My desire update Friday 2 December 2022


My desire 2 December 2022: Rudra and Preesha stand shocked Saransh dying in a bomb blast. Rudra rushes towards him. Police stop him. Rudra shouts he wants to go to his son. Sulochana says Saransh is dead. Inspector sends constables to check. They return and inform that car is badly burnt and it has a lady and a child’s body. Rudra performs Saransh’s last rights Naina.. song songs plays in the backgorund. He cries reminiscing quality time spent with Saransh. Preesha also cries profusely remembering time spent with him. She then walks to Rudra. Rudra pushes her away and shouts not to come near her. She asks why. He shouts he lost his son because of her. She asks what is he saying.

He says he is telling truth, all this happened because she called police; he told her that Kabir threatened to kill Saransh if he informs police; if she had not called police, Mishka wouldn’t have blasted the bomb. She asks if he is in his senses, she brought police to save Saransh, Kabir kidnapped Saransh and didn’t even bring Saransh to the venue, Mishka would have escaped with Saransh. He shouts Mishka wouldn’t have as Maa convinced her to return Saransh in exchange of money, but Preesha ruined everything.

She says even she can blame him, why did he go to Mishka alone, Mishka got afraid and blasted the bomb; she can blame that she lost Saransh because of him; he trusted Sulochana instead and went with her. Sulochana says she is speaking wrong as Mishka agreed to return Saransh in exchange of money, but she brought police there. Preesha shouts that all this happened because of her conspiracies. Rudra shouts not to blame maa. Preesha says his was behind his money and conspired against him, his mom snatched her son. Rudra shouts maa didn’t and he lost his son because of Preesha. Preesha says she bore a lot and forgot everything so that he can blame her; Saransh is her son and she took care of him only to lose him today. She says enough now, she can sacrifice herself for Saransh, but he is blaming her; from hereon, she doesn’t want to see his face or hear his voice, its difficult to stay with him with his cheap thinking.

Vasu asks what is she saying. Preesha says her son died because of Rudra’s mother and brother and he is blaming her. Vasu says Rudra is not in his senses. Preesha says her son was everything to him, so before Rudra says she will tell that they can’t stay together. Rudra says she is right as whenever he will see her, he will see his son’s death. Preesha says she feels same, she married him because of Saransh and without Saransh, there is no Rudra and Preesha’s story. Sulochana asks Rudra to stop thinking of separating in this situation. Rudra says Preesha is right, without Saransh everything has ended and walks away. Vasu asks him not to say that. Preesha shouts not to go.

Court hearing starts. Sulochana gives evidence against Kabir and says his son did sins to get Saransh’s custody and she supported him in his sins, its too late now and she wants herself and her son to be punished. Judge pronounces Sulochana and Kabir as guilty and says Kabir did all the sins and not Sulochana, and since Sulochana supported Kabir, she is sentenced to 2 years jail and since Kabir is responsible for Saransh’s death, he is sentenced to 10 years’ jail. Kabir asks Sulochana why did she do this to him. She says just like he pointed gun at her, he did it for his selfishness, but she did it to repent for her sins. Police takes Kabir away. Rudra’s lawyer says they need to reach another place. In divorce court, Vasu asks Preesha not to divorce Rudra. Preesha says Saransh’s death’s guilt will be on them forever, so they cannot be together. Rudra enters and hears that.

Preesha in court tells Vasu that after Saransh’s death, she and Rudra cannot stay together. Rudra walks in with Sulochana and his lawyer and hears that. Judge asks Rudra and Preesha to sign divorce papers, their divorce will be finalized in a few months. Sulochana asks Rudra to think again as decisions cannot be taken in a haste. Rudra says he has thought well, everything has ended after Saransh’s death. He signs papers reminiscing their marriage. Preesha looks at him emotionally and signs papers. They both walk out of court then and walk towards their cars. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Rudra thinks there is nothing left between to stay together, he will never forget her. They leave in their cars.


Next morning, Preesha sees of Vasu and says she has emailed her tickets and appa wlll be waiting for her at airport. Vasu asks what about her, she should return to Delhi with her. Preesha denies. Vasu leaves in cab. She walks around resort reminiscing all the recent incidents. Yun Rokena Ruke plays in the background. She falls down and shouts Saransh and imagines him calling her, so runs towards cliff end and is about to fall when a a man holds her hand and pulls her back. She resists to let her go to her son. He says there is no one there and she is trying to commit suicide. She repeats that she was not committing suicide, her son was calling her. He repeats there is no one there and its a cliff end, so she should walk back. She cries that her son is calling her and she cannot forget her son’s pleas.

He says even he felt similar pain when he lost a dear one, gives some moral gyaan, introduces himself as Arman Thakur, and requests to accompany him and he will introduce her to someone who may reduce her pain. She accompanies him.
Arman takes Preesha to a hotel. She says its a hotel. He says he had come from Mumbai for some work and now this hotel is his house since then. He takes her to his room where his little daughter runs and hugs her calling mamma and asks where was she, if she didn’t miss her, she woll not let her go. She shows Preesha’s photo with a baby and says that is her mamma and she is Anvi. Arman asks her to go in. Preesha asks why did he play a dirty game and brought her here. Arman says he didn’t play any game, he didn’t know who she is when he came to save her; Anvi’s mother didn’t want to have a baby and tried to abort her, but he persisted and after delivery, Anvi’s mother eloped with someone else; Preesha performed Anvi’s delivery and this pic is taken after delivery; when Avni questioned about her mother, he lied that she is Anvi’s mother; they were staying abroad to escape an unwanted situation, but fate brought him here and he met her accidentally.

She says she overreacted. He says its okay. Anvi walks back and says she wants to have food with her. Preesha feeds her reminiscing feeding Saransh. Anvi wipes her tears and hugs her.Sulochana informs Rudra that lawyer has called. Lawyer informs Rudra that he has a bad news for him. Rudra asks what is it. Lawyer says he knows that Balraj had transferred all his wealth in Saransh’s name and with Saransh’s death, whole wealth will go to trust and even his Delhi home will be mortgaged, so Rudra lost everything. Rudra says he lost everything long back. Sulochana apologizes him and blames herself for his condition. He says she is not at fault and asks her to leave him alone.

Sulochana thinks she cannot let him ruin his life like this; in the evening, she informs him that she contacted his clients and they are ready to sign a music concert contract for whole year, so soon he will regain their Delhi home and everything he lost. He says he cannot get back Saransh though and he has decided he will never sign again.

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