He likes it.

Rudra asks him to have a wish and god promises to fulfill it. Saransh says he will wish later and asks him not to back off that time. Rudra agrees. Roohi calls Rudra to inform that she is in Delhi, but Vyjayanti picks call and puts phone in airplane mode fearing Rudra will meet her again. Preesha drops Roohi to school and says its Delhi’s best school and she should study well. Roohi eagerly waits for lunch break to meet Rudra.

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