Imlie Starlife update Wednesday 5 June 2024

Imlie 5 June 2024: Agastya tells Shivani that he needs to go with Imlie today to renovate her house. Imlie asks if he is coming with her. Agastya says yes, he will freshen up and come. Chaudhrys leave for the factory. Navya tells Vishwa that Chaudhry are again trying to takeover his papa’s factory.

Vishwa says he will not let that happen again. He calls inspector who informs him that he checked Imlie’s house and couldn’t find Imlie’s kaaki/aunt’s photo in her house, maybe it got burnt or the killer took it away.

Imlie with Agastya reaches her house and notices contractor still hasn’t started work. Contractor says laborers refuse to work without getting their wages. Imlie gives him money. Contractor says its just half money. Imlie asks him to start work, she will give the remaining money later. Contractor says laborers will not work without getting full payment. Agastya offers him cheque and asks him not to worry about expenses. Imlie refuses to take his help and argues with him as usual. Agastya fails to convince him. Imlie sends contractor away. Agastya asks where will Bulbul and Pallo stay now. Imlie starts working on her own. Agastya helps her. They both renovate the whole house. Agastya asks about water tap. She shows hand pump. He says they must be working hard to get water. Imlie says they get free water from the roof when it rains.

Chaudhrys reach their factory to inaugurate it. A man stops them and says they can’t enter and locks the gate. Agastya lays a plastic sheet over roof and tells Imlie that there won’t be any leakage again. He gets Sonali’s call and rushes towards factory. Daadi tells the man that it’s their factory and they are here to inaugurate it. Man pushes her away. Agastya enter and holds her and asks if she is fine. Daadi nods yes. Agastya confronts man for misbehaving with daadi. Man says he is just doing his duty and reveals that since they have 2 crore worth debt, 50% factory is bought by an investor who thinks they are unfit to repay the loan. Agastya asks who is their the investor. Man refuses to divulge any details. Vishwa offers sweets to Navya and congratulates her for becoming 50% owner. Navya says he is keeping this Singh Sweets box since his father lost his factory to Chaudhrys.

Back home, Chaudhrys discuss that they need to contact new owner and convince him to allow them some time to repay his/her 2 crores. Imlie says they shall deliver some orders and prove the investor that they are capable of repaying loan. Agastya says they should have a factory for that and labors will not work without money. Navya with Vishwa walks in and offers help to Daadi. Imlie questions Vishwa if he is a police officer, then how did he get 2 crores. Agastya stops her and apologizes Vishwa. Vishwa says Imlie’s doubt is right, he is working since young age and his mother is saving money since long, he became a police officer recently. Daadi thanks Navya and refuses to take her help. Navya leaves asking Daadi not to hesitate if she needs help. Imlie says they can arrange money somehow. Daadi says she doesn’t need money via wrong means and warns Agastya. Imlie tells Agastya that she will use her talent. He recalls her singing in a bar and refuses her help. Their nok jhok starts. Agastya then calls Vishwa and seeks help from him.

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