Faltu Starlife update Saturday 6 January 2024

Faltu 6 January 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu asking doctor about Ayesha and the baby. Doctor asks her not to worry. The family comes and asks about Ayesha and baby. Doctor says she is fine, there is nothing to worry. Savita taunts Faltu. Doctor asks who is Faltu. Faltu says its me. Doctor says well done, patient said you saved her, Ayesha and baby got saved because of you. She goes.

Ayaan asks Faltu are you okay. Savita scolds her for taking Ayesha outside. He says she saved Ayesha’s life. He defends Faltu. They all go to meet Ayesha. Savita says I will come to talk to you tonight, its really imp. Savita says you should have not gone out. Ayesha says where is Faltu, she saved my life. Ayaan looks for Faltu and gets her. Kinshuk thanks Faltu for saving Ayesha and his baby.

She sees Faltu’s wound. Faltu says it’s a small scratch. Ayaan says you didn’t tell me before. He takes her for the dressing. Ayaan scolds her. She says sorry, I was worried for Ayesha. Nurse says I will get the injection, else there will be a risk of septic. Faltu says no need. Ayaan says sit here, you are scared of an injection. She says I will go home and have haldi milk. He says I promise, it won’t hurt. He does the dressing. He asks her to take care of herself.

She asks what happened at the office. He says nothing. She says you want to support me, but don’t share your problems, tell me. He says dad has removed me from the business. She gets shocked. He says I have divorced Tanu, so he said I have no right on the business. She says its wrong, how can he do this. He says I m his fav son, I was his pride. She asks him to think again, she doesn’t want to snatch everything from him. He says enough, you won’t say a word now, I didn’t want to tell you anything, dad had no option than doing this, Kanika might have forced him, he has to handle the entire family, I don’t think I did wrong by supporting you, I love you. She cries. He says I can leave anything for you, you stay with me, we will convince everyone, will you leave me and go.

She says no, I will be with you. They smile. Janardhan gives the money to Savita and says I want Faltu to leave from Ayaan’s life. She asks him not to worry. He sees Ayaan’s pic and cries. Savita comes to talk to Faltu. Faltu says you have come to ask me to leave Ayaan and go away. Savita says you are sensible, just take this money and leave from his life, you made him mad in your love, I know you are interested in his money, I know girls like you, you pretend to love rich guys for a lavish life, please spare Ayaan, I beg you, don’t break my family. She says I will offer more money, just say a price to leave from his life. Faltu says sorry, you can’t pay the price.

Savita asks what nonsense. Faltu says enough now, listen to me, keep your money, our needs are less, you rich people have much things to do, this money is like dust for me. Savita asks what’s this misbehavior. Faltu says sorry, I don’t like to hurt your heart, you have a bad thinking about me, you gave my love a name of greed, you didn’t miss to price your son’s happiness, I don’t want money, try to understand his happiness, you are his mom. Savita asks her to stop acting. Faltu asks will happiness come in his life if I go away, no, he won’t accept Tanisha, he has suffered a lot, when he needs me the most, I will never leave him and go. Savita asks will you tell me what’s right and what’s wrong for him, I m his mum. Faltu says yes, you should understand his feelings, you got this bag to me, try to see truth in his eyes, if you feel he will be happy if I get away, then I will go away from his life, tell me, will you do this, you already knows the truth, why do you want to deny it, I have to bear your taunts and Janardhan’s anger, I will change your hatred into love and prove Ayaan right, Ayaan won’t get away from his family because of me, I will not leave him, I will keep my promise to him. Savita takes the money and leaves. Faltu says I can’t leave Ayaan alone, else he will shatter, I can’t see that. She prays.

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