My desire update Thursday 6 July 2023

My desire 6 July 2023: Inspector Chautala is shocked to see Rudra at her doorstep and asks what is he is doing here. He says he obviously didn’t come for a concert, he came to talk to her. Chautala says she doesn’t want to talk to him. Rudra threatens to expose her deeds to commissioner if she doesn’t cooperate. Chautala asks if he came alone. He says yes and recalls telling Preesha that Chautala is Armaan’s friend and may hesitate to reveal truth if she accompanies him, so she should hide. She agrees and says they will gather evidence against Armaan at any cost.

Pihu sings Rang Saari Gulabi Chunariya Re.. song on stage during a fundraiser party. Vidyuth imagines dancing with her and thinks how can he imagines himself with Pihu when he knows Pihu is with Raj. Rudra enters Chautala’s house and says she must have understood by now that he came talk about her and Armaan. Chautala asks regarding what. Rudra says he knows she tried to trap him wrongly in Sania’s murder case and blamed Preesha when forensic report went wrong, he even knows that she brainwashed Preesha and made her believe that Armaan is saving her, she even helped Armaan escape from India. He says he has this much proof against her to get her punishment. Chautala asks what proof he has. Rudra says he is not a fool to reveal the proof, its enough to prove her guilty unless she helps her.

Chautala asks what shall she do. Rudra asks her to visit commissioner with him and reveal Armaan’s sins to him. Chautala agrees and asks him to promise to protect her. He agrees and leaves.Pihu’s friends praise her performance and say that she is good as she is Raj’s partner. Vidyut brutally trashes a boy. Pihu stops him and asks if he will never change and continue to spoil other’s lives, she can’t belive that he and Raj stay in a same house. Vidyut walks away angrily from there. Pihu notices boy recording her improper videos and realizes that Vidyut was trashing the boy for the same reason. She slaps him and says Vidyuth did right. She breaks his phone and feels guilty for misunderstanding Viduth. She walks to Vidyuth and notices him having alcohol. She breaks his bottle and says she learnt why he hit that boy, but he should have just warned him and spared him. Vidyuth says that dirty boy will not think of troubling any girl.

Pihu says even he did same and reminds that he had cut her dress during her stage performance and asks why did he do this today. Vidyuth says he loves her since the day she saw him, but she rejected him. He says whole college girls like him, but he liked her and when she rejected him, he became evil when he saw Raj with her and he hates Raj because of her. He continues to describe how he feels for her and asks her to reply to him. Pihu stands speechless in shock. Pihu’s friends take her from there.

Rudra meets police commissioner and describing Armaan’s sins to him asks to arrest Armaan. Commissioner says he can’t arrest Armaan without any proof. Rudra says inspector Saachi Chautala will give evidence against Armaan and is on her way. Preesha notices Armaan’s room locked and thinks how can he close the door when he can’t even wake up. She knocks door. Digvijay opens door and says he and Armaan were having a business meeting. Preesha thinks they are lying and says she will bring Armaan’s medicine. Armaan says he is sharing a confidential business information with Digvijay, so she can come later. Preesha agrees and walks out thinking she is sure they both are up to something. She then notices Digvijay walking out of the house holding an envelope and follows him.

Rudra findsd Chautala’s house locked and fears she escaped. Commissioner scolds him for losing a prime evidence and leaves warning him to meet him again only when he finds evidence against Armaan. Chautala meets Digvijay who gives her an envelope and asks her to hide for some time. Preesha thinks who she must be and calls Rudra. Rudra informs that Chautala didn’t visit commissioner’s office and her house is locked. Preesha says she knows where Chautala is.

Preesha notices inspector Saachi Chautala with Digvijay and informs Rudra about it. Rudra says he is sure that woman is Saachi, the commissioner was right that he shouldn’t have let Saachi go. Preesha sends her live location and asks him to reach her while she follows Saachi. She follows Saachi’s cab and thinks she needs to catch Saachi to find Armaan’s truth. She stops cab and finds no one in it. Rudra also reaches and asks Preesha where is Saachi. Preesha says Saachi was in same car. Driver says the lady got out at a signal. Preesha feels sad that Saachi escaped because of her. Rudra says its not her mistake as she tried her best and says a doctor who helped Armaan in harming Preesha can help them expose Armaan’s truth and put him behind bars.

At night, Preesha gives sedatives to Armaan and makes him asleep. She unlocks Armaan’s mobile using his fingerprint and doesn’t find doctor’s contact number. She returns to her room and informs Rudra that she couldn’t find doctor’s number as he may have saved it somewhere or deleted it. Rudra says let us meet tomorrow and decide their next plan. Preesha says she will punish Armaan with more pain for helping Saachi escape. Next morning, Gopal brings a masseuse Vijayalaxmi and says she is a good massager as she treated Vasu’s back pain with hot oil massage and hence he called her for Armaan’s leg massage. Preesha thanks him for hiring Vijayalaxmi and asks her to start her treatment on Armaan. Vijayalaxmi pours hot oil on Armaan’s legs. Armaan writhes in pain.

Preesha video calls Rudra and shows him Armaan’s condition. Digvijay asks why is she recording a video. Preesha says to show Dr. Gupta that Armaan is feeling a sensation in his legs and is improving. Digvijay says then its fine. Preesha walks aside and laughs with Rudra. Rudra asks her to meet him at Dr Gupta’s clinic to discuss further plan.Pihu recalls Vidyuth expressing his feelings for her and thinks why she is thinking about him. Raj calls Pihu repeatedly, but she doesn’t pick call. Vidyuth feels nervous thinking he spoke a lot while he was intoxicated and don’t know what Pihu must be thinking about him. Raj walks to him frustrated and informs that Pihu is angry on him since he rejected to request to accompany her to fundraiser party. Preesha and Rudra with GPS meet Dr Gupta and request him to find a doctor who helped Armaan. Dr. Gupta says they can find that doctor via a doctor’s conference. Preesha says they can arrange All India Pyschiatrist’s Conference. Rudra says he will fund that event.

Raj meet Pihu and asks why she is ignoring him since he refused to accompany him to a fundraiser event. Pihu says she is not. Raj expresses his love for her and hugs her. Vidyuth watches them from a distance. Pihu notices him and stands in a fix. Vidyuth walks away feeling disheartened. Pihu doesn’t respond to Raj’s move and says she likes him but not in a way he thinks, its too early for her and she needs time to process all these feelings. Raj says she can take her own time, he just expressed his feelings towards her. Preesha organizes doctor’s conference and asks Rudra how will take doctor’s help now. Rudra says they should bring Armaan here, but hopes he doesn’t sense their plan again. Preesha says she will bring Armaan here with Pihu’s help and will make sure Armaan doesn’t doubt them. Vidyuth pins Pihu aside and asks why didn’t she reply to Raj’s proposal. Pihu say a girl needs time to reply in these matters. Raj asks if she has someone else in her mind.

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