My desire update Wednesday 22 March 2023

My desire 22 March 2023: Ruhi waits for lunch break so she can meet Rudraksh. She reaches Khurana mansion but Security guard stops her from entering the house. So she sneaks inside the Khurana mansion. She gets surprised seeing the huge house and wonders that how she is going to find him in this huge house. She hears footsteps and she hides behind the sofa. Vaijayanti puts the flowers in the vase and goes inside. Sharda asks Servant to give juice to Rudraksh.Ruhi learns that Rudraksh is upstairs and she goes upstairs. Rudraksh gets surprised seeing her and asks her that what is she doing there.

She tells him that she found him finally and hugs him ( Title song plays in the background ). She says that she is so happy now. He tells her that he is also happy but how she came to Delhi. She informs him that she joined Khurana school. He asks her about Preesha. She replies that Preesha also got job in Khurana school. He wonders that what’s happening here. He decides to talk to Mr. Batra. She tells him that she want to use bathroom.

He takes her to his room but didn’t let her enter it seeing Preesha’s pictures. He asks her to wait outside and he hides the pictures. Then he takes her inside the room. She runs into the bathroom. He calls Mr. Batra and asks him that how Ruhi got scholarship in Khurana school. Mr. Batra reveals that Saaransh is behind Ruhi’s scholarship and also Preesha’s job. He wonders that Saaransh met Preesha or not. Ruhi comes out of the bathroom. He asks her to wait and goes to talk to Saaransh.

Rudraksh enters Saaransh’s room and scolds him for bringing Ruhi to Delhi. He reminds him that he warned him to stay away from Ruhi. Saaransh tells him that Ruhi changed him so he brought her to Delhi for his happiness. He says that he wants the old Rudraksh back. He reminds her about his wish. He says that he wants Ruhi to stay in Delhi. Rudraksh gets emotional hearing him ( Title song plays in the background ). He tells him that Ruhi will stay in Delhi if that’s what the latter wants then. Saaransh thanks him. He reveals that how he met Ruhi during school trip. Rudraksh learns that Saaransh didn’t meet Preesha yet.

Ruhi tells herself that she is getting bored. She she is about to see Preesha’s picture but Rudraksh stops her from seeing it. He tells her that she has to leave for school. On the other hand, Preesha wonders that how Ruhi doing. She moves towards Ruhi’s room to check on her. Rudraksh and Ruhi enters the school. Ruhi notices Preesha and asks Rudraksh to do something. Preesha searches Ruhi in her class room and wonders that where Ruhi went. She finds Ruhi in front of the class room and asks her that where the latter went. Ruhi lies that she went to bathroom. She enters her class room.

Preesha goes to her cabin. Rudraksh enters her cabin. He tells her that she proved him wrong by returning to Delhi. He asks her that why she joined Khurana school. She tells him that Ruhi’s future matters for her that’s why she returned to Delhi. And she is Priya Sharma now and her case must have been closed too. He tells her that the truth is Yuvraj is Ruhi’s father and what he said about Ruhi’s admission. She asks him that what he would have said it if he was Ruhi’s father then. She says that Yuvraj is happy for Ruhi’s future. He asks her that how Yuvraj let her join Khurana school.

She tells him that Yuvraj trust her. He asks her that if she trust herself and him. She asks him to leave her cabin. He leaves from there.Preesha cuts her finger while cooking. Rudra gets worried for her and sucks her finger. Their eyes lock. Tumse Hi.. song plays in the background. Roohi noticing them thinks she did right by sending Rudra here as they are not fighting now. Preesha gets conscious and says she was cutting vegetable. Rudra insists to help him. She asks him to cut vegetable and asks him to be careful. He says he is and imagines romancing her on a romantic song.

She gets him out of imagination scolding him to cut vegetables properly. Rudra says he will prepare rotis. Roohi says she will help Rudra. Preesha says father and daughter can do whatever they want to, then gets nervous and says she means they behave like a father and daughter. Rudra prepares rotis. Yeh Hain Chahatein.. song plays in the background.Saransh asks Vyjayanti what did Rudra prepare for him today. Vyjayanti says nothing as he hasn’t returned home yet. Saransh says he will call Rudra. Roohi picks call and hearing Saransh asks how is he. He asks how did she get Rudra’s phone.

She says Rudra is at her house and invites him there. He asks if Rudra is happy. She says Rudra is cooking rotis. He gets happy and thanks her addressing her as nanimaa. She says she is Roohi and not nanimaa. He says she is nanimaa to even him from hereon. Vyjayanti walks to him and asks if he spoke to Rudra. He says Rudra is at his friend’s house. After finishing dinner, Roohi says rotis were really tasty. Preesha asks her to go and rest now as she has school in the morning. Roohi pleads to let her play with Rudra for sometime. Rudra says even he has some work and is leaving now, so Roohi should also go and sleep. Roohi leaves.

Preesha insists Rudra to tell why a man attacked him and who is behind his life. Rudra says he came here for something and discusses that he found someone doing his fake signatures on scholarship documents since 1 year and when he met students, they denied taking scholarship. Preesha says its a big fraud in his name, she will help him catch the culprit. He asks if she has gone mad. She says its very dangerous and they both will solve this problem. He says they are separated 10 years go and she will not talk about the past. Roohi prays god to reunite them and goes out to check. Preesha accepts that she did wrong and says she will not let wrong happen to him, he should remember that situation is wrong and not a person.

He says she is saying this. She says she was helpless. He says she was so helpless to take Yuvjraj’s help. She warns him to stop arguing as he cannot stop her from helping him. Roohi walks to them and punishes them for fighting. They do situps promising not to fight again. She makes them hug each other and warns not to fight again. Rudra promises.Yuvraj visits Khurana house. Vyjayanti asks why did he come here. He says to meet Rudra. She says he has gone out. He says he will wait for him till then, thinks he needs to find out about Preesha and Roohi, and asks Vyjayanti to bring water for her.

She goes in to bring water. Sharda notices him and asks what is he doing here after ruining her son’s life. He says he needs to speak to Rudra. She says he snatched Preesha from her son and now she will not let him ruin his life again. He leaves fuming.

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