Lost in love update Saturday ,6 August 2022

Lost in Love 6 August 2022: Virat tells Sai that she will not say, so he himself will ask that if she needs him. She says yes, but his family needs him more, even he would have said same if he was in her place. He says she said right, he will think about it and will take decision. She says good, he should sleep now and let her study. He insists her also to sleep. She switches off light and goes to table. He asks if she can see a banyan tree via window. She says yes. He says a chudail/witch has taken it on lease. She gets afraid. He says he doesn’t believe in all this, but people says that; she didn’t worry though as she is Gadchiroli’s tigress and study alone peacefully. She gets afraid, closes window, and walks on bed. He says today is amavasya and she goes on hunting tonight, she hunted 3 people last year and one was a medical student like her.

She asks him not to frighten her and sleeps holding his hand. He pampers her and thinks he is there for her.In the morning, Pakhi wishes good morning to Bhavani and asks if she finished her pooja. Bhavani says she did early as they need to attend her parents’ wedding anniversary party, when shall they leave. Pakhi says she didn’t wish her parents last night as she wants to wish them personally, hence she invited everyone for party via message. Pakhi says she doesn’t mind formalities, even Shailesh called and informed her. Pakhi says baba informed her and asks if she has any problem if she stays in her parent’s house for a few days. Ninad says he has problem as their house’s happiness shouldn’t stay away from home for long. Bhavani smiles. Ninad asks Pakhi not to overstay or else they will miss her and she will get hiccups. Pakhi says she will return in 2 days. Omkar walks in greeting good morning. Pakhi asks if he is accompanying them for party. He says yes. Ashwini walks in next and asks how long her parents have been married. She says 30 years. Ashwini says people will react knowing about Samrat missing, so her parents should have thought well before throwing a party.

Pakhi says if Samrat is missing, her parents are not at fault, there were celebrations and marriage in this house after Samrat went missing, they don’t know if Samrat is trying to escape from his responsibilities, don’t her parents have right to live their lives, if she wants her parents to suffer along her. Bhavani yells at Ashwini to shut up and tells Pakhi that her parents will be sad seeing her sad, so she shouldn’t. She asks Ninad and Omkar if everyone is ready. Ninad says Pakhi messaged everyone and whoever wants to come will come. Omkar asks Ashwini if she is coming. Ashwini says she is fasting. Bhavani says she shouldn’t eat then, they are going there to follow their relationships and Pakhi’s parents invited everyone. Ashwini says whoever wants to is going, her presence doesn’t matter. Pakhi says her parents will feel good if she comes. Mohit walks in. Pakhi asks if he is coming. He says he can’t as he has his drama rehearsal. She comments if her parents’ anniversary party was his priority, he would have postponed his rehearsal. He says its not in his hands. Bhavani orders that he will come.

Omkar asks Mohit if Karishma is coming or she also wants to skip. Ashwini says she has gone to parlor and will attend the party. Omkar asks why parlor. Bhavani says she took her permission and went with Sonali, they must be on the way.Sai walks down ready for college, greets them good morning, and asks Ashwini if breakfast is ready. Ashwini nods yes and goes to serve her breakfast. Bhavani asks if she is accompanying her. Ninad says why will she, she must be having an important class. Sai asks what are they talking about, where are they going. Ninad yells she is talking as if she doesn’t know anything, Pakhi individually messaged everyone. Pakhi says she forgot to message Sai as she was not at home and when she came, she created a big drama, she wanted to visit her room and invite, but didn’t as she gets insulted always. Sai says she creates a situation and gets insulted herself, anyways she didn’t want to invite her. Bhavani yells at her that Pakhi agreed that she forgot, so she shouldn’t make an issue out of it; they all are going for Pakhi’s parent’s wedding anniversary party. Sai asks why didn’t Pakhi invite only her, nobody has an answer for it; she asks Pakhi to wish her parents from her behalf.

Pakhi says she knows Sai will not come even if she would have invited. Sai says she has college and will not, but would have if she had informed her beforehand.Virat walks down ready for duty. Pakhi asks if he will attend party or will give excuses like others. He says he will attend for sure with Sai, he will be late, but will come with Sai for sure. Pakhi says she is asking him as Sai will not come. Virat asks reason from Sai. Pakhi hopes she doesn’t tell truth and provoke Virat against her again. Sai says she has an important class to attend. Mohit asks her to stop lying and reveals that Pakhi didn’t invite Sai at all and any dignified person will not attend party uninvited. Virat is shocked and asks Pakhi why didn’t she invite Sai. Pakhi says she forgot. Sai says she didn’t want to invite her at all. Pakhi says she really forgot to inform her and when she realized, it was late night and she didn’t want to visit her room, its not her mistake if nobody informed her. Ninad asks not to worry if Sai doesn’t come, it doesn’t matter. Pakhi says Sai will come for sure as Virat told he will bring her and Sai will not disobey Virat. Virat tells her that he already told he will come with Sai. Sai asks him to go alone as she will be late. He says they will go late then, he is sure Pakhi’s parents will not shut the door on their face. Ashwini asks Sai to return from college soon and get ready.

Virat tells Sai that he is her husband and as per culture, husband and wife have to attend any function together.Virat tells Sai that he is her husband and after marriage, a wife has to accompany husband when he is invited somewhere, so as a couple they should go together. Ashwini and Mohit smile hearing that while Bhavani and her puppets fume. Ashwini packs Sais tiffin and says everyone must be happy that Virat and Sai will come together, they all can visit Pakhi’s parents for lunch, Virat and Sai will join them in the evening. Everyone walk away while Pakhi stands jealously. Ashwini taunts Pakhi that her efforts to stop Sai failed, she would have messaged in family group, now Sai is going with Virat. Pakhi forcefully gives a fake smile.

Ashwini gets Sai ready in a beautiful Sai. Sai says she doesn’t want to go as nobody wants her to. Ashwini says Virat wants to and she should get ready soon as Virat will not wait for her. Sai says she also should listen to her. Ashwini says she always listens to her and scolds her to hurry up. Sai continues. Ashwini emotionally says when she got married and came into this house, nobody used to speak to her and she used to feel lonely, but Virat listens to Sai and raises his voice for her, so she should respect him. Sai says she is supporting her son and doesn’t know what he does behind her. Ashwini says Virat cares for her and she can see it in his eyes. Sai says Virat must have fought with Pakhi, so he supported her. Ashwini says she will slap her if she doesn’t obey her as she is her mother. Sai emotionally hugs her and says if her mother was alive, she would have loved her similarly.

Ashwini asks what does she mean by alive, she didn’t give her birth doesn’t mean she is not her mother. Sai says nobody understands her, she doesn’t have a family except Usha mausi, her mother left the world when she was born and then Aaba left, everyone get angry on her, so she is angry always and cannot control herself. Ashwini hugs her and says she is the world’s best child as she is kind hearted and cannot see wrong happening around her, her anger is just for the world and she is same Aaba’s little Sai who needs loves and care, so she is there to love her. They both wipe each other’s tears. Ashwini says people around her love and care for her and she shouldn’t say it again. Sai asks if she is telling truth. Ashwini makes her wear jewelry and says she is looking very pretty.

Virat returns from duty and asks Sai to get ready. Sai says she is ready and just needs gajra. Virat says she doesn’t seem to be going for Pakhi’s parent’s party, but for a drama. Sai says she told her she is not looking good. Ashwini scolds him and insists him to tell Sai is looking pretty. He says with gajra, she will look like phoolmati. Sai gets more angry. Ashwini tries to calm her down and by mistake calls phoolmati. Sai angry frees her hair and says she doesn’t want to get ready at all. Bhavani walks away asking them to sort out their issues themselves. Sai scolds Virat for criticizing her make up. Their nok jhok starts. She asks him to let her hair free as it suits her personality. She says he is calling her jungli mulgi, she will not accompany him. He says he will go alone then. She asks why did he promise to bring her along. He asks if she really doesn’t want to come. She says yes. He says okay and walks to washroom. She gets angry again. He says he didn’t mean that. Finally she agrees to accompany him and asks what will they gift Pakhi’s parents. He says flowers. She brings her saris and says she got them as wedding gift and if his family doesn’t mind, they will gift it to Pakhi’s parents. He says she can if she wants to. She packs it in a box and smiles at him. He stares at her and says let us go. She asks if he will not change. He says he forgot because of her. Their nok jhok continues.

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