My desire update Sunday 7 August 2022

My desire 7 August 2022: The Episode starts with Sharda asking Balraj to calm down and not get upset. Balraj says you will also tell me now. Ahana comes home. He asks did you go out, you didn’t tell me. She says I had urgent work, I will get ready and come, I will attend the guests. She goes. Saransh comes and meets Gopal and Vasu. He asks how do I look. Gopal says Rudra and Saransh are dressed the same way. Prisha comes. Rudra smiles thinking she has worn my gifted saree. Music plays…. He sings Chand mera dil and dances with her. His dream ends. Bunty says this is called love. Rudra says there is no love.

Bunty says you are just looking at Prisha, right, you are in love with her. Rudra says no. Bunty says she has accepted your gift, it means she has feelings for you. Yeh hai chahatein….plays… Rudra asks are you sure. Bunty says yes. Rudra says thanks, I love you. Bunty says tell this to Prisha. Rudra says yes, I will tell her I love you Prisha. Yuvraj hears this and gets shocked. He thinks he is loving Prisha, they will ruin my fate, I will lose Saransh, my plans will fail, I won’t let you snatch her. Rudra goes to Prisha and says Maa is calling you. Prisha asks where, come.

She says Maa isn’t here. Rudra says I lied to you, I wanted to meet you, I had to say, I…. I wanted to thank you, you have worn this saree. She thinks what shall I say him that I have worn this for him. She says I didn’t wear this saree for you. He asks then why. She says I didn’t had matching sandals for my dress. He says don’t joke, get serious sometimes, I know you have worn this for me, because you are my wife and want to make me happy. She says no. He stops her and says I know eye reading, you are looking very beautiful, wifey. He gets her close. She asks what are you doing. He says we will attend the guests now, I know I m also looking very handsome, keep a smile on your face, you are with your hero, not any villain. He greets the guests. Yuvraj sees them and gets angry. Rahul says calm down, don’t create a scene.

Rahul says you said Rudra does a lot for Prisha, so she has changed, maybe she loves him, its shocking. Yuvraj says I will separate them in this party, just wait and watch.Mishka says you think Prisha will get away from Rudra, no, he is mine. Ahana thinks I have the secret, I will use it, I will find Saransh’s real mum. Balraj meets Rahul and says its good you have come, I was not expecting you. Rahul asks why. Balraj says your singers were also nominated, I can understand your feelings. Rahul says its good, maybe you attend my party next time. Balraj taunts him. Yuvraj comes. Balraj asks what are you doing here. Rahul says he is with me, my company’s legal advisor. Balraj says you will be in loss if you hire such people. Yuvraj says congrats, but Rudra didn’t get the award till now.

Balraj and Rahul pose for pic. Photographer asks Yuvraj to stand away. Yuvraj gets angry. Prisha says leave me, move off the hand. Rudra says tell me, you have worn the saree for me. She sees her family and says you will move the hand away on your own now. She asks Rudra to praise her more. He says I like you, you are good. She calls out Vasu. Rudra leaves Prisha. Prisha goes to Vasu and says we will click pics. They click pics. Bunty takes Rudra. Yuvraj comes to Prisha and poses with her. He greets Vasu and Gopal. Prisha asks how did you come here. Yuvraj says I was invited here with Rahul, he forced me to come. Gopal says don’t create a scene to spoil Rudra’s day. Yuvraj gets angry.

  Yuvraj coming to Rudra and seeing him drunk. He says now you will die, go and give my greetings to Rajeev. He stabs Rudra. Some hours back, Gopal warns Yuvraj. Ahana comes and says you both are also here. She tries to insult them. Yuvraj smiles. Ahana and Mishka laugh. Yuvraj thinks very good Ahana, insult them more. Prisha says you are taunting a lot, person’s respect is by character, not clothes. Ahana asks what is Yuvraj doing here, how did you come here. Yuvraj asks did we come to get insulted. Vasu says we have come to meet Rudra, not you. Vasu and Ahana argue. Ahana asks them to have food for free and get lost. Gopal asks what was the need to say this. Vasu says we will not hear any nonsense.

Prisha says Rudra will feel bad seeing it. Yuvraj says that’s why I was silent. Gopal asks him to go. Yuvraj goes. Prisha takes Vasu. Bunty talks to Rudraksh. Rudra sees Prisha and smiles. Bunty asks are you listening, I m fainting now, go and tell Prisha that you love her. Rudra asks what happened. Bunty says nothing, go and tell her. Rudra says its not easy, I get nervous, she had worn the saree for matching sandal. Bunty says I will help you, come with me. He announces couple dance. He requests the couples to come on the dance floor for ballroom dance. He asks them to change the dancing partner when the songs change. He says Rudra will participate with Prisha. Rudra asks Prisha for dance. Yuvraj gets angry and says I won’t leave him. Rudra and Prisha dance. Raabta…plays…. Rudra says I m fine and can dance.

Prisha says there is no problem. He asks do you feel anything. She says no, we shall dance. Yuvraj looks on angrily. Rudra says you are feeling something. She says nothing. Mishka is also angrily watching. Rudra gets Prisha close. Yeh hai chahatein…… plays…. They have a moment.Rudra asks Prisha to say what she is feeling. Yuvraj says I wish to kill you both. Saransh says they look good, they are dancing well. Vasu says yes, they shouldn’t catch bad sight. Yuvraj says they will catch my bad sight. Rudra asks Prisha to say. Yuvraj goes and holds her hand. Rudra asks how did you come here. Yuvraj hugs Rudra and says its your party, don’t create a scene, song change, partner change, you know the rules. Mishka says I will dance with Rudra. Yuvraj dances with Prisha.

Rudra dances with Mishka. Tu safar mera….plays… Rudra and Prisha see each other. Gopal angrily goes. Yuvraj compliments Prisha. She asks why are you dancing with me. He says I m the same Yuvraj, whom you loved, I still love you, you slapped me that day, I feel your love ended for me, you love Rudra now. She says I told you, I m Rudra’s wife now. Yuvraj stops her. Mishka asks Rudra to look at her. Ahana smiles. Prisha scolds Yuvraj and goes. Yuvraj goes after her. Rudra also goes. Ahana thinks Rudra is going after them, there will be some drama.

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