My desire update Sunday 28 May 2023

My desire 28 May 2023: Pihu gets upset when her dress malfunctions and is about to fall off during her play performance. Raj walks to her and holds her dress. Pihu asks what is he doing here. He says he saw her dressing malfunctioning and is holding it. She says she still has dialogues to deliver. Raj says he will manage and delivers dialogues. Play director thinks what is Raj doing in stage, he will spoil the drama. Saransh says Raj is creating a new suspense in the play. Raj asks Pihu to silently hold her dress from back and acts as dying, he will silently lie her down. She follows his instructions and ends play. Roohi thinks why didn’t mamma return yet.

Play’s director scolds Raj for entering the stage and spoiling the play. Pihu says Raj saved her dignity instead and shows her torn dress. Director scolds his assistant for giving torn dress to Pihu. Assistant says she stitched the dress herself and showed it to Pihu, she doesn’t know how the mishap happened. Pihu thanks Raj for saving her dignity and leaves with her parents. Vidyut thinks how did Raj arrive on stage, did he know about my act. Raj recalls Vidyut cutting Pihu’s dress strings in lieu of hugging her and thinks he knew Raj would do something like this.

Back home, Saransh asks Roohi if she informed Rudra about Preesha. Roohi says she did after promising him but is sad as she wants stay with both her parents and sibling. She then goes to bathroom and thinks of calling Preesha and questioning why did she leave without meeting her papa and fix a meeting in a mall tomorrow. She calls Preesha and calls her mamma, then mamma like mamma. Preesha asks why did she call her. Roohi reminds that she gave her number and asks why did she leave without meeting her papa. Preesha says even she wanted to meet her father, but is returning to Mumbai as she stays in Mumbai and had come to Delhi to settle Pihu down. Pihu walks in crying. Preesha disconnects call. Roohi gets sad thinking mamma is returning to Mumbai.

Preesha asks Pihu why she is crying. Pihu describes the whole costume malfunction event. Preesha asks if she didn’t check the costume before. Pihu says costume designer told she checked the dress, someone purposefully malfunctioned her dress. She informs about Raj saving her dignity her on time. Preesha says Raj knew about it beforehand then. Raj confronts Vidyut for malfunctioning Pihu’s dress. Vidyut accepts his crime and says he wanted to take revenge from Pihu for insulting him. Raj says he feels ashamed of Vidyut and asks why was he acting as liking Pihu. Vidyut reveals his detail plan how he tried to manipulate Pihu and gets angry on Raj for saving Pihu on time.

Raj says he respects women and would inform Rudra about Vidyut’s heinous act. Vidyut says Raj is just a charity for Rudra and he is Rudra’s family member, so Raj should keep his mouth shut.Roohi thinks she should inform Rudra about Preesha as only he can stop Preesha from leaving the city. Saransh walks to him. Roohi thinks if she should inform Saransh about it or not. Saransh asks where is she lost again. Roohi says let us go and have food. She walks to Rudra and says she needs to talk. Rudra asks if she is fie, he will call the doctor. Roohi says she is fine and wants to talk something important. Rudra asks what is it. Roohi say he doesn’t know anything about mamma, she wants to tell him about her.

Vidyut over phone describes his friend how he was about to take revenge from Pihu when Raj saved her on time. Police comes to arrest him on Pihu’s complaint. Rudra asks Roohi what she wants to inform him about Preesha. Sharda walks in just then and informs him about police arresting Vidyut. Rudra reaches police station and asks inspector about the complaint. Inspector says Vidyut is charged of trying to ruin a woman’s dignity. Vidyut denies allegations. Rudra asks who filed the complaint. Pihu enters and says she complained. Rudra feels shocked seeing her.

Rudra asks inspector who file a complaint against Vidyut. Pihu enters andsays she filed complaint. Rudra is shocked to see her and asks why did she complain, he thought their differences cleared and hence they are participating together in a play. Pihu says his brother never changed and he continued his heinous behavior. Rudra asks if she has any proof. Pihu says he should ask his brother. Vidyut says Pihu is wrongly alleging to take revenge from him for his earlier act. Pihu slaps him and warns him to stop stoopin so low, he cut his dress lace because of which it would have fallen on stage and she would have lost her dignity. Vidyut says she is lying to take revenge from him and asks her if she has any proof. She says she knew he would ask for proof, she has evidence who saw his heinous act.

Raj walks in and tells Rudra that he saw Vidyut cutting Pihu’s dress lace. He tells Rudra that he respects his family, but he cannot let anyone ruin a woman’s dignity. Vidyut tries to shut his mouth. Rudra warns him to stop and asks Raj why didn’t he inform hm before. Raj says he didn’t want to inform anyone about it, but when Pihu’s bhabhi/SIL called and convinced him, he thought if Vidyut can do this to Pihu, he can do it to any other girl and he has to stop Vidyut’s wrongdoings. He calls Preesha calling him and explaining him the seriousness of the issue asks who is behind it. Raj says its Vidyut. Preesha insists him to give evidence against Vidyut to stop him from doing further wrong to any other girl. Raj agrees.

Out of flashback, Raj tells inspector that he wants stop Vidyut before he does anything wrong to any other girl and then I feel guilty about it. Vidyut rudely accepts his crime and says he doesn’t like Pihu rudely speaking to her and hence tried to ruin her dignity. He orders Pihu to take back her complaint. Preesha enters and says he should be given a rigorous punishment for his act. Rudra is shocked to see Preesha. Armaan and Digvijay return home. Kanchan informs them about Preesha and Pihu visiting police station to file complaint against Vidyut and describes them the whole story. Armaan gets tensed hearing that.

Rudra expresses his happiness seeing Preesha and says he searched her everywhere. Preesha warns him to stay away from her as he tried to kill her, recalling watching Armaan’s shown morphed video. She asks if he is shocked to see her alive. Rudra asks why would he kill her, his life ruined when she left him, she left him alone in pain ignoring his love. She says love doesn’t look good from hs mouth, he tortured her brutally. He says he lived to make her life comfortable and would never think of torturing her, she left him just for a small wife; they are married and she is his wifey. Preesha says she was his wifey, but not anymore.

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