Imlie starlife update Thursday 26 January 2023


Imlie 26 January 2023: NB returns to his lavish bungalow with many servants working around. Imlie reaches hostel and remembers her words to Adi. She thinks she left hostel on holi and returned on diwali, only Seeta maiya knows where she will celebrate her next festival. NB looks at his dead elder brother’s photo. His mother speaks in broken English and asks why is he so late on Diwali day. He says she should hire a teacher to learn English. She says she has a son and daughter to teach her, he is always busy over phone speaking in English, so she is learning English so that her son can will speak to her. He hugs and consoles her. Imlie enters hostel and tells warden that she needs a room. Warden tries to remember her name guthli, khatai, ambiya.. Imlie says her name is Imlie.

Warden says its a weird name and asks where is her sindhoor, she was married, if her husband kicked her out of house. Imlie says she wants to know 1 month hostel expenses. Warden says village girls like her trap city boys and stay in their house, but when differences creep up or in-laws deny to accept them as bahu/DIL, they search hostels. NB’s mother’s tells him that since Arvin’s accidental death, this house’s happiness left with him and her son stopped laughing. He says he remembers only 3 things, didi’s tears, Arvind bhai’s dreams, and third one he will tell later. He shows her property papers where didi and Arvind wanted to open an NGO. She asks him to give them to her and asks servant to call Arpita. Servant says didi went to temple. She gets tensed thinking Arpita fears fire and there would be lamps and havans in temple. NB runs towards temple.

Imlie tells warden that last time she didn’t have ID card and deposit and just had scholarship, now she is City College’s first year student and will study well and succeed in life, but warden is still a warden and will be standing behind table always. Warden gives her room keys. Imlie taunts her to remember her name Imlie which can sour anyone’s teeth. She walks away happily holding keys and remembering someone’s advice to move ahead in life forgetting her past. In T house, Malini sees Pankaj, Aparna, and Rupali sitting silently on dining chairs and serves them Chinese food. They all 3 walk away. She thinks it will take time for them to forget Imlie, anyways she will take lunch to Adi now.

Warden mixes chilli powder in Imlie’s food to teach her a lesson and leaves food outside her hostel room. Imlie picks food tray and thinks Adi would fall ill if he had not had food.Malini takes food for Adi. Adi says he is not in a mood. She says she is worried for the family and prepared food for them, but nobody had it; its okay if even he doesn’t want to have it. He stops her and takes tray. She thinks she knows Adi supports her. Adi remembers having Chinese with Imlie in a restaurant and joking with her by having noodles with hands. He walks away keeping the plate. Malini returns with water and searches him. Imlie opens her food tray and cries remembering Adi feeding her sweets on karva chauth.

She prays Seeta maiya that a few days of happy moments with her family are enough for her to spend rest of her life. She repacks food and keeps it back on warden’s desk. Warden eats food and shouts.Malini over phone chats with Anu and says everything is getting back to normal and she remembers days of her courtship with Adi before marriage when Adi was only hers and there was no Imlie between them. Anu says of course everything will be back to normal and disconnects call. Malini turns and seeing Rupali hearing her conversation asks if she is hearing her conversation hiding. Rupali says she didn’t want to and asks her to come along to show something. She takes her to home temple where Aparna prays with tears in her eyes and says Imlie wouldn’t have let Aparna cry, but Malini is just obsessed with Adi and cannot see that.


NB/Aryan’s sister Arpita enters temple and panics seeing lamp fire remembering car fire accident in which she lost her dear ones. Adi enters temple remembering Imlie’s words that she will not return this time as everything has ended and there is nothing left between them now and the remaining incidents. Pandit asks Arpita if shecame alone today. She says Aryan was not at home, so she came alone. Pandit covers lamp with flower curtain and asks her to perform pooja now. Arpita prays devimaa that her parents submitted her to devima, devimaa gave her immense love, but she lost her dear one in an accident; her brother Aryan is deep guilt after the accident and is sad since then; she wants matarani to change him back to normal and says there must be someone who will help him smile again.

Imlie enters temple next. A lady offers her lamp for devimaa. She walks towards temple. Aryan runs in searching Arpita, pushing Imlie away without noticing her. Lamps wobble, but she controls them. She gets angry and calling him chapadganju continuously shouts at him. He ties her mouth with her dupatta and walks away. She continues shouting at him. Temple catches fire. Arpita gets stuck in it and panics. Imlie rescues Arpita, comforts her, and rushes her in a car to hospital. Adi hearing her voice runs behind car. Aryan hears women talking about a girl escaping fire accident and showing her pic asks if she is that girl. Women says she is taken to hospital just now.

He rushes towards hospital in his car crashing Adi’s bike away. Adi falls down and tries to start his bike again but fails, he leaves bike there and runs towards hospital.Rupali shows Adi’s work bag and camera to Malini and says he didn’t go to job and even didn’t have food. Malini says he will be normal again with her and asks why they all forgot that she is Adi’s first wife. Rupali says one whom she is competing is way ahead of her and herself left home for her self-respect, she should be worried about herself and wait for a day when Imlie returns and kicks her out. Malini says anytime and angrily breaks vase.

Imlie rushes Arpita to hospital where doctor treats her. She asks doctor if Arpita got a panic attack. Doctor says she looks like a villager but speaks sensibly, so she can chat with Arpita. Imlie asks Arpita how is she now. Arptia says she is fine, thanks her for saving her, reveals that she is afraid of fire. Imlie says its good and teaches her to deep breathe when she gets a panic attack next. Imlie asks if she is not afraid of anything. She says even she does and remembering leaving Adi’s house says she fears losing her dear ones. Arpita says even she fears that situation. Imlie says she will call her family. Arpita says her brother must be on they way as he reaches before problem reaches her, but this time Imlie reached before him.

Imlie asks her to rest and leaves. Back at T house, Aparna feels guilty that Imlie left house because of them. Pankaj says its their son’s mistake and prays god to give Adi some conscience or help Imlie reach her goal. Aparna prays for Imlie’s protection and happiness.

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