Guddan Zee world update Thursday 26 January 2023

Guddan 26 January 2023: Vikrant comes downstairs with his luggage. AJ says to get the hell out of here. Guddan says stop. Vikrant says no bhabhi, don’t need any more favors. Reporters come and ask Vikrant many questions. AJ says go out of here. Reporter says he harassed your daughter AJ? Or did she falsely accuse him? AJ says no comments go out of here. Reporters ask them for answers. Reporter says we have all the proofs. We heard that your wife is on the molester’s side. Is Guddan stepmom that is why she is against her daughter? They ask Guddan. Saru says well done Revati. AJ says no one has to answer them anything. Guddan says I have to answer them. You people think, if people are talking they’re fighting? AJ and I are parents. We are being parents. We have told you our truth.

Don’t forget what your job is. You can’t become court until a verdict is out. If you can’t blame any member of this family. We are only raising our daughter. You can’t report our family problems on TV. The reporter says it is our right. Guddan says then it is my right to speak as well. Give me cameras, I am not getting any acting roles anyway. Move all cameras to me. AJ says what? Guddan says if any woman suffers, if anyone even sees her the wrong, please make noise. Complain to the police. We have to stand by each other. But never misuse this power as well. It also ruins the struggle of so many women. A report says shut the camera. Guddan says if you want to sleep peacefully for one night air it. AJ says getting your news? Go now.

Alisha is crying. Alisha says now everyone knows. AJ says we are proud of you. Dadi says we are all with you. Aj says you won’t be blamed for anything. It isn’t your fault. Durga says dadi is right. People who are wrong and who are with the wrong, are going to suffer not you.
Guddan says Vikrant don’t leave this house. It’s about Alisha’s name. If you go out you will be questioned. AJ says for Alisha I can let you live here for a few days. But if you are seen near my daughter, I will kill you. He takes Alisha upstairs. Laxmi says to Guddan, you can face it. You’re not alone. I am with you.

Scene 2
Durga is cooking. Laxmi says do you know what you are doing? Durga says yes I do. Laxmi says if you did, you would be with Guddan. How is it right to be against the daughter of this house? You’re doing wrong. Laxmi says I always take advice from you. Durga says Alisha suffered and her culprit is here in this house. Laxmi says how can you forget what Antra made us see as truth? Durga says that doesn’t justify all this. Alisha is part of this house. I am with Alisha. Laxmi says everyone will see the truth. Durga says just you and Guddan can’t see the truth. I am with AJ and Alisha.

Alisha’s culprit is the culprit of this house. She leaves. Laxmi says I have to warn Guddan. She might do the same to prove herself right what she did earlier.Dadi says Guddan did so wrong. People will not let Alisha live. AJ says the man did wrong not Alisha. I am with her. I will stand by her. I have called everyone this news won’t be aired. Guddan comes with tea. Aj says I have some work. Guddan says would that change your habits? AJ says I am not mad at you, just surprised how do you not see Alisha’s pain. Laxmi says this invitation just came. Our area’s councilor wants Alisha and Guddan to take part in Mamta devas competition. AJ gave your name. AJ says yes I gave the name. I will cancel it.

I am sorry. A mother who can’t stand by her daughter in a bad time. I will cancel it. Guddan says I will take part in this competition. Only things are wrong these days, they will be fine. I will win the competition and show I am the best mom if my daughter is with me. We are not enemies. I will prove I love her. AJ says you don’t need to prove anything. Guddan says I really love my daughter. Can we go ma ji? Dadi nods. Guddan says I don’t need anyone’s permission. I will win this competition. Alisha says yes for your papa. They will all say, AJ’s daughter won. Alisha nods. AJ says all the best.Perv says such fake emotions. She is against her daughter here. Someone is there in a hoodie. AJ says I know Guddan’s real face.Everyone will see her fakeness tomorrow with your help. Everything will be as per your plan.

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