My desire update Wednesday 5 July 2023

My desire 5 July 2023: Preesha apologizes Gopal and says she couldn’t recognize him as she lost her memory or else she wouldn’t have let his insult happen. Gopal says its okay. Rudra says he will take appa to his house. Preesha thinks she will teach a lesson to Armaan now for his heinous act. She asks why he wants to take appa to his house when they are not related, she will take her appa home. She tells Armaan that she wants to keep appa at their home. Armaan hesitantly agrees. Saransh, Roohi, and Rudra smirk seeing her drama. Preesha takes Gopal home and asks Digvijay if he knows him. Digvijay shocked seeing Gopal there, but acts normal and says he knows her father. Preesha says her appa will stay with them from hereon. Armaan says he will show a guest room to appa. Preesha tongue lashes him for insulting appa.

Armaan says he already apologized for that. Preesha says she wants her appa to stay near her, so if Armaan can give his room to appa. Armaan hesitantly agrees.Preesha takes Gopal to Armaan’s room and emotionally hugs him. Gopal asks what is happening. Digvijay asks Armaan why did he bring Gopal home. Armaan says his plan backfired on him and Preesha brought her father home. Digvijay says Gopal is a retired judge and would be more problematic than Rudra. Armaan says he knows, but he is now sure that Preesha’s memory is not back. Digvijay says that’s okay, he should find a way to get the old man out of the house before he becomes problematic.

Preesha describes whole story to Gopal and says Armaan will be punished for his act. Gopal says Armaan will punished for sure, how will she do that. Preesha says she and Rudra will expose Armaan.She says she was really shocked seeing him as a salesman in a jewelry shop and asks about Vasudha.Rudra informs Sharda about Gopal’s condition. He says he doesn’t know how Armaan found out about Gopal. Sharda also gets concerned for Gopal and says its good that Preesha took him home. Gopal tells Preesha that Vasu started blaming him after Preesha went missing and accused that she lost all her children because of him, so she went to stay with her sister; he tried to convince her to return home, but Vasu is very adamant and didn’t return; he was in need of money badly and when he failed to get money from his friends, he searched for jobs and got a salesman’s job.

Preesha asks why didn’t he go to Rudra. Gopal says he was a failed father and a husband and didn’t want to face Rudra. Preesha comforts him.At night, Rudra visits Preesha’s room while she is asleep and hugs her. Preesha in sleep hopes her hubby hugs her in real. Rudra says he is hugging her in real. Preesha opens eyes and panics seeing him. She asks how did he come inside her room. He reminds that he was a gardener in this house and has duplicate keys. She says they would be in trouble if Armaan sees them, he would learn that her memory is back. Gopal walks in and asks Preesha if she is fine. Preesha says Rudra came to meet her. Rudra says he has left his spy Vidyuth outside to alert him if Armaan comes. Vidyuth guards outside when Pihu notices him and reacts. Vidyuth holds her mouth and explains that Rudra came to meet Preesha and left him outside to spy and alert him when Armaan comes out.

Rudra discusses with Preesha and Gopal that maybe inspector Chautala is helping Armaan escape from law repeatedly. Gopal says he knows someone from police department well and can seek their help to find out if Chautala or someone else is helping Armaan. Pihu notices Armaan walking towards Preesha’s room and tries to alert Vidyut. Vidyut doesn’t let her speak. She pinches him to free herself and informs about Armaan heading towards Preesha’s room and to alert Rudra. They both alert Rudra mimicking cat’s sound. Armaan enters Preesha’s room and notices Gopal there. Preesha says appa was describing her childhood stories, but she couldn’t recall either of the stories. Armaan thanks god that Preesha doesn’t remember anything. Once Armaan leaves, Rudra leaves from there.

Next morning, Roohi and Saransh visit Armaan’s house to meet Gopal. Armaan fumes seeing them. Rudra walks in next. Armaan fumes more seeing Rudra and thinks he hit an axe on his own leg by involving Gopal. Rudra says even he came to meet appa. Kids insist Gopal to spend time with them and ask Rudra to join them. Rudra agrees and says he will ask his wifey Vanshika to make arrangements for a family outing. Armaan thinks he will spy on them and ruin their family outing.

Rudra takes his children, Preesha, and Gopal for a family outing and discusses how Armaan was angry seeing him and his children at his house. Gopal says he was insisting to accompany them. Rudra says Armaan must be conspiring against them once they left his house. Preesha says they should meet Gopal’s police contact. Rudra says Armaan is following them, they shall show him drama now. He takes them to a boutique and shops clothes for them and then takes them to a restaurant. Armaan follows them hiding. Golmaal…. song plays in the background. Preesha says if Armaan continues to follow them, they can’t gather evidence against Armaan. Rudra says they will meet Gopal’s police contact tomorrow. Preesha says Armaan will follow them even tomorrow, she knows what to do now.

Pihu visits Raj and asks if he is attending a fund raiser party tomorrow. Raj says he can’t as people will force him to sing. Pihu say she will protect him there and really wants to attend party with him. He refuses and asks her not to force him. She gets angry and walks away. Armaan returns to his room thinking Preesha looked happy with her appa, he doesn’t know what is Rudra up to. He slips and falls on floor and calls someone for help. Digvijay rushes to him and asks how did he fall down. Armaan asks him to be careful as there is oil on floor. Preesha recalls dropping oil on the floor to make him fall. She with Gopal walks to Armaans’ room and asks how did he fall down. Armaan says there was oil on the floor. Preesha asks who dropped oil on the floor. Digvijay calls servant and scolds him. Digvijay and servant help Armaan get on his bed. Preesha gives a pain killer to Armaan and leaves asking him to rest, thinking wait and watch what she will do next.

Next morning, Armaan wakes up and is unable to move his legs. He calls Preessha who acts worried and calls doctor. Doctor tests Armaan and says its a bad news, Arman’s nerves got damaged when he fell down and he is paralyzed down his waist. Armaan is shocked to hear that. Doctor says its a temporary paralysis and he will be fine soon. Armaan says when. Doctor says he will prescribes some medicines which will help Armaan recover soon. Digvijay says Armaan just slipped and fall on floor and not from a 10th floor, how can he get paralysis. Preesha signals and sends doctor away. She recalls injecting a paralytic injection to Armaan at night once he falls asleep and thinks Armaan’s legs will lose sensitivity and he won’t be able to follow her and Rudra tomorrow. Rudra calls Preesha and praises her for her plan.

He says Dr. Gupta is with him and he is sending him there. Dr Gupta says he will punish Armaan for torturing his college friend Preesha. Rudra thinks Armaan troubled Preesha and now they will trouble him.Preesha thinks Armaan will be lying on bed while she and Rudra collect evidence against him. She tells Armaan that she will take care of him. Saransh and Roohi walk in and ask Preesha and Gopal what are they doing here. Preesha says Armaan is unwell, so they shouldn’t disturb him. Roohi agrees and requests Preesha to prepare her special dosa. Preesha agrees and accompanies her and Saransh. Armaan fumes that he had to follow Rudra and Preesha and find out their plan, but he is paralytic now. Digvijay asks him to concentrate on getting well soon. Gopal laughs seeing Armaan’s condition. Preesha says Armaan will suffer more for his sins. Rudra calls Preesha and informs that via Gopal’s contact, he found out inspector Chautala’s address. Preesha says they will collect evidence against Armaan and send him to jail.

Pihu visit charity event thinking she doesn’t care if Raj is not attending the event. Her friends insists her to sing. Pihu agrees. Rudra and Preesha visit inspector Chautala.

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