My desire update Friday 8 December 2023

My desire 8 December 2023: Samrat touches Antara/Nayantara’s face and tells her that he was checking if she removed her mole via surgery as thee is no scar left or if she is hiding it with a makeup. Nayan thanks god that she got her role removed via surgery and recalls meeting a cosmetic surgeon. She removes makeup and asks if he can see any scar over there. He says no. She asks him to let her go now, she made a mistake by attending this party.

Samrat takes her glass and asks Mohit and Ishani to take it to lab for DNA sampling and prove that she’s really Nayan. They leave with sample. He then asks DJ to play Dil Sambhalja Zara song. DJ obliges. Samrat walks to Nayan and asks if he can dance with her. She hesitates. He holds her hand and dances with her sensuously and says he and his wife used to dance similarly. Nayan says she is Antara. Samrat says she has same chemistry with him like his wife and thinks he will make her confess that she is Nayan.

Nayan thinks she can’t resist more if he continues like this. Siddharth gets annoyed and thinks Mansi was right that Samrat and Nayan can’t be separated easily, he will have to stop them at any cost. He switches off music.

Mohit and Ishani return with DNA report. Sam excitedly takes it from them. Ishani tries to speak, but Sam says he will speak to them after showing report to Nayan. He shows report to Nayan and says its proved that she is his Nayan. She asks him to check it. He is shocked to see the report negative. Nayan asks Sam if he has gone mad to do this drama to spoil her party.

Siddharth joins her and tongue lashes Sam for his drama. Nayan insults Ishani next and says she will leave the party. Siddharth reminds its her party. Nayan asks Sam to get out and orders guards to throw him out. Sam resists and fights with guards. Guards hit his head from behind and he falls down. They trash him brutally. Mohit stands a spectator. Ishani pleads Nayan to stop her guards. Nayan thinks how can she be so cruel, though Sam did wrong to her. She stops guards and says its proved that she is not Nayan and asks guards to throw him out now.

Back home, Siddharth asks Nayan why was she so cruel today. Nayan says Sam deserved it and recalls how Siddharth heard about Sam’s plan and revealed it to her, then she used a layer to mask her fingerprints. Siddharth thinks he should not let them reunite and has to make sure Nayan doesn’t return to Sam. He tells Nayan that he has a plan to take revenge from Sam. Mohit drives Sam home and tells him that he can’t believe Nayan can be so brutal. Ishani says Antara is completely opposite to Nayan, so she can’t be Nayan. Mohit says Ishani is right. Sam says they need to exploit Nayan’s weakness. Mohit says they have used Malati, Govind, and Shanti already. Sam says Nayan can do anything for Prem.

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