My desire update Monday 10 July 2023

My desire 10 July 2023: Digvijay says Armaan will sign divorce papers only if Preesha and Rudra take back all the cases against Armaan. Preesha says she will not do that as Armaan is paying for his sins. Digvijay gets angry. Armaan stops him and signs papers. Preesha feels strange that Armaan signed papers so easily and fears he is planning something. Rudra says Armaan knows that law will not spare him easily. Gopal says Rudra is right. Rudra says Armaan’s chapter is finally closed now. Digvijay asks Armaan how can he so easily give up. Armaan says let Rudra and and Preesha think they won and be together for a final time, they don’t know about his final attack.

Rudra gets hungry in the evening and waits for moon sighting. Kids taunt him showing chips. Preesha with Sharda walks in. Kesariya Tera Ishq Hai Piya.. song plays in the background. Rudra gets romantic with Preesha. Children remind that both moon and Preesha have arrived, so he can break his fast. Rudra says he is not feeling hungry seeing Preesha. Kids taunt him. Preesha breaks fast looking at his face via a mesh. Ghar Aaja Pardesi Tera Desh Bulaye Re.. song plays in the background. Rudra then breaks fast performing ritual on her. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Kids taunt Rudra and he runs behind them.

Viyuth performs ritual on Pihu and says even he fasted for her as he considers her as his life partner and kept fast for her long life. Pihu gets angry and tries to leave. He holds her dupatta and tries to stop her. Pihu’s blouse tears off. Preesha notices that and gets angry on Vidyuth. Vidyuth says she is misunderstanding him. Preesha slaps him. Rudra asks what is happening. Preesha says Vidyuth was misbehaving with Pihu. Vidyuth says he was talking something important with Pihu and tried to stop her. Preesha says she wants to know what were they talking about. Vidyuth asks Pihu to tell what they were talking about. Pihu says they weren’t talking at all, Vidyuth pulled her dupatta while she was passing by.

Vidyth says he really didn’t do anything. Rudra backs him. Preesha says he always blindly supports his family without knowing truth, she herself saw Vidyuth pulling Pihu’s dupatta with a wrong intention. Vidyuth apologizes Preesha and Pihu and says Pihu knows he doesn’t have any wrong intention. After some time, on the bed, Preesha looks upset. Rudra walks to her. Preesha asks him to speak to Vidyuth as she doesn’t want Pihu to feel uncomfortable visiting her. Rudra says he already spoke to Vidyuth and he is adamant that he didn’t misbehave with Pihu. He asks her to forget it and gets romantic. Kids walk in and interrupts them. Rudra says he is spending time with his wife. Roohi says daadi told they are not husand and wife yet and shouldn’t be together before marriage. They send him away and sleep with Preesha.

Next morning, during breakfast, Rudra gets a call from his lawyer and informs family that divorce will be finalized tomorrow itself in a fast-track court. Sharda thanks god and says she already spoke to panditji and fixed wedding muhurath after 2 days. Rudra and Preesha rejoice hearing that.Pihu visits college and smiles at Raj seeing him. Raj ignores her. She holds his hand and asks why is he ignoring her, they can be friends forever. Raj says he loves her and cannot be only her friend, so its better they don’t interact much. Once he leaves, Vidyuth drags Pihu aside. Pihu asks why is he troubling her, what does he want.

He says he needs answer, why didn’t she support truth and informed Preesha that he didn’t purposefully tear Pihu’s blouse and just pulled her dupatta. Pihu say she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Vidyuth says he was right for the first time in life, but kept quiet just because Pihu didn’t support her. Pihu warns him to let her go.Viyuth leaves and collapses. Student rush to help him. Raj informs that Vidyuth didn’t have food since yesterday morning. Pihu recalls Vidyuth informing that he is having karva chauth fast for her and trying to break fast, but she refusing to cooperate. She feels guilty and feeds water to Vidyuth.

She agrees that her duppata tore accidently and apologizes him. He smiles at her. She says he shouldn’t misunderstand that she has any feelings for him. He asks then why brought water for her, why donn’t she reveal that she likes him and not Raj. Pihu offers him tiffin and leaves. Raj hears their conversation.Back home, Pihu selects jewelry for Preesha and Rudra’s wedding. Preesha says if she likes one, she can try it. Vidyuth looks at her and says she can wear this necklace for their wedding. Pihu asks him not to dream high. Vidyuth says he had kept Karva chauth fast for her and one day will marry her for sure.

Pihu keeps necklace back. Vidyuth asks jeweler price of the necklace. Jeweler says he can’t afford it, its of 50 lakhs. Vidyuth thinks he will buy it one day for Pihu. Pihu gets Digvijay’s call. Preesha asks her to pick it. Digvijay asks where is she. Pihu say she is at Preesha’s house as Rudra and Preesha are marrying in 2 days. Digvijay gets angry and asks how can she support their enemies. Pihu says its Armaan who is wrong and asks him to relax as she will return home in some time. Digvijay fumes in anger and informs Armaan about Preesha and Rudra’s wedding in 2 days. Armaan says let him celebrate, he will execute his plan before that.

Rudra buys jewelry and asks jeweler to send the bills to his office. Jeweler finds a necklace missing and tells Rdura that his servants must have stolen it. Rudra calls his servant. Jeweler’s aide checks servants and doesn’t find necklace with them. He requests Rudra to let him check whole house as servants must have hidden it somewhere. Rudra hesistantly agrees. Jeweler searches whole house and finds necklace in Vidyuth’s cupboard. He accuses Vidyuth of stealing it as he had inquired price of the necklace some time ago. Vidyuth denies allegations and yells at jeweler to leave. Pihu thinks he stole necklace for her. Vidyuth apologizes jeweler and sends him away. He slaps Vidyuth and asks why did he steal jewelry. Vidyuth says he didn’t.

Preesha tells Rudra that she already told him not to trust Vidyuth as he always misused Rudra’s leniance and betrayed him. Rudra says she is right and asks Vidyuth why did he steal the necklace. Vidyuth continues he didn’t stgeal it. Rudra asks why did he ask a jeweler its price then.

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