My desire update Sunday 9 July 2023

My desire 9 July 2023: Armaan says Preesha did exactly what he wanted her to do and murdered Rudra, now she belongs to only him. Preesha cries in shock. Armaan says she should accept him or else will be jailed. Preesha slaps him and says he never saw a monster like him in her life. He says he is a monster who can go to any extent to get her, he had erased her memory once to get her and can kill anyone for her, so she should accompany him and be his forever. Preesha claps and says she oversmarted him as she realized his plan long ago. Armaan asks what does she mean. She calls Rudra who wakes up and says he is very much alive and as Preesha said, Armaan’s drama is over. He calls police who walks in with Raj and Vidyuth and arrests Armaan.

Preesha reveals how they realized his plan and recalls getting tensed when Rudra doesn’t pick her call and taking Dr Gupta’s help. She calls Dr Gupta and informs him that Rudra found fraud doctor and hostaged him in room #204 to find out truth, but now Rudra is not picking call. Dr. Gupta walks towards room to check when he finds Armaan with Digvijay taking Rudra out of hotel hands tied. He informs Preesha about it and follows Armaan to a bungalow where he hostages Rudra. Preesha reaches the location with Raj and Pihu and tries to open bungalow’s back door, but fails. She then buys tea from a tea vendor opposite to the house and sends a spiked tea to Armaan’s guards. Guards fall asleep after having spiked tea. She then steals keys from guards and opens the door and is shocked to see injured Rudra.

Rudra asks how did she find him. Preesha reveals how she took Dr Gupta’s help and found him. She gets angry after learning that Armaan tortured Rudra and says he should leave from here soon. Rudra says he will not go from here or else Armaan will find out that Preesha helped him and will easily escape with some other plan, so she should leave him here and return to Armaan and make him believe that his plan is working. Preesha says she will not leave him alone. Rudra says he will not lose her this time, she should return home before Armaan reaches home and not let him doubt her. Preesha asks him to promise that he will protect himself. He promises. Pihu and Raj take her away. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Preesha continues to explain how she reached home before Armaan reached and fooled him, how she fixed a tracker in Armaan’s watch, and involved Sharda and children in her plan. She continues describing how she heard him planning to kill Armaan and seeking Raj’s help to procure a fake gun as Armaan may force her to shoot Rudra. Raj informs Vidyuth about Armaan’s intentions and Preesha’s plan and they both help Preesha in executing her further plan. Out of flashback, Preesha asks Armaan if he liked her plan; he was trying fool and trap them and got himself trapped.

Preesha tells Armaan that he laid a trap for her and Rudra and himself got trapped in it. Rudra says Armaan can never separate them and only truth prevails and evil perishes. Preesha says they have recorded evidence against him and now he will go to jail. Armaan thinks Preesha thinks his plan ended here, she doesn’t know he has a trump card with whom he will return soon and shock her. Police takes him away. Rudra admires Preesha’s beauty and says he cannot believe she is in front of him; he is away from her from 300 days, 12 hours and 9 months; he counted each second without her; he was breathing but wasn’t alive without her. Preesha hugs him and says she doesn’t want to live without him.

Rudra and Preesha then thank Vidyuth and Raj for their help and return home. Sharda performs Preesha’s aarti and says this house’s daughter and DIL is returning after 1 year. She asks her to kick a reice bowl and perform graha pravesh. Gopal with Pihu enters and stops Preesha and says she is not yet Rudra’s wife as she is still Armaan’s wife legally. Rudra says he knew about the legal issues and already consulted his lawyer who is preparing divorce papers, tomorrow they will get Armaan’s signatures on them. Sharda says Preesha can perform graha pravesh now and can start a new life Rudra tomorrow. They all walk in. Preesha apologizes Pihu for sending her brother to jail. Pihu says Armaan deserved that and asks if she can cal her SIL. Preesha says she can call her sis from here on as she is her soul sister now. Rudra thanks each family member for help in reuniting him with Preesha.

Pihu goes to get Preesha’s bags from car when Raj walks to her and asks if she accepted his proposal or not. Pihu nervously says she needs time to reply. Raj walks away. Vidyuth hears their conversation and asks if she rejected Raj as she loves him and didn’t want to expect that she can love a man whom she used to hate the most. Pihu refuses to accept it and walks away. Vidyuth thinks she really loves him and will accept it soon. Next morning, Sharda offers Preesha sargi to keep her karvachauth fast. Rudra joins her and says even he will fast for Preesha. Sharda reminds him that he can’t be hungry for long. Rudra says Preesha’s love will make him fast.

Digvijay visits police station and requests inspector for Armaan’s bail. Inspector refuses to accept Armaan’s bail as he is a habitual offender. Preesha with Rudra and GPS enters and demands divorce from Armaan. Digvijay tries to humiliate her and make her feel guilty. Preesha gives him a befitting reply. Armaan is brought to them. Digvijay suggests him not to sign divorce documents until they take back all the cases on him.

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