My desire update Thursday 26 January 2023


My desire 26 January 2023: Ahuja informs Rudra’s family that he wants to organize dandiya event on navratri tonight to show Rusha fans that they are back, which will immensely publicize Rudra’s upcoming concerts. Preesha asks how will they organize it in such a short span. He says his team will and asks team to start their work. Rudra sees Preesha sad and says let us go to Anvi as he knows she is thinking about her, their family is incomplete without Anvi and hence they should invite Anvi’s family for tonight’s party. She says he is world’s best husband and walks with him. Anvi eagerly asks Sania if Preesha called. Sania says she knows Preesha will not. Preesha enters and says she is back for her. Anvi gets happy. Sania controls her.

Preesha apologizes her for being rude and says even she shouldn’t have misbehaved and hoped Saransh dies. Anvi apologizes her. Preesha invites her for dandiya event tonight and says they will dance together as a family. Anvi gets happy. Once Preesha leaves, Sania says Preesha will not as her preference is Saransh, she says something and does something else, she just makes false promises in between and walks herself to go away from her.

Rudra gets Preesha ready for dandiya event and gets romantic with her. Tumse Ke Thoda Thoda Pyar Hua.. song plays in the background. He holds her and says his wife is most beautiful, she made him papa of 2 children but hasn’t let him have suhagraat yet, he wants to perform suhagraat now, etc. She shies. Saransh enters holding their photo. Rudra says his timing is worst than Arman’s. Saransh asks if he made this photo. He says yes and he replaced all his old photos with new ones. Preesha also gets happy seeing pics. Party starts. Vasu and GPS enter wearing Gujrati attire. Sharda greets them. Vasu jokes GPS is wearing a frock like Anvi. GPS gets angry. Ahuja hosts the event and announces Rush’s entry. Preesha and Rudra with Saransh walk down.

Ahuja continues praising them. Arman with his family enters. Sania provokes Anvi that Preesha’s family is Saransh and Anvi and not her, so she has ignored her. After announcement, Rudra and Preesha walk to Anvi and cheer her up. Anvi gets happy. Saransh says they are friends and will not fight from hereon.Dandia event starts. Arman while dancing informs Preesha that he is worried for Anvi seeing her rude behavior. Preesha hits her finger and rushes to washroom. Arman rushes behind her and seeing an opportunity acts worried seeing her injured finger and tries to suck it. She pulls her hand back and scolds him to dare not touch her again.

He says they stayed in same house for months and he is her bestfriend, so he is worried for her. She says he should be in his limits as a friend and he should remember that she is Rudra’s wife, he shouldn’t dare to touch her again. He apologizes. She asks him to leave before she gets more angry. He leaves. She thinks how dare he is touch her inappropriately and remembering haldi shower incident thinks why he changed suddenly, something is wrong, she needs to inform about it to Rudra. Rudra rushes to her and says Ahuja has announced their dance and they need to rush. She thinks she will inform him later. Arman thinks Preesha didn’t inform Rudra, but if she does, Rudra will not let her near him.

Ahuj announces Rusha dance and asks guests to clap for them. Preesha and Rudra dance on Udi Udi Jai.. song. He gets romantic during dance and says he doesn’t want to go away from her. She says everyone are watching them. Arman gets jealous seeing that. Sania taunts him if Preesha slapped him via words.After dandiya dance with Preesha, he takes her aside and gets romantic with her. She says let the party finish. He says he shouldn’t have permitted Mr Ahuja to organize party as he cannot wait for long. She asks him to have some patience. Ahuja walks to them and says their press conference is still awaiting and asks him to bring even Saransh as Rusha is incomplete without Saransh.


Rudra says he will bring even Anvi along as she is part of his family. Sania hears their conversation and thinks she will not let him take Anvi. She drops juice on Anvi’s dress in lieu of feeding her juice and takes her to washroom. Rudra searches Anvi. Arman says he will search her and bring her on stage. Rudra takes Saransh. Preesha asks where is Anvi. Rudra says she is not found. Preesha on mic calls Anvi to come on stage. Ahuja says they are getting late. Conference starts. Reporter questions if he is returning to singing. He says he is and soon will create a new song for Rusha. Preesha says Rudra is having a music concert soon. Reporters ask how did they get Saransh back.

Preesha says her life is complete with Saransh’s return and its a long journey, she met a beautiful girl Anvi on the way who supported her and her family is incomplete without her. She pampers Saransh. Sania shows that to Anvi and says Preesha loves only Saransh. Anvi gets sad and says she wants to go home. After press conference, Ahuja says he is eager to see Rush rock again and Rudra’s concert successful. Once he leaves, even Vasu and GPS walk away after joking a bit on GPS Gujrati attire.

Back home, Anvi plays video game. Arman instigates her that Saransh is her problem as Preesha loves him and not Anvi. A car runs over a cartoon in video game. Arman says if a car similarly runs over Saransh, he will go away from them and stop troubling Anvi. Anvi agrees. On the other side, Rudra and Preesha pamper Saransh and tries to make him sleep. He gets romantic with her and asks her to make Saransh sleep soon. Saransh asks Preesha to tell him a story. She does same and he falls asleep. Rudra gets romantic again and tells Preesha that he has planned a picnic in the morning and has booked a room in a resort for them. She goes to get water asking him to stay there as Saransh will get afraid alone if he wakes up. He lies down frustrated. She thinks she will wear her satin nightie and will surprise Rudra tomorrow.

They reach resort next morning. He tries to get intimate in reception area itself. Sharda, Vasu, GPS, Arman, Sania, Chachaji, Saransh, and Anvi walk in shouting surprise and thank them for planning a surprise vacation for them. Once they leave to get room keys, Rudra gets angry on Preesha for ruining his romantic plan. Preesha says Sharda saw her when she had gone to get water and remembers Sharda noticing her checking her nightie and asks if she is going somewhere. She says they are going on a picnic. Sharda gets excited thinking whole family is going on picnic. Preesha seeing her excitement thinks it would be a good family picnic. She calls Arman and invites his family for picnic.

Arman informs Anvi, but Sania disagrees ands says Saransh will hurt Anvi again. He says Anvi can execute her plan and get rid off Saransh. She agrees. Preesha invites her parents next. Out of flashback, frustrated Rudra says their suhagdin is spoilt. Preesha promises a suhagraat tonight. He excitedly hugs her.

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