My desire update Thursday 6 June 2024

My desire 6 June 2024: Mahima tells the Judge about Pradyuman’s demand to her, asking her to spend a night with him. She says when she refused, he blamed that she didn’t do anything when she was with him. She says he attacked me, and then Arjun saved me. She says Arjun hit him to save me from Pradyuman.

She says accidentally Pradyuman fell down and got hurt. Pradyuman’s lawyer asks why you didn’t tell the court before. Mahima shouts at him and tells that it was not easy for her, to tell this. She says Arjun asked her not to say this. She says but how can I let him go to jail, and shows them nail marks, saying Pradyuman attacked me. She shows her hands and neck, and says if you want then can get it examined and checked.

Pradyuman’s wife tells that her husband left her on the mandap and married her (herself), as he came to know about your greed and selfishness. She tells that he left you and that’s why you are accusing him. Judge asks Lawyer to ask his client to be silent. Mahima tells Pradyuman’s wife that husband never tells their wife that he is abandoned by any girl. She asks where was you, when we came to your house, and says you had gone away from Pradyuman, as your marriage is in danger due to the fights between you. Pradyuman’s wife says she is refusing. Judge asks Mahima to say. She tells that Pradyuman has affair with many girls and that’s why they had fight. Pradyuman’s wife tells that she had fight with him as he couldn’t give her time. Mahima says that’s why he don’t give you time. She then praises Arjun and tells that he saved her. She acts cleverly and fools the Judge and everyone there.

Arjun’s lawyer tells that Arjun didn’t want this to happen, and tells that it was unintentional. Judge tells that Arjun pushed Pradyuman to save Mahima and that’s why he can’t be held responsible and getting freed from all charges. He advices Arjun to meet counseller for his anger issues. He asks Police to get Mahima’s marks tested and tells that Pradyuman will be punished when he gets fine.

Jagdish and Nitya thank the lawyer. The lawyer tells the credit goes to Mahima for their victory. Nitya thanks Mahima and hugs her. She taunts Mahima and asks if she said truth in court. Mahima says we shall go home and talk. They leave, ignoring Kashvi.

At home, Nitya tells everyone that Mahima saved him with her intelligence. She asks if Pradyuman attacked you. Arjun says Mahima lied in court and asks her to say. Mahima nods her head. Jagdish says how did you know? Arjun says I went with Mahima, and Pradyuman made us wait. He tells that Pradyuman came and then said bad things to Mahima, and then I beaten him up and he fell down on the wall. Mahima says she lied as Kashvi was sacrificing you for her truth. She says she can’t see him in trouble. She says when the hearing was happening, she went out of court and reached City hospital. She wears Nurse uniform and comes to Pradyuman’s ward. Nurse there asks her to take care of Patient and goes. Mahima gets nail marks on her neck and hands holding Pradyuman’s hand. She says now I will show this marks in court, as your nail marks are on my body, and it will be proved right. fb ends.

Arjun tells that if anything had happened to you. Mahima says I had planned it wisely for him. She says you have beaten him as he was saying bad things to me, so I added some spice to save you. She says you got saved so I don’t have any regrets or repentance, and says if lie is said for someone’s betterment then it is not lie. Nitya thanks Mahima. She ask how did you know that Pradyuman has affair. She says she had enquired about him. Jagdish thanks her and says he can’t lower her favor. Romila says it is a big favor and appreciates Mahima. She then taunts Kashvi and tells Mahima that she is Sati Savitri for Arjun.

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