My desire update Friday 7 June 2024

My desire 7 June 2024: Romila appreciates Mahima for saving Arjun while Kashvi letting him punished. Arjun says I have to go to office. Mahima asks Nitya not to worry, as she will take care of him. Kashvi cries.

Dadi says I told you that you shall do something to save Arjun. She says you have lost Arjun. Kashvi asks should I lie, and says if I had lied then I would have killed myself and lost myself. Dadi asks if you are fine after losing him and asks her to talk to Arjun.

Arjun comes to the office. The employees say we can’t do our project there, as it is disputed land. Mahima comes there and tells that they will do the project. She shows the map and tells that she has found the land near their old land, and shall buy it, so that they shall shift the equipment and machine easily. Arjun thanks her and says whenever I was in trouble, you took me out. He comes home. Kashvi tries to talk to him. Arjun says I asked you for the first time, to believe me and do as I say, but you did as you wanted and says if you got affected. She says yes.

Arjun says you couldn’t change your rules even a bit for me. Kashvi asks should I have brought fake proofs like Mahima. Arjun says I hate lies, but sometimes we have to lie to save the truth. He says I have seen your intentions and thoughts clearly, and says Mahima’s lie is not lie as she saved a truthful person. He says today I have seen her intentions and thoughts. He says if you was there, then would have heard what he said, he talked so bad about Mahima. He says Pradyuman was not Mahatma and I am not guilty. He says you didn’t believe me.

Kashvi says I said that I trust my husband and he can’t do it. He says what Judge was expecting you to say, you didn’t say, but Mahima said. He says I am leaving from the room, else I will feel suffocated with you and will feel that I hold no importance in your life. Kashvi asks him not to go anywhere, and says I will leave from this room.

She says after Navratri completes in 2 days, I will infact leave this house, and will try not to come infront of you. She says for now, I will shift to Dadi’s room and you don’t need to see my face. Arjun goes from there. Kashvi cries and thinks I never thought that our relation will end like this, and thought that I have special relation with you, and says I was your wife, your Kashu and best friend, but you don’t want to stay with me and don’t want to see my face.

She says how we will become partner for life. Arjun washes his face and says I supported you and went against my mother. He thinks you don’t love me, but I was your husband, then also you was sending me to jail. He thinks you have hurt me so much, how we will become partner for life. Kashvi goes out of room.

Kashvi tells Dadi that everything will be fine in few days. Dadi says you shall solve the problems, and says your decision is wrong. Kashvi says atleast Arjun will not feel suffocated. Mahima hears them. Dadi says that’s why you said Arjun that you will leave him and the house.

She says this thing shall not happen. Kashvi says he hates me and was leaving from the room, and was feeling suffocated with my presence. Mahima smiles hearing her. Dadi says you shall stay with him, as he loves you a lot. Kashvi says he don’t love me, and says he just cares for me as he was my best friend and husband. Dadi says after your marriage with him, he loves you immensely. Kashvi asks her not to lie to keep her heart. She says he never loved me, and says she made cup cakes and proposed him. She says he said clearly that we shall not have such feelings, and says I have decided not to tell him about my feelings, as we are always friend. Mahima smiles happily. Dadi asks her to stay as friend. Kashvi says I will leave in 2 days after Navratri ends. Dadi cries and thinks what to do?

Mahima runs to Nitya and says our mission is accomplished, and says Kashvi has left Arjun’s room and will leave the house and Arjun after Navratri. Nitya says this court case gave us what we wanted. Dadi comes there and asks for Romila. Romila comes there and gives her some stuff. Dadi asks Arjun and Kashvi to do Kanjak puja and says she has called the girls home. Arjun says he can’t do puja with Kashvi. Dadi says I can just request you. Arjun says ok and says he will get ready for puja. Mahima says their relation will be over, and this will be the last thing which they will do together.

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