My desire update Saturday 1 July 2023

My desire 1 July 2023: Rudra tells Preesha that they used to be under shower many times before and used to love it. Preesha lets herself flow in emotions, then gets conscious and says she needs to go. Ye Laal Ishq.. song plays in the background. She slips and falls on him again. He says let him do what he used to do and lifts her. Doctor bandages Armaan’s ankle and says he got a sprain and shouldn’t bear weight on it for 3-4 days. Armaan asks how will he walk then. Doctor gives him a 4-pronged walker and asks him to use it for 3-4 days. Armaan walks out with a walker’s help searching fro Preesha. Roohi accompanies Armaan and hopes he doesn’t reach Preesha. He walks to Rudra’s room and finds Preesha outside the bathroom completely drenched.

Preesha recalls hearing Armaan’s voice and asking Rudra to hide in the bathroom. Rudra says let Armaan see them. She somehow sends him in and stands out. Armaan asks what is she doing there and why is she drenched. She says mehandi fell on her, so she cleaned herself. Pihu enters and drapes a towel around Preesha. Armaan asks how does she know Preesha is drenched. Pihu says she passed by and noticed Preesha drenched, murmurs in Preesha’s ears that Raj informed that she must be here. Preesha drives car recalling her intimate moments with Rudra and thinks why she feels good when Rudra touches her. Armaan thinks if Rudra did all this, he needs to keep her away from Rudra during Rudra’s mehandi ceremony tomorrow.

Next day, Rudra and Vanshika’s mehandi ritual starts. Preesha, Armaan, and Pihu attend it. Everyone dance while Vanshika ges mehandi applied. Preesha also gets mehandi on her hand, feeling confused seeing Rudra happy. Rudra walks to Preesha and says he can’t keep his eyes off her as she is looking very beautiful, calls her wifey, then walks to Vanshika and asks if he is right. She thanks him. He kisses her hand and says her mehandi color should be more deeper than anyone else. Vanshika says she will write his name in her hand and he should search it. Rura asks to do it soon. Vanshika asks mehandi artist to write R in her hand. Preesha’s artist asks what shall she write. Preesha tries to say Armaan when Roohi stuffs her mouth with laddu. Rudra asks artist to write R on her hand. Artist does.same.

Preesha asks why did she write R instead of A, she should remove it. Artist says it will spoil whole mehandi. Roohi requests to let it be as its looking beautiful. Rudra taunts Preesha that if he knew she still loves him, he would have married her again her instead of Vanshika. Preesha says he is mistunderstood as mehandi artist wrote it by mistake. He clicks her hand’s pic and shows it to Armaan and asks if he liked his initial. Armaan asks why is he showing Vanshika’s hand. Rudra says is Preesha’s hand and looks like she feels herself to be rudra’s wife than Armaan’s. Armaan gets jealous. Vanshika asks Rudra to bring food for her as she feels hungry. Rudra orders waiter to fill a plate for him and Preesha.

Jealous Armaan walks to food counter and mixes chilli powder in Rudra and Vanshika’s food plate. Rudra picks it and enjoys it with Vanshika. Armaan thinks why is Rudra not feeling food spicy. He himself starts feeling stomach upset and rushes to bathroom. Saransh laughs seeing that and reveals to Roohi that he had noticed Armaan mixing chilli powder in Rudra’s food and hence he exchanged it and mixed a stomach upset powder in Armaan’s food.Saransh informs Roohi how he saw Armaan mixing chilli powder in Rudra and Vanshika’s food and hence mixed a stomach upset powder in Armaan’s food and made him spend rest of the party in bathroom. Pihu walks to them and asks what is happening. Saransh says nothing.

Roohi asks if she is enjoying the party. Pihu says yes. Roohi asks her to call Preesha from landline once she reaches Preesha. She takes food for Preesha. Preesha says how will she have it with mehandi hands. Roohi says she will feed her. Pihu calls Preesha from landline. Preesha asks Roohi to pick it. Roohi says her hands are dirty and calls Rudra for help. Rudra picks phone from Preesha’s waist pocket. Pihu calls Preesha again. Rudra picks call and keeps phone over Preesha’s ears. Preesha says she can’t hear properly. Rudra takes her aside. Pihu says she will call later and disconnects it. Rudra keeps phone back in Preesha’s waist pocket and notices her belly piercing. Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya.. song plays in the background. Rudra reminds the moments when she got belly piercing first.

Armaan walks towards them thinking what was mixed in the food that he is having diarrhea. He gets jealous seeing Rudra and Preesha standing intimately, but rushes to bathroom again. Rudra touches Preesha sensuously says whenever she tries to go away from him, she gets more closer to him. Preesha lets him touch her, then gets conscious and leaves. Rudra thinks Preesha can feel his love and he will remind her everything, then she will return to him. Armaan thinks Rudra tricked him and hence he needs to teach Rudra a lesson. Sharda notices Rudra’s veil and asks servant to give it to Rudra and make sure he wears it. Armaan takes veil and drips it in oil. He then asks another servant to give it to Rudra saying Sharda maa gave it and he should surely wear it. Rudra wears it and meets guests. Armaan throws lamp thread on it and it catches fire.

Preesha notices Rudra’s veil caught fire, runs and pulls it away. Everyone are shocked to see that. Rudra sets off fire. Preesha’s dupatta catches fire next. Sharda alerts her. Rudra pulls it out from her body. Her lehanga catches fire next. Rudra tries to set off fire with bare hands and then drapes a carpet around her and roll on floor with her to set off fire. Preesha stands up recalling Rudra rescuing Rooohi earlier similarly. Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya.. song plays in the background again. Preesha thinks Rudra saved Roohi before similarly. Armaan asks Preesha if she is fine. Preesha says Rudra saved her. Rudra says they should go home now. Rudra says he should check if Preesha is fine first. Armaan says Preesha is his wife, he gets diarrheal spell again and rushes to bathroom. Saransh laughs. Pihu asks Preesha if she is fine. She says yes and needs water.

Roohi takes her to kitchen and offers her water. Preesha says she felt Rudra saved Roohi similarly before. Roohi asks how does she know. Preesha says she felt that. Roohi says it happened when they were staying in a village, she is remembering her special connection with Rudra. Armaan walks to Preesha and says its better if they go home now. Preesha agrees and accompanies him and Pihu towards car when he feels stomach upset again and says Rudra and even his home food are his enemies and rushes to bathroom again. Pihu asks Preesha not to take any tension. Rudra tells family that he feels Preesha is in tension. Roohi informs him that Preesha recalled Rothak fire event where Rudra rescued her. Rudra rejoices and says Preesha looked upset for the same reason. Saransh says Rudra’s plan of fake marriage is working. Roohi says Preesha’s whole memory is not back. Rudra says she will during fake pheras tomorrow. Roohi says Pihu told Preesha is not having medicines. Rudra says then definitely Preeesha’s memory will return completely tomorrow. Armaan hears their conversation and realizes that Rudra played this fake marriage drama to revive Preesha’s memory, he will not let that happen.

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