Never say goodbye update Sunday 7 August 2022

Never say goodbye 7 August 2022: The Episode starts with Ravish asking Kailash to look at him and say why is he doing this acting. He asks him to say why is he acting that he got mad, is he lying. Kangana comes there and hears them. Kailash says yes, I m lying, I m in senses, I m fine. Ravish and Kangana get shocked.Ravish says it means you fooled us. Kailash says you all are mad. Ravish says you are the player and playing this game. Kailash says I think of ahead time. Ravish says I knew this, tell me more. Kailash says I always do drama, even when I m alone, everyone thinks I m doing this as I m scared of Atharv’s anger, Atharv is helpless, I m scared of my children, Vividha’s anger, Atharv is like dust, everyone is in control except Uma, she has doubt on me that I m acting. He recalls Uma. He says Vividha is my protector.

Ravish says I also had doubt on you and felt you are doing drama, I have seen your look when you looked devilish, not mad. Kailash says you got to know something, but can’t do anything, your fate is bad, I m the fate king. Kangana hears car coming and says maybe Atharv and Vividha came. She sees Khushi. Ravish asks Kailash who has beaten up by the stick. Kailash laughs and tells him, how he has hurt himself by hitting his head on the stick. Ravish gets shocked and asks what. Kailash says you are less emotional and less foolish, everyone else is emotional. Ravish asks why do you want to ruin your daughter’s family. Kailash says revenge is never enough. Ravish asks revenge with whom.

Kailash says Atharv, he was just a name, he snatched my Vividha and made my family away, I will not leave this chance, Vividha trusts me, I will separate her from Atharv forever.Ravish asks really, how can you divide one soul, tell me, Atharv and Vividha are such, you can never divide them, tell me what plan did you make to separate them. Kailash says solid planning. Ravish asks what’s the plan. Kangana hears Vividha and says Ravish said no one disturbs him till his questions are completed, I have to stop them. Vividha asks her why did she lie, principal did not call us. Kangana says no, maybe it was a misunderstanding, come we will make tea for everyone. Atharv asks where is Kailash. Kangana says wait, actually.

Atharv and Vividha run upstairs. They get shocked seeing…. Ravish stabbed and bleeding.Atharv checks his pulse. He cries. Kangana comes after them and gets shocked seeing Ravish. She holds him. Mano jaise…..plays…… Everyone come there and get shocked seeing Ravish dead. They all cry. Kangana sees Vividha and slaps her. She says you killed my Ravish, tell me why did you do this. Ankit stops Kangana. Kangana cries. She holds Ravish. Atharv sits in shock. Hospital boys take Ravish. Kangana says nothing happened to him, he promised me, how can he go this way. Madhav screams seeing Ravish and asks him to get up. Everyone cry.

Kangana and Madhav shouting and asking the hospital staff not to take Ravish. Madhav screams. Kangana cries. Sujata holds her. Kangana recalls the moments spent with Ravish. Vividha and Guddi also recall Ravish and cry. Inspector says sorry Atharv, but I have to ask something, is there any crime witness. Kangana says I m the witness. She says Vividha has called Ravish and points at her. Everyone gets shocked.

Atharv says I need to talk to Vividha. Inspector asks him to stop. Atharv takes Vividha to room and locks the door. He cleans the blood from her hands. He says I don’t believe your lie, I know you did not kill Ravish, tell me the truth who has killed Ravish, Kangana is blaming you. Inspector asks them to open the door, else they have to break the door and arrest them.Vividha opens the door and goes out. Inspector asks what’s this, you can’t create hurdle, its serious matter, we have witness. Vividha says you don’t need to interrogate, I accept this, I have killed Ravish. They all get shocked.

Atharv says she is scared so she is saying this, she did not do anything. He asks Vividha to tell them. Vividha gets arrested. Kangana says Ravish had the doubt, he just wanted to know, he knew Vividha will not agree, so Ravish and I made this plan to check Kailash’s madness, Atharv and Vividha came, I tried to stop them, they did not see, when I reached in room, I saw….. Vividha had already killed Ravish, she killed my Ravish. Uma says my daughter did not do this.Kangana asks Vividha why did she do this. Atharv says Vividha did not kill anyone. Dadi says Vividha can never do this. Uma says Vividha can’t kill anyone. Atharv says I know my love can’t kill anyone, this is not truth. Kangana says Ravish supported Vividha and gave father’s name in your presence, Ravish did a lot, even then she did this.

Madhav hugs Vividha. He says no, my mumma did not kill Chote Papa.Vividha says mumma did big mistake and have to do, I promise I will try to come back soon, till then you have to be strong, take care of Khushi and everyone. He nods. Vividha sees Khushi. She is taken away in the police jeep. Everyone cry.Vividha thinks I can’t tell truth to Atharv, sorry, I have to take murder blame on me. Atharv says I will get you back Vividha. Its night, everyone sit upset. Atharv sees Kangana. Madhav asks where is mumma, when will she come. Atharv says I will get your mumma. Dadi asks what did doctor say. He sends Madhav. He says doctor said Ravish died as his heart was stabbed, after post mortem, we will get his body for last rites. Kailash looks on.

Sujata says we should see Kailash once, he is upstairs. Atharv says checking Kailash is very imp. He goes to Kailash and asks him what did you see, tell me, Ravish did something to you, tell me what is the matter. Sujata says he is not in senses, leave him, how will he know anything. Atharv asks what shall I do, he knows something, this is only way to save Vividha and this family. They go. Khushi look on.Atharv waits in police station. He says help me in meeting in wife. Inspector says it will take time, go and sit there. Atharv asks constable to do something, its two hours now. Constable says talk to inspector. Atharv requests inspector. Inspector asks him to come in evening. Atharv angrily argues.

He says my wife’s crime is not proved, I will call commissioner. Constable takes him to meet Vividha. He meets Vividha. Jaana na dil se door….plays…..

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