My desire update Sunday 7 January 2024

My desire 7 January 2024: Samrat takes Nayan to the street and holds her hand. Nayan asks him to leave her hadn as someone will notice them. Samrat leaves her hand and questions why Kashvi is replaced with Mahima for the ritual. Nayan acts surprised. Sam asks him not to lie as she can’t and reveals how he saw Pradyuman bringing intoxicated Mahima home. He says he will not let her sacrifice Kashsvi for greedy and mannerless Mahima. Nayan shouts how dare he is to talk ill about his daughter.

Sam says he spoke right about Mahima and says he will not let his daughter become a substitute. Nayan says Kashvi is her daughter and he lost his father’s right 20 years ago, she bought up her daughters alone for 20 years and doesn’t need his interference in her family. He says he is just worried about his daughter and will not let Nayan ruin her life.

Sam returns home and throws water on sleeping Pradyuman to wake him up. Pradyuman wakes up and asks what is he doing. Sam asks why did Pradyuman meet Mahima again even after his warning as he saw Pradyuman carrying heavily intoxicated Mahima home. He warns to stay away from greedy and scheming Mahima or else he will inform his father who will take him way from India. Pradyuman asks not to do that and thinks why don’t Sam see her from his perspective.

Nitya with Arjun brings bridal dress and gold bangles for Mahima. She asks Nayan what she would gift Arjun and demands a car followed by huge dowry. Nayan is shocked and says she can’t afford dowry. Arjun asks her Nitya to stop all this. Nitya laughs and says she was just joking to see Nayan’s reaction and apologizes her. Arjun walks behind Kashvi and asks her to help him know Kashvi’s likes and dislikes. Kashvi hesitates. Arjun says she can’t know what love is as she never loved anyone. Kashvi feels sad. Drama continues..

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