My desire update Wednesday 6 March 2024

My desire 6 march 2024: Nitya tells Kashvi that Arjun told her old best friend Kabir met her in Haridwar, did she meet someone else. Kashvi says she met only Kabir, thanks her for breakfast, and leaves.

Nitya thinks looking at Kashvi’s behavior, it looks Bauji/her FIL didn’t reveal truth to Kashvi; she needs to kill Bauji before he reveals truth. Arjun walks to her and asks about Kashvi. Nitya lies that Kashvi went to meet her daadi and leaves home. Arjun calls Daadi and asks if Kashvi is there. Daadi says she didn’t. Arjun thinks why did Kashvi lie that she is going to meet Daadi.

Sabharwal house catches fire. Romila runs around shouting fire. Arjun asks Daadi what is happening there. Daadi says their house caught fire and seeks his help to get them out. Romila and family rush to living room and they all try to get out of house, but get stuck in fire. Keval clear fire from the way and tries to open main door. Main door also catches fire. Daadi pleads god to save them. Smoke dominates the house and they start feeling suffocated.

Arjun rushes towards Sabhwarwal house in his car and calls Kashvi to informing her about the fire accident.

Kashvi busy feeding food to Dadaji doesn’t notice his call. Arjun thinks why is Kashvi not picking call. He calls Nitya and informs her about the accident. Nitya says she is busy in a meeting with the minister and will send some help though. She recalls ordering Sharma to burn Sabharwal house to divert Kashvi’s attention towards it and burn Kashvi and whole family in it to protect herself. She says she will kill Bauji while Kashvi burns there and erase all the evidences against her. She disguises herself as a masked assassin and enters hotel.

Sabharwals struggle to get out of the house. Sharma recalls how he threw petrol and and burnt the house. Arjun reaches there. Neighbors say they don’t know how the house caught fire, they are trying their best to set off fire. They warn him to not get in as fire is strong. Arjun says he can’t let his wife’s family die, wears a blanket, and enters house breaking the door open. He calls each family member. They reach him. He asks Daadi to come out first. Romila asks him to take her and her sons out first. Arjun tries to get each family member out one by one with great difficulty. Kashvi finishes feeding food to Dadaji and notices Arjun’s multiple calls. She calls him back and when he doesn’t pick her call, she goes to washroom. Nitya walks in to kill Dadaji. Dadaji reacts seeing her eyes.

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