Imlie starlife update Sunday 9 July 2023

Imlie 9 July 2023: Chini visits Rana house to participate in havan. Devika welcomes her and asks if Sundar, Arpita, and Ruapli didn’t come. Chini says Arpita and Sundar has some urgent meeting and Rupali is not well. Divya comments that stubborn Chini has come though. Devika stops her and goes to attend other guests. Imlie welcomes Chini. Guests praise Imlie and Atharva’s jodi. Keya asks if she will do something or just look around. Chini says she has already started her plan. Jatin disguised an old priest enters with a few goons. Imlie thinks she should send poems to editor before havan starts, finds no mobile network, and goes in search of it. Jatin tells Chini that his men have spoilt all the vehicles in this house and he set up a network jammer, now nobody can call police even if they want to; she should praise him for his plan. Chini says if his plan works, she will call him tech savvy psycho instead of just psycho.

Jatin says she can call him anything but should give their relationship a chance if his plan works. Chini thinks once this plan works, she will be inside Rana house and Imlie will be out. Jatin says lets have a selfie. Chini agrees and picks her phone to click a selfie. He removes his fake moustache and tries to click a selfie. Chini stops him and says someone will identify him. Imlie walks to her asking to share her wife as network is off. Chini says even her phone doesn’t have network, so Imlie can go and check outside. Imlie notices Jatin and asks what is Babaji doing here. Chini says he is purifying each cornerof the house. Jatin nervously nods yes and leaves. Imlie stops Chini, recites her poems, and seeks her opinion. Chini thinks she needs to check on Jatin first. Imlie asks if she liked them. Chini says they are too good, she can hear them whole day. Imlie gives her poem and asks her to read it once while she checks if havan has started.

Chini thinks she can’t bear such poems and throws papers in dustbin. Atharva picks papers and asks Chini why did she threw her 3 poems in dustbin after writing them with great difficulty, who will value her hard work if she herself doesn’t. Chini tries to speak. Atharva says he fell in love with her poem even before he fell in her love and recalls listening to the poem at his concert; he reads her poems since years and loves a poetess within her. Chini realizes that Arto misunderstood that she is a poetess instead of Imlie, she shouldn’t let Imlie know about it. She says she just pours her heart out and is trying to carry forward her mother’s lineage. Atharva asks her to recite the poem which she recited during his concert. Chini gets nervous and says she writes many poems, which one he wants to hear. He recites its first line. Chini gets more nervous.

Shivani walks to them. Chini nervously leaves. Shivani tells Atharva that he need not explain, she doesn’t like Imlie as he doesn’t like her, but his fate is linked with Imlie forever now and he should accept it. Imlie searches for mobile network in parking area. Shivani walks to her and scolds her to stop taking selfies and concentrate on work before someone else snatches her rights. Imlie tries to explain her, but fails. She prays god to help her. Havan ritual starts. Keya asks Chini if she will do something or just stare at Imlie. Chini asks her to just wait and watch. Atharva announces that Imlie will sing a bhajan. Imlie gets nervous. Chini insists Imlie followed by other.

Atharva plays bansuri/fute to encourage Imlie. Imlie sings On Jai Jagdish Hare… bhajan. Everyone clap after her performance. Chini signals Jatin who throws a powderin havan and creates smoke, leaving everyone coughing. Imlie asks Atharva to switch on exhaust fans while she opens window. Jatin and his team steals jewelry from lady guests. Imlie notices that and thinks she needs to teach a lesson to this fake priest. She tries to stop him when he pushes her away. Atharva holds her and asks if she is fine. She says yes and infrms that the priest is a conman. Atharva beats Jatin’s goons. Goons overpower him and beat him up. He falls on havan. Imlie throws water in havan before he falls on it. She asks Devika to handle Atharva and runs behind goons. One of them throws knife towards her and it hits her hand.

Imlie asks Devika to take care of Atharva and runs behind goons. A goon throws knife towards Imlie. Chini interferes and bears the knife on her arm. Atharva runs to her concerned and removes knife from her. Chini starts crying. Atharva asks cousin to call ambulance. Cousins phone network is jammed. Divya says fraud priest and his goons must have fixed network jammers. Shavani accuses Imlie of calling fake priest and his goons. Imlie says she checked everything before calling a priest, what can she do when even her dear ones betray her. Akash informs that goons took all the cars away. Chini and Atharva look at each other. Imlie asks Chini why did she interfere and risked her life. Chini thinks she is actually interfering between her and Atharva and snatch Atharva from her. She says she saved her sister. Atharva tries to help Chini stand up. Chini says she got a leg sprain. Atharva lifts her and takes her to a room.

Rudra returns home and stands shocked seeing that. Chini grins at Rudra. Rudra tells Devika that Chini’s grin revealed that she brought goons and troubles along with her. He explains her what Chini must have done. Imlie nurses Chini’s wound crying. Atharva’s cousin says bhabhi is crying more than Chini didi. Imlie says she will not let Chini go until she gets well. Rudra calls Imlie and says Chini cannot stay here. Imlie says she wants to take care of her sister. Rudra says Chini needs not only care but also medical treatment, she can stay at Rathore house where Sundar, Arpita, and Rupali can take care of her. Devika backs Rudra.

Keya walks to Chini’s room. Chini reveals her plan to stay at Rana House and send Imlie out of it. Keya asks what if Chini doesn’t. Chini says Imlie will come right now and ask her to.. Imlie walks in and says she cannot stay here. Atharva joins her and says Imlie is right, Chini will be shifted to a hospital in Rudra’s car. Devika walks in next and asks Imlie to pack her bags to stay with Chini in the hospital. Chini fumes seeing her plan failing. At Rathore house, Sundar gets Atharva’s message about the accident and informs Rupali and Arpita. Rupali feels guilty for doubting Chini always, but Chini risked her life and saved Imlie today. Arpita comforts her.

Chini thinks how can Imlie send out out of Rana house when she is injured while doesnt’ let her get out of bed even if she gets fever. Rudra stands in front of her room and loudly tells doctor that Chini is Imlie’s adopted sister and not a real one and just stays at her home. He tells Chini that Imlie booked a city’s best doctor for her and she should be thankful to Imlie. Chini messages Jatin to come soon and take her away as she is waiting for him with money and jewelry. Imlie breaks down noticing Chini’s blood stained kerchief. Atharva notices her. Imlie cries that she would have become orphan if something happened to Chini today. Atharva comforts her. Imlie cries hugging him.

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