My desire update Monday 20 March 2023

My desire 20 March 2023: Bunty informs Saransh that Roohi is the girl who helped Rudra when he was stuck in Rothak. Saransh asks if they can meet that girl and bring her here. Bunty says her mummy will not send her and leaves in his car asking him to take care of himself. Saransh thinks he needs to bring that girl somehow here as Rudra is remembering her a lot. At Rothak, Roohi notices Preesha unwell while packing their belongings and gives her medicine scolding her that she acts like a kid. Preesha remembers Rudra trying to feed her medicine and acting as having severe stomachache to convince her. Out of flashback, she hugs Roohi emotionally. Roohi asks if they need to leave their house. Preesha says yes and feels sad.

Beena maasi visits Preesha and offers her a phone as she had lost her phone the other day. Preesha thanks maasi. Maasi asks why she wants to leave her house because of mukhiya. Preesha says mukhiya threatened to harm whoever helps her, so she needs to go. Maasi asks where will she go. Preesha says far away where she and Roohi can create their own world. Maasi says she is like her daughter. Preesha says she should perform her daughter’s bidayi/farewell then. At night, Roohi thinks of informing about Preesha’s decision to Rudra and calls him. Saransh wakes up and picks call. Roohi says mummy is taking her far away and asks how will he meet her then.

Saransh thinks this is the girl Rudra wants to meet and says he is Rudra’s friend and will pass on her message to Rudra. He asks her mother’s name and number to let him speak to her. Roohi says her mother’s name is Priya Sharma and requests not to call her mamma or else she will find out that she called Rudra. Saransh thinks this girl speaks so cute, that is why Rudra loves her.Next morning, Saransh meets family lawyer and requests him to give scholarship to a girl from their trust’s scholarship scheme. Lawyer says admission is not possible in the middle of year. Saransh asks what if the girl is intelligent and will manage. Lawyer agrees. Saransh asks him not to inform Rudra and daadi about it and thinks this is the best wway to call Roohi here.

Preesha packs stuff remembering Rudra. Roohi cries remembering the time spent with Rudra and asks Preesha if they can stay back. Preesha says the need to go. Saachi walks in and takes Roohi to play outside. Yuvraj walks in and expresses his fake concern for Preesha. Preesha asks what she can do. He offers to marry her and says he will take care of her and Roohi and will give a better future to them, after all he is Roohi’s father.Preesha warns him to dare not insult her with such words, she lied that he is Roohi’s father to keep Rudra way, she will never fall for his tricks again, etc.

She then return his 1 lakh rs and says now there is no connection left between them. He continues his drama and asks her get him a water. She goes to kitchen. He hears Preesha’s phone ringing and picks call. Saransh says he is calling from Delhi’s school to inform that Roohi is selected for a 1-year scholarship from their school. Yuvraj says not interested and asks him to give it to some deserving kids. Saransh asks who is he. Yuvraj says he is Roohi’s father.Saransh visits Bunty and says he wants him to help Rudra by bringing Roohi here. He says Rudra loves that girl and will be normal again after meeting Roohi; he offered scholarship at Khurana School to Roohi, but her father rejected it.

Bunty realizes that Yuvraj must have rejected it and thinks Preesha will come with Roohi if she comes here and may reconcile with Rudra. He tells Saransh that he needs an elder to accompany him. Saransh says his family lawyer is accompanying him.Sharda confronts Rudra for getting heavily inebriated. Rudra says he drinks to hide his sorrows. She asks if he thought about Saransh, how will he feel seeing him like this. He says how can he digest that the girl he loved most is not his but Yuvraj’s daughter. Sharda says he is Saransh’s father and should concentrate on instead of someone else’s daughter. Rudra says she is right, he is ignoring Saransh and may lose her like Preesha, so he will visit and apologize him.

They visit Saransh’s room where maid informs them that Saransh left in the morning. Sharda calls Saransh.Saransh on the way to Rothak with Bunty and lawyer asks what kind parents Roohi has who don’t want to send her to Delhi for her better future. Bunty says Roohi’s mother has a past in Delhi. Saransh asks what does she do. Bunty says she is a doctor and wants best education for Roohi, but does’t want to return to Delhi. Saransh gets Sharda’s call, and says he is at his friend’s place helping him in his project. Sharda agrees. Saransh thanks god that daadi believed his lie. Beena maasi and Sachi’s mother bring food for Preesha.

Sachi takes Roohi out to meet their one last time. Roohi meets friends in market. Bunty stops car and walks to her. Roohi gets happy thinking Rudra came after she called him.Saransh is surprised to see Roohi, remembers their earlier meeting, and thinks that is why Rudra is fond of Roohi. Roohi asks what is he doing here with Bunty. Bunty introduces them. Saransh says he met her during his trip and reveals that Roohi’s mother is taking her far away, so he came here in a hurry. Bunty gets tensed and rushes them towards home. He stops car at a distance thinking Preesha shouldn’t know that he brought lawyer here. Roohi takes lawyer to meet Preesha.

Lawyer informs Preesha that Roohi is selected for a scholarship in Delhi’s Khurana School. Preesha gets angry and asks if Rudra sent him. Lawyer denies. Preesha calls Rudra and ass why he is trying to get near her and Roohi even after her warning and sent his lawyer with a scholarship offer. He denies. She continues scolding him and disconnects call. She then rejects offer.Rudra calls lawyer and tongue lashes him for offering scholarship to Roohi without his consent. Lawyer says he did it on Saransh’s order as he is also a trustee of the school. Rudra orders him to return back to Delhi. Lawyer informs Roohi that her mother rejected scholarship offer. Roohi feels disheartened. Preesha cries thinking why Rudra is doing this.

Beena maasi walks in and asks reason. Preesha reveals that Roohi got a scholarship at Rudra’s Khurana School. Maasi asks how is she related to Rudra. Preesha reveals that Rudra is her husband. Maasi gets happy hearing that and says that is why Roohi is emotionally bonded to Rudra and suggests her to return to Rudra. Preesha says she cannot as her real name is Preesha Khurana.


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