My desire update Saturday 6 August 2022

My desire 6 August 2022: The Episode starts with Ahana trying to get the old records of Prisha. The nurse says the records will be in the record room, it may take two days of time, its not easy to find it. Ahana says let me go there and find out, its imp work, show me some way, if you have any charge, I will give it. Nurse says sorry. Ward boy looks on. Neighbors taunt Gopal and Vasu. Rudra and Prisha look on. Rudra argues with them. Gopal says let it be. Rudra gets angry and scolds the neighbors. He says they did a favor to give me their daughter, that blame on Gopal is false, someone framed him. He shows the proof of truth. He says toxic test reports are negative, read the reports, look here, court also freed him, but you all know him since years, how easily you made fun of him, if he was in your place, he would have not done this, don’t tell him anything, else I won’t tolerate.

Ahana says how shall I get Prisha’s secret. Ward boy comes and says you want to go in record room, I can help you. Ahana asks will you get me permissions. He says other way. She says unofficial way. He asks for 20000. She thinks this price is less. She says okay, I m ready to pay.He says I will take you there tomorrow. She asks for his number. She smiles and thinks I will know Prisha’s secret tomorrow. The neighbors apologize to Gopal and Vasu. They praise Rudra. Gopal hugs Rudra. Rudra gets Balraj’s call. Balraj says you are never here when I need you, come home fast. Rudra says I will come. Vasu asks him to go. Prisha asks Vasu to take care and not hide any matter. Rudra and Prisha come home. Rudra says you called me urgently, what’s the matter. Balraj hugs him. He says I m so proud of you, you got the music icon of the decade award. Rudra asks really.

Balraj says yes, congrats. Rudra says Rajeev’s wish got fulfilled, he wanted me to get this award. Balraj says you have achieved the award at a young age, I will celebrate this, we will have a grand party, I will tell everyone that you are my son, you are a big star. He gets calls and says oh yes, my son has won an award, thanks.Rudra doesn’t listen to Prisha and goes. He misses Rajeev and talks to his pic. Prisha comes to him. She says we will go and have food. He says I will have it later. She says I will wait, we will have it together. He says we will have it. She says I really don’t like music, I never liked you, I thought you are useless. He says cheap and bad man, I know.

She says its not like that, you are really good, you are the best, Rajeev loved you, make his love your strength, person gets away when he is out of heart, not out of the world. Rudra thinks Prisha can’t snatch anyone’s life, I know it. Ahana talks to Mishka. She asks what, Rudra is getting a big award, Balraj didn’t tell me. Mishka says you will get bigger shock, Balraj has thrown a party tomorrow. Ahana says what, he didn’t tell me, I need time to return. Mishka asks why. Ahana says I didn’t finish my work, I m really tempted to be there, I will complete my work and come tomorrow. Prisha feeds the food to Rudra with love. Sharda smiles and blesses them yeh hai chahatein….plays… Ahana calls the ward boy and says I can’t come tomorrow, I have to go back, is it possible to check the record room tonight. The man says you come now, get 10000rs extra. She says fine, reach there on time, I m punctual. He says okay. She smiles.

Rudra says there will be a big party. Saransh says I will also get a big award, everyone will wish me in the school. Rudra says love you bro. Saransh says love you bro. Sharda says Rudra isn’t your brother. Rudra says no, he is brother’s…. its a trend. Mishka says congrats Mishka. Rudra asks where is Ahana. She says she went out. Balraj comes talking on calls. He says I don’t get time to do anything, good news is everything is done. Rudra asks can I invite someone. Balraj says sure, its your party. Yuvraj asks who bailed him, what, Shroff.

Rahul says what happened. Yuvraj says we thought to trap Prisha, Shroff did the work, Vasu has no money, Rudra would have paid him. Rahul says why did you send Vasu to him. He gets the party invite. He says Balraj has sent the message to invite me. Yuvraj says who listens to his songs, dogs were crying on hearing his song, its a slap on you, you said your three singers are nominated. Rahul says you should pull Rudra down, I won’t go there, Balraj will insult me. Yuvraj says I will come with you, its a chance, we will spoil the party, I will make Rudra jealous. Rahul says fine. Yuvraj thinks I will use Prisha to anger Rudra.

Rudra inviting Gopal and Vasu for the party. Gopal says thanks but we can’t come in this state. Rudra says it will matter to me if you come, I m getting an award for music icon of the decade. Gopal and Vasu congratulate him. Rudra asks them to please come. Vasu says we will come. He thanks her. Mishka thinks. Rudra tries to remove his jacket. Prisha comes and helps him. She says you have male ego, you should have called me. He says just tell me, don’t spoil my mood, I need your help, can you help me to remove my jeans. She asks what, are you mad. He asks why can’t you do it. She screams I can’t do it and runs. He starts laughing. She asks what. He says I m not wearing a jeans, I was just pulling your leg.

She pushes him on the bed and warns him. He pulls her. They have a moment. He thinks to tell his feelings. Saransh comes. Prisha sits away. Saransh says Dadi was asking what will you wear in the party. Prisha says I didn’t decide, let Rudra sleep. Rudra says good night, thanks for the help. He teases her and smiles. They go. Rudra says I will arrange designer clothes for you both. Ahana asks is this record room, help me. Ward boy says I got you here, you do anything you want, you have half an hour, if you get caught, you will go to jail. She starts checking. She gets the file and jumps happily. She says name Saransh, name of mum, Prisha…. how can this happen, she isn’t Saransh’s real mum, what is this certificate, all my hardwork got waste. She throws the file. Bunty comes home and meets Balraj. He says Rudra called me for the party.

Rudra gets designer clothes. Prisha doesn’t like the saree and backless blouse. She asks what’s this, was the cloth less, I won’t wear it. Rudra says you can wear it, its of my choice, what’s the problem. She says I won’t wear it. He asks why, its my party, my honour. She says I will honour you. They argue. Saransh worries. She says you get angry always. Saransh asks them to stop it, they will toss. Rudra and Prisha look into each other’s eyes. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan….plays…. Prisha holds his face to distract him. Rudra winks. She says I won. Bunty comes there and smiles seeing them. Prisha says I will wear what I like. Rudra says you touched me and I lost, can’t you wear my fav clothes. She says you got dress for me in Bunty and Bubbles’ marriage, don’t blackmail me emotionally. Bunty greets them. Rudra says we will go and have a talk. Bunty says you have true feelings for Prisha, I know you are in love with her.

Rudra asks are you mad. Bunty says I was mad for Bubbles, same way you love Prisha, I was observing you and Prisha. Rudra says yes, there is some feeling but not love, we are together just for Saransh. Bunty asks why did you get dress for her. Rudra says I like her, but love… you know she killed Rajeev. Bunty says she was innocent, court freed her, think if she can kill Rajeev, just accept you love her, bring your feelings out, jump dance, get on knees and tell her that you love her, you shouldn’t regret in life. Rudra welcomes Gopal and Vasu in the party. Balraj asks Rudra to attend all guests, who has time to attend them. Rudra says I invited them, I asked you, you said I can call anyone. Balraj says I didn’t tell that for them, its not a family gathering, problem is their class and status, do they match with anyone here.

Rudra says they are most imp for me, that’s why I called them, I m not related to guests, they are related to me, he is like family like you, this party can’t happen without them. Gopal and Vasu smile.


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