Imlie starlife update Thursday 1 December 2022


Imlie 1 December 2022: Reporters throng Imlie and question her. Dev asks what they want to ask Imlie. Anu questions if its true that she is having an affair with journalist Aditya Kumar Tripathi. Dev asks Anu if she called press. Anu asks if its true that Aditya brought Imlie to Delhi from a village, kept her in his house, and left his wife for Imlie. Dev shouts its a lie. Anu says its true. Dev shouts shut up. Reporters continue questioning Imlie if she is having an affair with Aditya. Teacher calls Adi and asks him to come to college right now as Anu has gathered reporters and is alleging that Imlie is having an affair with him. Adi rushes towards college. Principal asks Anu to stop her nonsense in college as young students study here. Anu says her allegations are not baseless and tells Dev that she heard Malini telling that Adi is having an affair with Imlie and left her for Imlie.

Dev says Malini is mistaken and Imlie is an innocent kids. Reports continue questioning Imlie, and Imlie panics. Adi rushes to her rescue. Reporters question Adi if he left his wife for this girl. Adi asks reporters if they have any evidence and just came holding a mic and camera. He then hugs and consoles Imlie. Reporter clicks pics. Adi snatches his camera and threatens to complain against him. Reporter says he is having an affair with a 19 year old girl and this news will be printed at any cost. Adi asks who gave them this baseless news. Anu says she did.

Tripathi family gets calls from relatives and friends to confirm the news. They switch on news and are shocked to see the news. Adi asks Anu why don’t she spare them. Anu says she is doing what he does, expose truth; she heard Malini telling that Adi loves Imlie. Malini enters and says its is a lie and she never said it to her. Anu says she heard her telling it to Kunal. Malini scolds her that she showed her cheapness with his act and insulted her, her sister, and her friend and drags her away from there.

Adi consoles Imlie again nd takes her home. Aparna hugs Imlie and consoles her and asks Pallavi to take her in. Harish and Pankaj say how can Anu do this heinous act and allege Imlie. Radha alleges Malini. Adi says its not Malini’s mistake as Anu did all this. Radha there is only one way to shut Anu’s mouth, Imlie’s marriage. Aparna asks what is she saying. Radha says Imlie will be continuously alleged, so they should find a boy for Imlie and get her married. Adi says they cannot do that as Imlie is already married.

Radha tells Harish that there is only one way to save Imlie from humiliation and shut Anu’s mouth, Imlie’s marraige. Adi says they cannot get Imlie married as Imlie is already married. Aparna asks what is he saying. Adi says Imlie married in Pagdandiya and he brought her here later. Harish says Imlie didn’t inform about it till now. Radha says once Imlie’s husband comes out in open, all her problems will be solved. Aparna asks who is Imlie’s husband. Nishant stops Adi and says he should discuss with Imlie first, he means Imlie went through a lot of humiliation today and should rest, they can talk about it tomorrow. Aparna says let them speak to Imlie’s husband tomorrow and ask her to come here and take up his responsibilities. Adi says Imlie won’t be alone tomorrow as her husband will be with her.

Pankaj says let us go to Imlie and console her. They all 4 leave. Nishant insists Adi to speak to Imlie first. Adi says there is no use of speaking to her and he has to do whatever he has to. Nishant says Imlie is already in a shock and he should think about it. He says he will inform tomorrow and clear alll the mess.Anu fumes on Malini that she was teaching a lesson to a cheap servant Imlie and Aditya, but Malini protected them. Malini asks why did she call media to school. Adi asks if Imlie is having an affair with Adi. Anu says Malini herself told Kunal that Imlie and Adi love each other. Malini says they are not having an affair.


Anu taunts Dev that she is thinking of getting Imlie’s DNA test done before transferring property in Imlie’s name as is having Dev’s dirty blood and is following him by having an illegal affair. Malini shouts they are legally married before her in Pagdandiya and reveals villagers got Adi and Imlie married forcefully at gunpoint in Pagdandiya. Anu asks if Aditya told this rubbish story, how can she believe it. Malini says it is a truth and they should accept it as they cannot run away from it. She pleads Anu not to do anything as Aditya and Imlie are struggling already and need time to inform truth to family. Anu tells Dev that she told that servant and Adi is having an affair and thinks she faced infidelity and now her daughter is facing same issue, she will not let her daughter suffer like her.

pleads Anu not to do anything as Aditya and Imlie are struggling already and need time to inform truth to family. Anu tells Dev that she told that servant and Adi is having an affair and thinks she faced infidelity and now her daughter is facing same issue, she will not let her daughter suffer like her.Imlie cries remembering her humiliation. Harish and Sundar bring her samosas to cheer her up followed Rupali and Pallavi rasmalai and Nishant chocolates. Aparna with Radha wlaks in and says they will cheer up Imlie in Pagdandiya style. They all sing Aye Dil Laya Hai Bahar Apnon Ka Pyar Kya Kehna… song, feed her snacks, and cheer her up. Imlie smiles.

Aparna asks her to keep smiling and discusses about pooja tomorrow to ward off evil eyes on their house. Adi smiles seeing family’s concern for Imlie. Once they all leave, Imlie looks sad again. Adi thinks she smiled for everyone and now is sad again, so he cannot talk to her now. He asks her to rest now, he will speak to her tomorrow. She stops her.Dev panics thinking till when he will pay for his sins, he is divided between his 2 daughter; he doesn’t know whether to support a daughter who he saw growing or one who saw after 18 years and didn’t see her growing, etc.

Imlie tells Adi that she will reveal truth to everyone as she for the first time felt what he usually feels when someone humiliates her, she cannot see him suffering like this. He says he doesn’t want to hide her from the world. She says she can understand after what happened in college. He says he is not afraid of the world and will reveal truth as he loves her and will tell the world that she is his wife. She says she is a servant in the world’s eyes. She says she is not a servant and came from Pagdandiya to succeed in life, whole family loves her and considers her as a part of family and when they will find out she is his wife, she will really be part of his family; he will reveal tomorrow that she is his wife and they both love each other.

She says she doens’t know if tomorrow will bring a light or darkness in her life, she just prays that her wait is short. She hugs him and he consoles her. A reporter clicks their picture.Harish tells Aparna, Pankaj, and Radha that they will speak to Imlie’s husband tomorrow. Pankaj asks what if Imlie had a child marriage. Aparna says tomorrow Anu’s mouth will be shut. Anu checks Adi and Imlie’s hugging pics and thinks Tripathis were boasting a lot and now will face humiliation.

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