My desire update Monday 3 July 2023

My desire 3 July 2023: A speeding truck strikes Rudra’s speeding car and drives away. Rudra and Preesha fly out of the car due to the impact and fall down on the ground striking their head to the stones and getting severely injured. Preesha’s memory returns ue to the impact on her head. She opens her eyes, but collapses again. Armaan reaches there followed by villagers and tries to take Preesha from there. Rudra regains consciousness and stops Armaan. Armaan says Preesha will die if they don’t rush her to the hospital. Rudra agrees and rushes Preesha to hospital with Armaan. Doctor nurses even Rudra’s head injury. Rudra calls Sharda and informs her about the accident and Preesha’s condition. Sharda with Saransh and Roohi reaches hospital after informing Pihu about the accident.

At hospital, doctor informs Rudra that Preesha’s condition is critical after heavy blood loss. Sharda notices a durga pandal nearby and suggests Rudra to pray god to return his Preesha to him. Rudra visits pendal and requests Panditji if he can perform aarti as its a question of someone’s life. Panditji agees saying it must be god’s wish. He performs aarti praying for Preesha’s life. His children join him and pray for their mother. Rudra prays god to return Preesha to her family as they need her the most.

Preesha gets conscious and asks nurse about her family, Rudra and children. She says she wants to inform them that her memory is back and she can’t live without them. Nurse says she will call her husband Armaan Thakur. Preesha says Rudra is her husband and not Armaan, she should call Rudra instead. Nurse walks out and informs Armaan what Preesha said. Armaan fears that Preesha’s memory is back and hence she wants to meet Rudra. He assures nurse that he will call Rudra. Nurse leaves. Armaan informs Digvijay that it looks like Preesha’s memory is back and hence she wants to meet Rudra. Digvijay suggests him to take Preesha away from Rudra and his children as soon as possible.

Armaan says heads to pendal and notices Rudra and his children performing aarti. He thinks he can kill Rudra and his children if he cuts Ravani’s idol’s ropes from behind and make it fall on them. He does same and thinks he will take Preesha away from Rudra again. He returns to Digvijay and explains his plan. Digvijay says if Preesha’s memory is back, she will refuse to come with him, so he should plan something. Armaan notices nurse and asks him to distract nurse by informing that Rudra is busy in pooja and would come late. Digvijay does same while Armaan exchanges Preesha’s medine strip and hopes she consumes it and falls unconscious so that she can take Preesha away easily.

Nurse returns to Preesha and informs her same. She via window shows Rudra performing aarti. Preesha gets emotional seeing her family and says she needs to meet them. Nurse asks her to get well for that and offers her medicine. Preesha consumes it.Rudra prays Matarani to get Preesha well soon. Roohi and Saransh also Matarani to get Preesha well soon. Sharda prays Matarani to return Preesha to her family. Pihu prays that she learnt the truth that Armaan is wrong here, so Matarani should return Preesha’s memory and reunite her with her real family. Preesha falls unconscious. Armaan enters and takes her away in a wheel chair as planned. Rudra tries to leave after aarti. Pandiji stops him and says since he performed aarti, he should perform ravan dahan. Rudra says he wants to meet Preesha first as she must be awake now. Sharda says hospital staff would have called them if Preesha had regained consciousness, maybe all their problems will solve after he performs ravan dahan and Preesha will return in their lives.

Rudra lifts a bow and fire arrow to shoot at Ravan’s effigy. Armaan takes Preesha towards car and thinks Rudra is brining death on himself by shooting Ravan, he has cut all the ropes and now Ravan’s effigy will fall on Rudra and his children and kill them. Preesha wakes up and hears his plan and thinks she will not let Armaan kill Rudra and children. Rudra shoots at Ravan. Preesha gets up from chair and pushes it towards Armaan and then calling Rudra runs towards him and pulls him and children away just when Ravan’s effigy is about to fall on them. Crackers from the effigy spread all over the place, and people start running around. Rudra and Preesha look at each other.

Armaan realizes Preesha escaped and fears her memory returned. He thinks he should go and check if Rudra and his children are dead or not. Rudra asks Preesha if she is fine. Roohi asks if aunty is fine. Preesha asks her to call her mamma as her memory is back now and she remembers everything. Rudra happily hugs Preesha and thanks Matarani for returning his and his family’s life Preesha. Preesha then hugs her children emotionally. Vidyuth notices a cracker flying towards Pihu and pulls her aside. Pihu thanks him for helping her and says he shouldn’t have touched her tough. Raj takes Pihu from there.
Preesha notices Armaan coming and informs Rurdra about Armaan’s plan. Rudra escapes from there and takes family into hospital’s laundry room.

Digvijay notices Armaan unconscious on floor and rescues him. Preesha reveals Rudra how Armaan injected her from behind and before falling unconscious could see Revati kidnapping her baby. Rudra says they will find their baby back soon. He reveals how Armaan erased her memory via drugs and manipulated her to make her believe that she is his wife and Rudra had physically and mentally tortured her. Preesha says she remembers Armaan showing him morphed video. Rudra says he must have hired an actor and morphed his face. He reminds how Armaan tried to trap Preesha before in Sania’s murder case and says now they will expose Armaan’s dirty game and get him punished. Peesha says not so soon as they don’t have proof against Armaan, Armaan will escape if he learns about their plan, so she will return to Armaan and gather evidence against him.

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