My desire update Sunday 26 february 2024

My desire 25 February 2024: Kashvi gets upset seeing her college students celebrating and recalling Suraj and Pankaj’s friends molesting her. Arjun joins her and says those boys are enjoying and cheering up themselves, she need not worry.

He assures her that he is always there for her and calms her down. A romantic song plays in the background. Kashvi says she is fine now and asks Arjun to leave her hand. Arjun says he can but doesn’t want to. She smiles at him. Arjun gets inspector’s call who informs that they arrested Suraj and Pankaj and he should reach police station with Kashvi to finish further formalities.

Arjun informs same to Kashvi and assures her again that he will always be with her. They both reach police station where Aruna yells at police not to arrest her innocent sons. Inspector warns her to keep her mouth shut. He thanks Mr Sharma for getting Pankaj and Suraj arrested.

Arjun asks Sharma how did he know Pankaj and Suraj’s location. Sharma says they were forcefully trying to hide in his house and threatened to kill his family, he risked his and his family’s lives and informed police about their location.

Suraj and Pankaj say that Sharma is lying, he is the mastermind who provoked them to harm Kashvi and gave them shelter in his house. Aruna says her sons don’t lie, Sharma must have provoked them for sure. Inspector says her children are not kids to get provoked easily or obey someone, Sharma risked his life and got them arrested. Sharma looks at Nitya and recalls Nitya suggesting him to get Suraj and Pankaj arrested to divert Kashvi’s attention from them. Police throws Suraj and Pankaj behind bars. Aruna assures to get them released using Nitya’s professional status.

Kashvi walks to Nitya and says she didn’t expect her to lie. Nitya gets tensed thinking if she found out truth and asks what did she lie. Kashvi says she lied to her that commissioner is out of town while she saw him today. Nitya warns her to lower her tone and says commissioner was out of town and came a day earlier, she has fixed an appointment with him in the evening to discuss about Sam and Nayan’s murder case. Kashvi apologizes her. Nitya relaxes. Kashvi returns to college. Arjun asks where was she as he was worried for her. She asks him to relax and keeps her finger over his lips. He looks into her eyes and says they are so beautiful, then gets nervous and says he is her husband and bestfriend and can speak like that. He then asks her again where she had been. She says to meet Nitya. He asks why?

Aruna cries looking at her sons’ photo. Nitya walks to her and acts as consoling her. Aruna pleads her to get her sons out of jail and promises to leave the city with her sons and not trouble Nitya again. Nitya asks her to freshen up and have food, she will find some way to get them out of jail. Kashvi informs Arjun about her suspicion towards Aruna in her parents’ murder case and describes how she found multiple evidences against Aruna and Nitya fixing a meeting tonight with commissioner to discuss about the case. Arjun says he will not let her gone alone and will accompany her as he is worried for her. They meet commissioner, and Kashvi shows him all the evidences against Aruna. Commissioner it’s not enough to prove Aruna guilty. Nitya says she started her investigation and asked Sharma to locate Madamji via her mobile number found in Birju’s mobile, but her phone is switched off. Sharma walks in and says Madamji’s phone is on now and he found her location.

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