My desire update Friday 27 January 2023


My desire 27 January 2023: During picnic in a resort, Rudra insists Arman’s family to play games with them. Anvi sits angrily. He says let us enjoy, but Anvi angrily ignores him. Preesha noticing that walks to her and asks where did she go after her dress got spoilt. Anvi ignores even her. Sania takes Anvi away. Preesha tells Rudra that Anvi is still angry. Rudra says let us sing and dance and cheer her up. He gathers everyone that he is restarting his singing and will sing first for this family, especially for Anvi and Saransh. He sings Chakde Chakde.. song while Preesha dances and drags Anvi. Anvi calms down and dances with her. Sania asks Arman if children have filter in their brain that they forget everything so easily, his daughter’s anger vanished and she is dancing with Preesha.

He asks if Anvi is not her daughter. She asks him to stop Anvi or else Preesha will patch up Anvi and Rudra. Arman goes to Saransh and asks why isn’t he dancing. He says he is enjoying Anvi’s dance. Arman says even he should join Anvi. Saransh joins Anvi and Preesha. Everyone clap after Rudra’s song ends.Saransh asks Rudra to sing their family song. Rudra sings Will You Marry Me.. song. Preesha dances with Saransh and pampers him. Anvi gets jealous again and stands aside fuming. Arman and Sania notice that and brainwash her again that Preesha loves only Saransh and ignores Anvi. Sania reminds her of a cartoon character getting crushed under a car and says if Saransh also gets crushed under a car and goes away from Preesha, Preesha’s attention will only be on Anvi.

After finishing son, Rudra asks Anvi to join them and says let us play a basketball game. Saransh says he will win the game. Rudra asks how will a short boy win. Saransh says Rudra will lift him. Preesha says she will lift Anvi. Arman and Rudra’s team play basketball. Chachaji goals first followed by GPS. Rudra goes next followed by Arman. Sharda says both teams scored equally and whichever team scores next will be a winner. Anvi says let us plan and win. Preesha slips while playing, and Rudra holds her. Arman gets jealous noticing that. Rudra lifts Preesha and helps her goal. After winning, Rudra’s team hug each other and celebrate. Arman and Sania provoke Anvi again against Saransh.

After picnic, while walking towards cars, Sharda and Vasu pull GPS’ legs and then say Saransh played better than everyone. Anvi gets angry hearing that and thinks everyone love Saransh and not her, she remembers Preesha pampering Saransh and thinks papa and mamma are right that Prishma doesn’t love her. Saransh plays with basketball on road. Anvi watches frowning. A man stops his car and walks away keeping stone under tyre as a brake. Anvi pulls stone away remembering Arman’s idea. Car rolls towards Saransh. Sharda notices that and runs to rescue him. Everyone hear her shout and follow her. Rudra gets romantic with Preesha while returning to family and seeing family panicking rushes towards Sharda.

Sharda rescues Saransh on time and herself falls down severely injured and unconscious. Rudra and Preesha rush towards her worried. Preesha checks Sharda and gets tensed seeing blood loss and weak pulse.Sharda gets severely injured trying to save Saransh. Saransh says daadi got injured because of her. Rudra and Preesha worried try to wake up Sharda. Anvi tells Arman its her mistake as she pulled out stone from car tyre to hurt Saransh, but daadi got hurt, she will accept her mistake to Prishma. Sania stops her and takes her away.


Arman rushes to Sharda and asks who did this and points at car. Preesha and Rudra rush Sharda to hospital. Arman thinks his plan failed with Sharda’s interference, he should make sure Rudra shouldn’t find out what happened. Rudra panics in hospital while Sharda is treated. Preesha tries to calm him down. He says he will not spare a car driver who injured Sharda. Arman brings driver and its his car. Rudra tries to hit driver. Driver apologizes and says his car’s handbrakes are not working and he put stone under tyre as a brake, but someone removed it. Police comes and arrests him.

Preesha wakes Anvi from sleep and angrily scolds her for her mistake. Anvi apologizes. Preesha says Sharda is severely injured because of her, she hates her. Anvi wakes up from sleep crying. Sania rushes to her. Anvi says Prishma hates her and will get her punished. Sania asks her not to worry as her papa will protect her. Arman enters and says its a car driver’s mistake and not hers, he is already caught. Sania says who keeps stone under tyre, Anvi is innocent and didn’t do anything. Anvi gets convinced.

Doctor shifts Sharda to ICU room after surgery. Rudra asks about her condition. Doctor says her condition is very critical for the next 24 hours. Preesha cries hearing that. Rudra tries to console her. Preesha blames herself as she took Sharda for picnic. He asks not to blame herself and pray for Maa’s help. They both pray holding each other’s hand. He then asks her to be with Saransh while he goes to police station and make sure car driver is punished. He reaches police station where Chachaji with inspector says good he came as they were coming to him. Inspector informs that car driver told someone pulled stone under tyre, so he is going to resort to check CCTV footage. Rudra accompanies him. Manager shows him CCTV footage.

Footage stops after driver parks car and keeps stone under tyre. Rudra asks where is remaining pic and panics. Inspector says car driver is right that he is not involved. Rudra says he must have removed stone later. Inspector says some who hates him must have been present in resort and did this. Rudra remembers Arman’s presence and thinks Arman and Sania must have done this, then thinks Arman wants to separate him from Preesha but cannot harm Sharda. Inspector tells him that he has to free car driver as card doesn’t belong to him and they don’t have CCTV footage to prove it.

Arman disguised as sanitizing man hears their conversation standing aside and remembers Chachaji informing him about Rudra and inspector going to resort to check CCTV footage and him reaching resort deleting footage Out of flashback, he walks out silently. Rudra says driver told someone who pulled stone out must have deleted footage, so watchman must have seen that person. They question watchman who informs that a sanitizing man had come to sanitizing computer room. They then check recent footage and seeing sanitizing man, Rudra thinks he must be Arman. Rudra rushes to hospital where he sees Arman donating blood for Sharda and telling him that he and Chachaji were in cafeteria. Cafeteria cashier walks to Arman and returns his change. Arman remembers purposefully leaving change with cashier to make him as evidence. Rudra stands confused and thinks something is wrong.

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