Unfortunate love update Sunday 9 July 2023

Unfortunate love 9 July 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi thanking Lakshmi. Lakshmi says you are giving me a big compliment and then thanking me. He says ok, no thanks. I will not say thanks, but we will have party for our success, just we both. Malishka hears and wishes something shall happen that Lakshmi drowns his name, and thinks how this illiterate Lakshmi face him. Lakshmi says she has to handle here. Rishi says all the best. Lakshmi says thanks and then says no, we will have party. Rishi feels motivated and thinks to go back with the good news. Lakshmi tells the chefs that the smell/aroma is good. Malishka comes there and says it is nice aroma. Lakshmi says taste shall be good like the aroma. She goes. Malishka pours color in the food, made by Lakshmi.

Ayush catches her red handed and says I will not let Lakshmi bhabhi’s name ruined. He says I have caught your red handed. Malishka says enough. Lakshmi comes back. Ayush says she was adding something in the food. Malishka asks him to enquire what she was adding. She says it is red powder, which enhances the taste and color. Ayush asks what is the guarantee that it is same here. Malishka says I wouldn’t have done this, to get caught. She says Lakshmi had asked me to sprinkle it. Lakshmi says yes. Malishka asks him to apologize to her. Ayush refuses and says I have doubt on you. Malishka threatens to tell the critics. Lakshmi asks him to say sorry. Ayush says sorry and says if you does something then you will not be saved. Malishka thinks she will do what she wanted, and then Rishi will do the needful with Lakshmi.

Rishi shows the presentation to the clients. Lakshmi thinks cooking food at home and cooking here is different. Rishi imagines Lakshmi in the conference and gives presentation. Lakshmi also imagines him and feels thankful to him. He also feels thankful to her for coming infront of him. She imagines making him taste the food, and Rishi liking it, and saying perfect.Rishi imagines Lakshmi clapping for him. Everyone claps and goes. Lakshmi gets his video call. He says what? She says you have called me. Rishi asks why is she happy? He says if you wanted to come here, then would have come with me, why you had taken separate flight and came here. Lakshmi says I am here, and says just like you motivated me here.

She says everything is fine here. He says presentation was happening, and meeting is successful. Lakshmi says food is perfect. Rishi says you didn’t call me since I came here. Lakshmi says even you haven’t called me and said that you will not miss me. He says we both are liars and says he missed her. She says she also missed him. He asks what is between us? She says I am asking you? Malishka hears them and gets upset. Lakshmi asks when is he coming? He says after a meeting. She asks him to come fast, but not run. He says this is Ayush’s effect and asks where is he? Lakshmi says he is with the critics. Rishi says you have managed well. Lakshmi says you have done that. Rishi says whatever is done, is done by us. Rishi says ok, we have done. Lakshmi says shall I end the call. Rishi says all the best.

effect and asks where is he? Lakshmi says he is with the critics. Rishi says you have managed well. Lakshmi says you have done that. Rishi says whatever is done, is done by us. Rishi says ok, we have done. Lakshmi says shall I end the call. Rishi says all the best.The chefs tell Lakshmi that the food is very tasty, they have tasted it. Lakshmi hopes that they too shall like it and prays to Mata rani. Malishka gets upset and says they are romancing like college goers, and thinks to separate them. She thinks Lakshmi has to go from his life, then Rishi will see my love, he is just mine. She says I will not let Lakshmi win and will make Oberoi family’s respect ruined with your hand, then Rishi will kick you out and will just see me.

Balwinder thinks his life has become like dog’s life because of Malishka. Malishka calls him. Balwinder doesn’t pick his call. Malishka gets angry. Balwinder picks the call and asks if she don’t have peace. Malishka says you ran away without doing the work, and asks him not to talk nonsense with her. She says she called him for his advantage. He asks what devil work, you have in mind. Malishka asks him to go to Rishi’s hotel.She says there is just one hotel in Mumbai and calls him idiot. Balwinder asks her not to call him idiot. Malishka says there is Lakshmi there. Balwinder says he will not do anything. Malishka says Lakshmi will die herself after whatever you will do. She says this work is easy and asks why is he thinking? Balwinder says ok, I will do your work. Malishka says just Ayush and I will be here, and says he will keep eye on me. She asks him to go there and do the work. Balwinder says if anything happens then you have to save me, else I will cut your and your mother’s neck.

She turns and sees Ayush standing. Ayush asks with whom you was talking to? Malishka asks what problem you have? Ayush asks if you was calling someone. Malishka says I am your friend and family and bears your misbehavior. She says your allegations and blames are wrong and asks him to say then she will go. Ayush says he was thinking that she might do something wrong. Malishka says she will go. Ayush says exit is there. Malishka says Neelam aunty sent me here, and I am checking if Lakshmi is doing mistake. Ayush says Lakshmi bhabhi can’t do mistake even by mistake and asks her to leave. Malishka asks him to call Neelam and say the same thing to her. Ayush says you are threatening me and gives her one last chance to catch her. Malishka says she will not do any mistake, even by mistake and says I am not like that, you don’t have brain to use. She goes. Ayush thinks if Malishka harms or hurts her in any way, then he will not leave her, but break her.

Lakshmi telling the chefs that the food is having good aroma and now they shall make arrangements of presentation. She says she has no idea about it and asks the chefs to say. Ayush asks Lakshmi to come, and says it has nice smell. Malishka looks on and thinks you have done award winning work, but not at the right place. She says you will get something else here, just wait and watch. The critics tell that the clients praised their hotel a lot. The lady says we shall taste the food and then sign the deal. Ayush says don’t worry about the food, it will be good. Lakshmi comes there with the chefs. Ayush serves the food on the table. The critic likes the presentation and the smell of the food. Ayush praises Lakshmi, as Mrs. Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi. Lakshmi says I just hope that

you like the food. Malishka comes there. Lakshmi also serves the food on the table. The critic says so many dishes. Ayush says bhabhi made it in the short time. The critic starts to eat. Malishka thinks get happy, afterwards you have to cry, as the real work is happening here. Balwinder enters the hotel kitchen and says very nice. He tells the chef that he came to inspect the kitchen, for the cleanliness. He says Mr. Oberoi kept the kitchen nice. He asks him to stay in side. Chef says he is Mukesh. He asks him to see the kitchen. Balwinder says I will do my work. He sprinkles poison in the food and mix it. Mukesh sees and asks did you mix something. Balwinder says no. Mukesh asks him to go. Balwinder says I will go to clients and will tell them that the staff is mannerless. He says I will ask them to take back the contract. Just then the pocket falls down from his pocket. Mukesh says I will call Police. Balwinder hits frying pan on his head and makes him unconscious. He then hides him in the cupboard. He wears chef’s clothes. Other chef comes there and asks if food is ready. Balwinder signs him. He thinks he has added powder in it.

Lakshmi serves the food to the critics. They have the poisoned noodles. Malishka comes to the kitchen and looks for Balwinder. Balwinder removes his mask and says your work is done. He says Mukesh saw me. Malishka scolds him. Balwinder says what to do, he was roaming behind me. She sees Mukesh gaining consciousness. She hits him with the ladder and he faints. Balwinder says our Jodi is good. Malishka asks him to go. She hopes everything happens as per the plan.

The chef tells Lakshmi that the critics liked the food. Lakshmi says my Maa used to say that when food is made by heart, it is good. Malishka comes back. The critics praise the food and praises Lakshmi. The lady says we didn’t see these many dishes. Ayush says it is made by Lakshmi. The critic says its fusion is out of the world. The lady asks shall I keep your hand on y forehead. Just then she gets vomiting sensation and runs to bathroom. Others also runs to bathroom. Ayush and Lakshmi look tensed. Malishka looks on. Rishi worries and thinks if Lakshmi handled everything. He thinks if she does even a small mistake, then media will hype it. He gets worried. Malishka asks Lakshmi what happened wrong and asks what did she keep it in food. Lakshmi says she don’t know anything. Others also vomit and run. Lakshmi asks Ayush. Ayush says if something was mixed in food.

Malishka says then Lakshmi will be blamed. The manager comes and says everyone is vomiting in the corporate hall and rooms. Malishka asks Lakshmi what did she add in the food, that everyone is vomiting. She says their condition deteriorated after having food. Lakshmi says I didn’t add anything wrong. Ayush asks her to come to the banquet hall with him. Malishka says now try to win Lakshmi, you will lose and will make Rishi lose too. Ayush and Lakshmi see the customers vomiting. Lakshmi takes a baby in her hand, as the lady vomits. Malishka says now it is your turn to cry, you made me cry a lot and says bad thing will happen with you. Lakshmi tells Ayush that everyone is vomiting after having this food. Ayush asks the chefs to keep the food aside. The chefs tell that they have tasted food, and says you have also tasted. Ayush wonders what happened then? Lakshmi calls ambulance and cries. Ayush asks her not to take stress. Lakshmi asks how I will face Rishi, Bau ji…Ayush says we will handle the situation together, and asks her not to blame herself. She sees people’s condition deteriorating.

Malishka comes to the kitchen and thinks plan is successful till now. She thinks she has to catch Mukesh, as he will tell about Balwinder and Lakshmi will win. She thinks to search him.Rishi gets strange feeling and thinks to call Ayush. Lakshmi helps the customers. Rishi calls Ayush, but Ayush is busy to send the customers to hospital. Malishka thinks where did he go? Mukesh comes out holding his head and says I will tell Ayush sir that someone entered the kitchen. Malishka comes infront of him and asks where are you running away? Mukesh says I am going to tell Ayush Sir. Malishka slaps him and starts blaming him. She says you are trying to run away. Mukesh says I didn’t do anything. Malishka asks him to show the proof. She says she will call police. Mukesh asks her to trust him. Malishka says they will doubt only you, and I have no idea what they will do. She says you have done a crime, and you will have multiple murder cases on you. She says I can’t help you. Mukesh says save me, I will do whatever you say, please save me.

Malishka asks Mukesh to run from here otherwise he will be trapped. Mukesh agrees. Malishka asks him to escape from the backside. He runs out from the backdoor. Malishka thinks Lakshmi and her bhagya are defeated in her hands. Ayush and Lakshmi join customers and clients in the hospital. Ayush goes aside and informs Virendra about the incident. Lakshmi prays to God to not let her family face backlash. She cries for breaking trust of Rishi and ruining the reputation of Oberoi’s family. Virendra asks Ayush to leave the hospital immediately with Lakshmi and doesn’t answer any questions of Media and I will send Mahesh to handle the situation as you guys don’t have experience. Ayush informs the same to Lakshmi and they leave the hospital.

Neelam on call gets to know what happened at Hotel. She says Lakshmi is inauspicious and hopes the media doesn’t know about it. Malishka is shown to be the person Neelam is talking to. Malishka calls the media to capture the live of the scandal which happened at Oberoi radiant. She thinks the job is done and Lakshmi is finished. Neelam calls for Lakshmi. The worker says Lakshmi didn’t return. Virendra and others come there. Neelam says you know what happened, Lakshmi is inauspicious to us. Karishma asks what happened. Virendra asks how she knows. Neelam says everyone will find it as Lakshmi kept our name and reputation at a stake. Sonia asks what happened.
Neelam tells them how Lakshmi ruined everything. Virendra receives Mahesh’s call. Mahesh informs him that poison has been mixed in the food and that’s why everyone got hospitalized.

Virendra asks how it can happen as Lakshmi is responsible. Karishma says it’s a criminal offense. Neelam says they are going to face problems because of Lakshmi and she is a curse to our lives. Virendra says Lakshmi can’t do anything wrong and there is something fishy. Karishma is about to say something but Virendra asks her to shut up.

Malishka constructs a scene where everyone is going to accuse Lakshmi without trusting her words. She smiles and decides to share her happiness with her partner. She calls Kiran and tells her that Lakshmi’s chapter is ended and Oberoi are going to throw out Lakshmi. Kiran asks what she did it to remove Lakshmi from her way. Malishka asks her to come to Oberoi’s house to watch the live. Kiran asks the driver to take her to Oberoi’s house. She asks Malishka what she did to change everything in her favor. Malishka tells her what she did and asks her mom to watch the live of her success. Kiran agrees.

Lakshmi asks Ayush to talk with Doctor to know what we have to do next. Ayush asks Lakshmi to call Rishi to take his suggestion. Lakshmi and Rishi call each other at the same time. They get a busy tone. Ayush asks Lakshmi to relax saying everything will be fine. Balwinder tells Guddu that Malishka is not answering his calls. Guddu says Malishka used him. Balwinder says he will kill Malishka if she doesn’t pay him. Rano overhears it. Balwinder notices her. Neelam says Lakshmi snatched their happiness and peace from their lives. Virendra tries to stop her but Neelam doesn’t listen. She asks if he is trapped in Lakshmi’s magic seeing the pooja she arranged for his Dad. She says he did mistake by trusting Lakshmi.

Kiran comes there. Everyone stays silent. Kiran asks them what happened. Karishma and Sonia tell how Lakshmi ruined their respect. Kiran asks why they allowed Lakshmi to manage it leaving Malishka. Karishma says these people are mad to trust Lakshmi. That time Lakshmi comes home with Ayush. Karishma stops Lakshmi and asks her to celebrate for ruining their reputation. Lakshmi says don’t know how it happened. Neelam calls Lakshmi as inauspicious. Ayush says don’t know how it happened as we checked everything. Virendra says everything will be fine. Neelam warns him to not support Lakshmi as she did a mistake. Ayush says Lakshmi didn’t do any mistake. Neelam warns him to shut up.

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