Imlie starlife update Monday 26 February 2024

Imlie 26 February 2024: Kidnapper points a gun at Imlie. Kairi pleads him to spare her mamma. Kidnapper says he will shoot her first. Atharva pleads him to spare his daughter. Rudra with Manish enters with a money bag and asks him to spare his family.

Kidnapper asks him to get the police in whom he came here with. Police walks in. Kidnapper says he knows this would happened, so he already planned his escape. He brings a basket with Imlie’s baby and a bomb in it and says he will blast the baby. Family pleads not to do that. Kidnapper orders Imlie to collect guns from policemen and keep it aside. She does same.

He escapes with money and his team leaving the basket outside. Atharva and Imlie walk out and carefully open basket to find just a doll in it with a watch. Inspector says kidnappers fooled them. Imlie

cries why fate is taking her test and prays Seeta maiya to protect her baby. Atharva asks where kidnappers must have gone. Imlie says she heard kidnappers’ conversation and knows where they went. Atharva says their battle is still on.

Keya returns to Akash after donating blood to Shivani and says she feels good after doing a good deed. Akash offers her fruit. Anu watches them and thinks everyone want to become good like Imlie. She walks into Shivani’s room and thinks she is feeling bored as she didn’t do anything bad since a few days. She tries to kill Shivani by pulling off her life support machine plug, but falls down after getting an electric shock. Goons reach a factory and get clearance from a guard to take a truck away. Imlie with Rana family reaches the place next and notices kidnappers’ car. Guard stops them. Atharva requests him to let them go in as his baby is kidnapped and brought here. Guard says they transport goods from here and not babies and rudely warns him to leave. Atharva shouts. Inspector reaches and handles guard.

Rana family searches for kidnappers and baby in all the trucks. One of the kidnappers notice Imlie and hides. Manish and Divya discuss that the kidnappers must be in disguise, they need to find them. Kidnappers overhear them. Devika saves a girl from an accident. Girl’s mother thank her. Devika lectures her on taking care of her girl. Atharva and Imlie enter a restricted area. Guard stops them. They inform that 3 kidnappers kidnapped their baby and brought her here, they need to find their baby.

Boss walks in and acts as helping them. He walks to kidnappers and scolds them for bringing police and baby’s parents there. Kidnapper asks him to get them out of there safely. Boss asks them to hide the baby in a fruit basket, returns to Imlie and Atharva and say he couldn’t find their baby. Imlie cries that if kidnappers will pass state border, how will they find their baby.

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