Every Girl’s Dream update Tuesday 21 March 2023

Every Girl’s Dream 21 March 2023: Dev is sitting alone in his room and recalls his moments with Krisha. Krisha is in her room and says I know he is missing me. I am missing him too. She starts turning off and on her lamp. Dev was doing the same but thinks I have to make Krisha hate me. He turns off the lights. Vamika comes to Krisha’s room and says this is my palace so I can stay anywhere. You think Dev can’t love anyone else but I will make him mine. Krisha says that will never happen. Vamika smirks and says Dev will forget you soon, I will remove all your memories from his life. She leaves from there. Krisha thinks I can’t be with Dev but God is with him.

Vamika comes to Dev’s room. He asks what are you doing here? Vamika says I am very scared, I have to protect my baby but I have weird thoughts and might hurt my baby. Dev says I will ask Jaya to sleep in your room with you. Vamika looks on and says I am an independent girl, I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. I am alone and I think you don’t want to take this responsibility. Dev says don’t say that, I am here. You need rest right now. He makes her lie in his bed and tucks her in. He says I will sleep on the sofa. Vamika stops him and says you are going to give your name to my baby so I will take your name too. I will be your wife.

Krisha sits in her room and cries for Dev. She imagines Dev coming there and consoling her. Rati comes there so Krisha tells her that Vamika went to Dev’s room, I trust him completely but I see him going away from me daily. Rati says fight for your love. Krisha says how when Dev doesn’t want to. Rati says it’s your right. Krisha says you are right, I won’t allow another woman in his life.

Dev tells Vamika that it’s my duty but I can’t accept you and love you like Krisha. Vamika says I know that but if Krisha sees love in your eyes for her then she won’t divorce you and my baby won’t get your name. I am begging you to make Krisha believe that you have accepted me fully. Krisha comes there and sees Vamika holding Dev’s hand. She pushes her away. Vamika says you do know that I am pregnant right? Krisha says you are so cheap, you want to come close to Dev by using this baby. Dev tells Krisha to stop it, I have told you already that I have chosen my responsibility. He holds Vamika’s hand and says she is my would-be wife.

Just leave. Krisha says I know you are doing this because you are helpless. Dev says just stop and leave. He throws her out of the room and tries to control his emotions. Krisha cries outside the room and says I will keep trying but I won’t lose him. Vamika tells Dev that you did the right thing. Dev says I will force Krisha to sign the divorce papers as it’s my duty.In the morning, Krisha takes breakfast for Dev and Vamika. She looks inside the room. Dev sees her spying and starts talking lovingly with Vamika. He tells Vamika that we will meet a doctor today. Vamika says we will go to my family doctor. Dev gives her medicines, Vamika is tense.

Dev gets busy on the call so Vamika changes her medicines. Krisha sees all that and is confused. She thinks Vamika is acting like a depressed woman to get Dev. I have to find proof against her.Rati and Krisha arrive at the hospital in a different avatars. Rati says what if we get caught? Krisha says we have to catch Vamika as she is lying to everyone. She comes to the doctor and cries in pain. The doctor takes her from there. Dev and Vamika arrive there so Krisha hides her face. Rati goes into the doctor’s room as a doctor.

Vamika comes to the doctor’s room and asks who are you and where is my doctor? Rati says I am her assistant, she starts recording her and asks her questions. She asks if you have attempted suicide? any depression? Vamika says no and says I will get my check-up done by Dr. Karishma only. She leaves from there.Rati comes to Krisha’s room and hints that the work is done. Krisha leaves from there. Vamika and Dev are leaving from there when Vamika finds Krisha there.

She thinks what is she doing here?Vamika comes home and finds Krisha. She says you must be very alone these days? She breaks Dev and Krisha’s photo. Krisha glares at her. Vamika says your relationship is broken like this. Krisha says you are lying to Dev but I will bring it out. I will tell him that you are not depressed. Krisha plays the recording in which Vamika says she doesn’t have any depression. Vamika says how will you prove it? Krisha says I will take your pills and prove it. Vamika says these are real pills. Krisha doesn’t listen to her and takes the pills. Vamika is shocked and says I told you these are real. Krisha has an overdose and faints. Vamika gets scared and calls Jaya.

Jaya comes there and asks what happened? Vamika tells her everything. Jaya takes her from there after locking her room. Jaya tells Vamika that God is helping us so we don’t have to do anything. Vamika says she will die. Jaya says Krisha has to leave Dev’s life so you can take her place. If she is dying then let her be, she leaves from there. Vamika is still worried. A servant is going to Krisha’s room but Vamika sends her away. Vamika thinks no one will help Krisha today and she will die.

Inside the room, Krisha is on an overdose and dying. She recalls her moments with Dev. She prays to God to give her life. Vamika’s phone is ringing inside her room.Dev comes back home and Jaya tells him that I am talking to the priest to get a date for his wedding with Vamika. Dev says Krisha still hasn’t signed the divorce papers. Jaya says she will, we shouldn’t wait.Krisha is dying in her room but Vamika’s phone is ringing. Vamika panics and goes in the room. She turns off her phone. Dev is coming there so Vamika acts like worrying for Krisha.

Dev rushes to Krisha and says what happened to her? She can’t do this. He shouts at Vamika to move away and takes Krisha from there. Jaya glares at Vamika and says if Krisha tells him anything then we are gone. Just go behind them and don’t let Dev talk to Krisha. Vamika goes behind them.

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