Imlie starlife update Saturday 1 July 2023

Imlie 1 July 2023: Chini thinks she needs to do something which will make sure that she permanently cerates her place in Arto’s heart and trap him forever. She notices Imlie’s poem and takes it thinking Arto likes such time, she is ready for Arto now. Atharva enters saying he is not ready though and says he will not let Imlie win. Chini says she knows he is sacrificing a lot for him, even she dreamt of spending life with him and his family. She gives Imlie’s poem and says she hopes he find peace reading this poem like she found peace while writing it. Atharva reads poem. Chini says whatever happening is tough for even her, but he should remember that she loves only him. Artharva says he knows, he took pheras with Imlie but considers Chini as his wife, she is his poetess and his true love. Chini thinks which poetess he is talking about. Akash calls Atharva for bidayi ritual. Atharva leaves. Chini thinks it should have been her bidayi but Imlie took over, she will not let Imlie take away Atharva if she can’t get Atharva.

Next morning, Imlie’s bidayi starts. Narmada hugs Imlie and asks Ranas to take care of Imlie. Devika and Rudra promise that they will take care of Imlie like their own daughter. Keya says Rana family is Imlie’s family from hereon. Imlie says her world was just confined to her house and the road leading to it, now her world is expanding with a big family and she wants to move ahead with everyone’s love and support. Atharva’s cousin says bhabhi changed a meaning of bidayi. Rudra says Imlie will perform graha pravesh with everyone’s support and love. Chini enters and says shed can’t perform graha pravesh. Rupali asks Chini to stop her childish behavior and says Chini is emotionally attached to Imlie. Chini says Imlie can’t go in without her wedding gift. Imlie asks what gift she wants to give. Chini after a bit of emotional dialogue offers Radha Krishna ji idol.

Anu taunts that Radha was Krishna’s love and Rukmini was Krishna’s wife like Imlie ‘s Arto’s wife, how will she gift it when a husband doesn’t love wife at all. Chini apologizes and says she thought its a good gift. Imlie says its a world’s best gift and tells Anu that Radha and Rukmin are 2 different forms of love and explains her views. Anu frowning says sure sure. Atharva’s cousin says Imlie should have been a Hindi teacher. Imlie says Radha and Rukmini were 2 different names, but they were same for Krishna. Devika calls Imlie as Atharva’s Radha urf Rukmini and asks if they can perform graha pravesh now. Imlie says yes maa. Narmada says they stayed back respecting Devika’s request and will leave now. Imlie hugs Chini. Chini asks her to take care of herself.

Devika performs Imlie’s and Atharva’s graha pravesh. Imlie kicks rice bowl and walks in stepping on a red water. Keya welcomes her. Imlie walks in with everyone. Akash tells Keya that they will get all the wealth soon. Chini looks at Imlie’s footprints. Anu encourages her to perform ritual as even her new life started from today. Chini follows Imlie’s footprints and says till now she shared 50% of everything she got with Imlie, she will share even Imlie’s married life; Imlie left footprints on floor, but she will leave her footprints in Imlie’s married life. She gets tensed seeing Rudra standing. Rudra says he didn’t know she loves Imlie so much, doesn’t she want to go home. Anu interferes and says both sisters did everything together since childhood.

Rudra says he feels Chini just followed Imlie, even today Chini is trying to follow Imlie’s footprints, at least now she should stop and change her path as she can’t follow Rana family’s bahu from hereon. She asks her to return home and count money, its better if guests leave after function ends or else they would be kicked out. Anu takes Chini with her.Imlie and Atharva’s ring finding ritual starts. Manish and Divya talk about their love story and ask Atharva to find ring and give it to Imlie. Atharva and Imlie start searching ring. Chini while driving home determines to control Atharva at any cost. Anu asks if she is following her advice. Chini nods yes. Anu says let us see Imlie’s destroyal. Shagun milk turns black, and family gets tensed. Chini says until Arto is under her control, Imlie can’t do anything.

Divya taunts Imlie not to feel bad as she can’t do anything for her bad fate. Atharva says they are in 2022 and still believing in shagun and abshagun, already marriage has finished and there is no bigger abshagun than this.Atharva says a whole world is living in 2022, but his family members are still believing in superstitions; shagun or abshagun wouldn’t matter as wedding is already over. Imlie notices a black ink on his hand and says milk turned black because of it. She wipes it and says now abshagun is cleared. Devika tells Divya that problem was with Atharva and Imlie cleared it. She blesses Imlie and asks to start the game again. Imlie finds ring in a milk bowl and wins game. Cousins congratulate Imlie. Atharva refuses to participate in second round and complete the ritual. Rudra stops him and sends him back.

Cousin asks Atharva to win it this time. Atharva finds ring and says let us complete the ritual. Ginny says its a last round and whoever finds ring will win and rule over the partner whole life. Atharva and Imlie find ring together. Cousin says both win, that means they both would be equal. Atharva angrily leaves kicking a milk bowl. Shivani tells Devika that Atharva doesn’t look happy, maybe he is not happy with this marriage. Divya says maybe Atharva is eager for suhagraat.Rathores sit sad after Imlie’s bidayi and miss her when Chini enters with Anu and excitedly says they will not prepare Imlie’s favorite dishes from hereon and would shift Imlie’s stuff from room as she wants to enjoy a free room now. Rupali gets angry and confronts her that sister cry after sister’s bidayi, but Chini is celebrating.

Chini says Imlie has just gone out of house and not dead. Rupali ges more angry and tries to slap her but stops. Chini plays emotional drama and says she didn’t cry during Imlie’s bidayi as she didn’t want Imlie to get sad, so let her act as laughing and walks away acting as crying more. Family stands emotional believing her crocodile tears.Divya, Ginni and Keya drop Imlie to Atharva’s room taunting her that Atharva is mad behind music, but he would be mad behind Imlie after tonight. Atharva walks in and asks them to go. They all walk away smirking at Imlie. Atharva opens cupboard and clothes fall down. Imlie tries to pick them up. Atharva stops her and says she is not a baby sister but his wife, so let himself do his work. He holds Imlie’s shoulder. Imlie feels shy. He asks her to move aside and walks away. Chini rejoices after fooling everyone. Anu pampers her and says she proved that she is Malini’s daughter.

Chini says she got a lot of money now and would not stay with Imlie bhakts now. Anu says she can stay at her house. Chini says she will control Imlie’s life from there. She asks if they can count money now and finds money bag missing.Rupali enters and asks if something is lost, recalls picking money and jewelry bags. Chini asks where are her bags. Rupali says it belong to Imlie and hence she gave it to Sundar who would have returned to Imlie by now. She says Chini is snatching Imlie’s rights since childhood, she should stop at least now. Chini panics and breaks things and says she will turn Imlie’s suhagraat into her nightmare. Anu tries to stop her and thinks she doesn’t know what would this girl do. Imlie sitting on a bed waits for Atharva. Atharva thinks he can’t see Imlie’s face, how will he share room with her. He is about to enter room when Chini calls him and he walks away thinking only Chini can understand how alone he is.

Rudra and Devika notice him and ask where is he going, he should be with Imlie at this time. Atharva says he was going to his car to get some stuff. Rudra confronts him and says he married Imlie with his wish. Atharva says he saw his yes, but didn’t realize that there can be anyone else in his life. Rudra says he doesn’t know Chini’s truth and orders him to return to Imlie. Imlie nervously thinks how will she ineract with Atharva and practices talking to him. Atharva enters. She bumps on him, and they both fall down. She feels shy seeing him holding her and looks into his eyes.

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