Anupama starlife update 6 June 2024

Vanraj dances on the song Party toh banti hai holding pari on his hands, while everyone is dancing with him. He gives Pari to Kinjal and brings cake. Anupama keeps her cake beside his cake. Vanraj gets upset seeing her. Everyone gives mixed reaction seeing her.

Baa thinks Vanraj was happy after a long time, Anupama shouldn’t have come. Anupama asks Kinjal and Toshu, how are you both? They say they are fine. Anupama asks them to fold hands before the God. Toshu tells Vanraj’s boss that they will cut the cake in 5 mins. Anuj tells Ankush that don’t know if he has done right or not, by letting Anupama go there and hopes she don’t get insulted her. Ankush asks why didn’t you stop her then? Anuj says he don’t want to separate her from her children. Malti Devi hopes that Anupama gets insulted badly in Shah house so that she don’t see them all life. Barkha says Shahs shall not let come here. Malti Devi says Vanraj will not let Anupama be theirs and I will not let Anupama be here. Barkha says neither of Shahs nor of Kapadia’s.

Vanraj asks Anupama why did you come? Anupama says I have come for my grand daughter’s birthday, for my son and daughter in law who have returned from abroad. Vanraj says so you should have called them to your house. He says I asked you not to come here. Anupama says so what, and says you are outsider for me, and your words are useless for me. He asks if there is any self respect in you or not. Anupama says I have so much, and tells that you can get from me. She says I can give common sense also, and tells that you don’t understand that I didn’t come to your house for timepass and to have tea, but my son, daughter in law and grand daughter’s love has brought me here.

Vanraj says your insult brought you here. She says she has low value of him in her life. She says I come here, even after knowing that I have to see your face. She says my Baa and Babu ji, my children and grand daughter is here. Vanraj says nobody comes uninvited. Kinjal says I have invited her. Vanraj asks her to ask her to leave. Anupama says I haven’t come here to stay, I had come to meet my son and daughter in law. She asks shall I leave Romil and Choti here, so shall I take them. Vanraj says they can stay. Anupama thanks him. She takes Pari in her arms, and hugs her. Vanraj takes Pari from Anupama insulting her, as if she is just his grand daughter.

Anupama gets teary eyes and humiliated. She asks the family members to go back to the party. They all go back. Vanraj asks Pakhi to lift the other cake (brought by Anupama) and says we will cut it later. Everyone say happy birthday as Vanraj takes Pari and makes her cut the cake. Vanraj asks Dimpy to take care of Nishant. Dimpy says ok. Kinhal looks for Anupama’s cake.

Vanraj says I gave it to watchman. Kinjal says it was not cut yet. Kavya says you didn’t give this cake which is cut to him. Vanraj says this is costly cake, it is for the guests and not for watchman. Kinjal says your cake is costly, but Mummy’s cake was precious to me. Babu ji gets upset. Vanraj thinks babu ji got another chance to be upset with me. Baa brings pastry and gives to Babu ji. Babu ji asks her to take it back. Baa says whatever Vanraj is doing is for the house betterment and asks him to understand being his father. Babu ji asks why shall I understand, I am his father.

Baa says I didn’t like when he sent Anupama back. Babu ji says Vanraj is doing this with Anupama, who has done so much for us, which even our children couldn’t do. He says Anuj and Anupama have always come here for happy and sad moment and we had gone to their house. He says there was no fight then what happened to him, that he asked her to go. He says whenever any problem comes, Vanraj will call Anupama. Baa asks him to have cake, and tells that Anupama is great, but we can’t leave our son. She says if he gets angry and throws her out, then ….so we shall hear and agree to his sayings. Babu ji tells that Anupama was returned sad, and thinks how Anuj will feel seeing her like this. Anupama returns home and hugs Anuj. Anuj asks if Choti and Romil are there. He asks her to sit and have tea and cookies. Pakhi sends him photos. Anuj says they didn’t keep your cake, Pakhi has uploaded the pic. Anupama says he didn’t respect their relation, when they had relation, and says he is like that, useless.

Pakhi tells that the party was good without any fights. Vanraj says if Anupama had not gone then fight would happen. Baa says the house is lively with Pari. Kavya comes there with her stuff. She tells Babu ji that she has found the house. Babu ji asks Vanraj to stop Kavya. Kinjal asks where you are going and why? Pakhi says Kavya don’t want to live with Papa and that’s why she is leaving. Kinjal says but why? Kavya says she felt good meeting them and asks them to meet her before leaving. Babu ji asks Vanraj to stop her. Vanraj blames Anupama for giving her idea to leave the house and helping her get the house. He says Anupama fills Kavya, Dimpy and Kinjal’s ears. Kavya says you feel that Anupama is the reason for our problems, but it is the matter between us. She tells that every 6 months, you get reminder that Anupama is right and you are wrong.

Anuj tells Anupama that if the legs hit the stone again and again, then the legs shall change their directions. He asks her to take the pause nap.

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