My desire update Sunday 2 July 2023

My desire 2 July 2023: Armaan mixes sleeping pills in Preesha’s coffee and thinks Preesha will fall asleep for hours after having this coffee and will not attend Ruidra’s wedding. He offers her coffee. Preesha sips it and says its strong but good. He thinks Preesha will be only his forever as she will not attend Rudra’s wedding at all. Pihu ready for wedding walks to Preesha and asks if she is ready. Preesha wakes up. Pihu praises her beauty and says Rudra will nervous seeing her and would marry her instead of Vanshika. Preesha says let us go and check if Armaan’s ready. They find Armaan in deep sleep. Pihu recalls watching Armaan mixing sleeping pills in Preesha’s coffee to make her skip Rudra’s wedding and tricks him to have that coffee instead to stop him from interfering between Rudra and Preesha. Out of flashback, she thinks Armaan didn’t want Preesha to attend wedding, now he will not instead.

Preesha says she will also skip wedding if Armaan is not going. Pihu convinces her saying she herself wanted to see Rudra marrying and hence shouldn’t skip it. Preesha agrees. Rudra gets ready in groom’s attire and feels sad. He asks asks if she thinks Preesha’s memory will return. Sharda asks what his heart feels. Rudra says he feels Preesha’s memory will return seeing his fake wedding with Vanshika and she will recall their wedding. Sharda asks him to have faith on god. Preesha and Pihu walk in. Rudra says he was waiting for Preesha, means them both, and asks if Armaan didn’t come. Preesha says he was tired. Sharda says they both came at the right time before the muhurath.

Rudra tells Preesha that he is getting married and wants to express his feelings to his wife that he loves her immensely and his each breath belongs to her, etc. Preesha gets emotional and wipes her tears. Pihu calls her aside. Pandit calls Rudra to mandap and ties sehra on his face. Vanshika walks down with Sharda wearing a white sari. Preesha asks why is she wearing jail like sari. Pihu says maybe its their wedding theme. Sharda does Vanshika and Rudra’s gath bandhan. Preesha feels sad seeing that. Digvijay walks to Armaan’s room and finds him sleepy. He wakes him up and asks if he doesn’t want to attend Armaan’s wedding. Armaan says he had given sleeping pills laced coffee to Preesha to make her skip wedding. They both check Preesha’s room and finds her missing. Maid informs that Kanchan has gone out and Preesha and Pihu have gone to attend Rudra’s wedding.

Preesha recalls her wedding seeing Rudra and Vanshika’s pheras and other rituals. Vidyuth walks in undergarments and stops wedding. Preesha recalls Yuvraj trying to stop her and Rudra’s wedding similarly. Rudra and Vidyuth enact same incident. Preesha recalls her love for Rudra and her children and thinks Rudra was right, how can she forget her love and her children. She starts getting a panic attack and collapses. Armaan reaches there and stands shocked.

Preesha gets a panic attack recalling a similar incident happening her and Rudra’s marriage earlier and the rest of the story thereafter. Pihu informs Rudra that something is happening to Preesha. Preesha collapses. Rudra rushes to Preesha worried. Armaan enters and walks towards Preesha. Pihu stops him and warns him not to go near Preesha. Armaan asks if she has gone mad that she is supporting Rudra even after knowing that Preesha is his wife. Pihu says she doesn’t know what is right or wrong, she just knows that Preesha should be only with Rudra and not Armaan. Armaan pushes her aside and walks to Preesha. He shouts at Rudra how dare he is to touch Preesha and tries to touch her. Rudra pushes him away and warns him not to touch Preesha as she is his husband.

Rudra and Armaan’s fight ensues. They beath each other. Rudra overpowers Armaan finally and knocks him down. He then lidfts Preesha and rushes her towards hospital in his car. Armaan recals destroying Rudra’s car brakes to take revenge form him and thinks now Preesha’s life is also at risk. He follows their car. Pihu, Vidyuth, and Raj follow Armaan’s car fearing Armaan would try to harm Rudra. Roohi worries for Rudra and Preesha’s lives. Sharda assures that matarani will protect them.

Rudra drives car recalling the quality moments spent with Preesha. Saathire Thoda Teherjaa.. song plays in the background. Armaan follows him and thins Rudra has gone mad to speed car without realizing car brakes have failed, he needs to save Preesha at any cost. Sharda with Saransh and Roohi prays god to protect Preesha as they got her after years. Rudra realizes that his car brakes have failed. Pihu and Vidyuth fight while driving. Raj asks them to stop fighting and think about saving Preesha. Rudra notices traffic signal and panics thinking how to stop the car. Signals turns green just when he crosses the signal. He thanks god and thinks he need to reach hospital as soon as possible. A speeding truck crushes his car and drives away. Preesha and Rudra fly out high from the car and hit their heads to stones. Preesha wakes up and crrawls towards Injured Rudra, but then collapses.

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