My desire update Friday 25 November 2022


My desire 25 November 2022: Rudra and Saransh give Preesha a South Indian breakfast surprise. Preesha kisses Saransh and says I love you kanna. Rudra says even he planned this surprise. She says I love you too. He says he needs more. She kisses his forehead. Saransh says let us have a family hug. They all 3 hug each other. Sulochana rushes in and shows Sunny’s letter to Rudra saying he left the house. Preesha reads the letter that since he came to them, they are always fighting, so he is leaving them. Rudra asks where did he go. Sulochana blames Preesha and says Sunny couldn’t bear Preesha taunts and irritating attitude just like she insults them. Rudra asks her not to blame Preesha as she knows the reason and Sunny is a kid who cannot think well. Sulochana tries her best, but Rudra ignores her justification. Preesha says let us search Sunny in reception and whole resort.

They rush to reception and question receptionist if they see Sunny as he is missing. Receptionist calls security officer. Preesha asks if he saw a 7-8-year-old kid. Security officer says no as he just had a reporting time with his team and nobody reported him about a lonely kid.Rudra says he will call Sharda maa and ask her to call everyone here. Sharda walks in with others. Rudra informs that Sunny is missing and they should search whole resort. Sharda and Vasu, Yuvraj and Sulochana, Preesha and Rudra team up. Yuvraj fumes that Sunny is wasting their time. Sulochana says let us go to resort bar and have some pegs. Everyone gather again unable to find Sunny. Sulochana blames Preesha again.

Rudra warns her to stop blaming Preesha again as she took care of Sunny like a mother. Sharda says let us file police complaint. Yuvraj says its not possible as police doesn’t file complaint before 24 hours, he knows about it as he is a lawyer. Preesha says seeing Sunny’s letter, police may help them. Rudra and Preesha leave in their car to file police complaint.Rudra and Preesha see Sunny walking into an adoption center. Sunny asks manager to send him to different parents as his parents don’t love him. Rudra with Preesha rushes in and hugging Sunny asks why did he come here, they are all worried for him. Manager asks him to stay away from child first and tell who are they. Rudra says Sunny is his son. Manager asks why kid wants someone else to adopt him.

Rudra shocked says he doesn’t know. Sunny says mamma told all the problems at home are because of him, he doesn’t want to be blamed, so he wants to go away from them. Rudra says he is doing wrong. Manager yells that his son is complaining against them and its enough to file police complaint against them. Rudra shouts what rubbish. Preesha calms him down and requests Sunny to return home as they love him like Saransh and would never blame him. Rudra also requests him. Manager asks him not to be afraid and decide whether he wants to go with his parents or not. Sunny says he wants to go with his parents and accompanies Rudra and Preesha.

Back in resort, Sharda and Saransh concerned eagerly wait for Rudra and Preesha’s call. Sulochana blames Saransh and Preesha again. Sharda warns her to think once before alleging a kid. Vasu says its not Saransh’s mistake and he prayed god for his brother’s return. Sharda consoles Saransh that its not his mistake and god listens to kid’s prayers. Sunny returns home with Rudra and Preesha. Sharda and Vasu relax seeing him back. Saransh asks where did go and asks him to brother promise that he will never leave him again. Sunny promises and hugs him. Rudra says both brothers reunited again. Vasu tells Sunny that his brother was worried for him. Sulochana says she is relaxed now and will go and take her medicines. Her puppets accompany her. Sunny says he is hungry, and Preesha takes him Saransh to serve them some snacks.

Sulochana scolds Yuvraj for his lame plan. Kabir yells that they failed to separate Preesha and Rudra. Mishka yells that they hid Sunny in their, goes into flashback where Yuvraj messages Kabir that Preesha and Rudra left for police station. They both drop Sunny outside adoption center and ask him to tell manager that he wants some other parents to adopt him. Sunny asks what if Preesha and Rudra don’t come here. Mishka says police station route is via adoption center, so they will come here for sure. Kabir asks him not to enter adoption center till Preesha and Rudra come there. Out of flashback, they both ask Yuvraj what should they do now. Yuvraj says let us have strawberry ice cream. They ask if he is out of his mind. Yuvraj says to trap a big fish, one need to feed small fishes as prey.

He says Sunny went to adoption center and proved its manager that Rudra and Preesha are not good parents, so when they go to court with Saransh’s adoption request, Sunny and manager will prove that Rudra and Preesha are not good parents. Sulochana asks how will it help them. He asks to just wait and watch.Preesha prepares snacks for Sunny and Saransh. Sunny asks to serve him first, and Saransh says same. Preesha serves them at once. Vasu says even she used to do same with her both daughters. Sharda says now Preesha is a mother of 2 kids. Rudra gets Sonia’s call who says that she came to jungle searching Sunny and is lost there. He says he will come there right now and leaves.

Sonia calls Rudra and informs her that she came to jungle to search Sunny and got
lost. He asks her not worry as he will reach there soon. She says her phone battery is very low and he may not able to find her location. Rudra thinks of informing Preesha, but seeing her enjoying with family walks away without informing her. He reaches jungle and calls Sonia to find her location. She says she doesn’t know where she is. He asks her to open a GPS app in her phone and give him her location. She gives him location and says her phone will switch off anytime. Rudra marks trees on the way. Sonia’s phone switches off and she gets tensed thinking what if he doesn’t reach her. He reaches her, and she hugs him happily and says she was afraid.

He asks how is she and why did she come here. Sonia says she already told him that she came here searching Sunny. Rudra says they found Sunny and he is back at resort, so they should return home soon. She asks how will they. He says he has marked trees on the way and follows trees when Sonia slips and twists her ankle. He asks her to stand up somehow as they need to get out of this place. She tries to stand up, but fails. He supports her and finds marks on tree erased, thinks how will they go out now. She gets afraid hearing tiger sound and requests him to spend the night there itself and wait till the morning. He says they need to go out somehow, checks his phone for location and finds its off. She insists to stay back there as they can’t risk their lives.

He finds a safe spot, sets bonfire, and says he will find water as he is thirsty. She says she already bought water and biscuits for Sunny and feeds him. He feels drowsy and says he feels as if he is inebriated. She says maybe because he is tensed due to Sunny. He falls asleep in her lap.She acts and then grins thinks he is gone, and calls Yuvraj. Yuvraj hiding nearby walks to them and praises Sonia for her evil act. She asks what will they do next. He says they will do most important task of their plan. She asks if he is sure his plan will not fail. He says it will never fail. She asks why didn’t he plan it at hotel. He says Preesha is there who will create a scene, so he planned it in jungle. He remembers erasing all tree marks made by Rudra and clicks pics of Rudra hugging Sonia.

Out of flashback, Sonia describes how she acted as getting ankle sprain and how she fed Rudra spiked water. He removes Rudra’s shirt and asks Sonia to remove her shirt. She does and holds Rudra. He asks her to hold him intimately and clicks their intimate pics. She asks what will he do with these photos. He says he will use it against Rudra to get Saransh’s custody. She hopes their plan works. He says he will go now and she can return in the morning. She asks what about the drama Preesha with create in the morning.In the morning, Preesha gets tensed not finding Rudra and searches him in whole hotel. Sharda and Vasu also get worried.

Sulochana walks to them and informs that Sonia is also missing as she is not in her room and whole hotel. Sharda says even Rudra is missing. Sulochana acts as worried, calls Sonia and Rudra and seeing their phones switched off says what if they both are together, what were they doing together whole night, what is happening. Sharda asks if she is sure that they went together. Sulochana says she is not sure. Vasu says they have filed police complaint, and police will find Rudr soon. Sulochana continues her acting, goes aside and messages Sonia and Yuvraj that Preesha has filed police complaint and before police reaches them, they should bring Rudra home. Rudra wakes up feeling lightheaded and asks how did he come here. Sonia says to save her. He asks if she is also here. She reminds that she got lost in jungle while searching Sunny, called him, he came to help her, then they both got lost.

He says how can he fall asleep after drinking water, why didn’t she wake him up. She says she didn’t want to disturb him. He says let us go back to hotel as Preesha must be worried. She says they don’t know the route. He says they will find out. Kanbir with Yuvraj walks there acting as searching Rudra and asks how did he come here. Rudra explains whole story. Kabir says good they came here or else Rudra wouldn’t have find his way out.

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