My desire update Sunday 27 November 2022

My desire 27 November 2022: Rudra fumes that he did so much for his brother, but he betrayed him and file Saransh’s custody case. Preesha, Sharda, and Vasu try to calm him down. He says he will fight case in the court and defeat him. Preesha informs him that court hearing his tomorrow. Rudra calls his lawyer and informing him situation asks to come here right now to fight the case. Lawyer says he cannot come there due to cyclone in his city. Rudra asks to refer another lawyer then. Lawyer says its difficult at this moment as nobody would risk their life. Rudra gets tensed hearing that. Sulochana, who is hearing their conversation hiding, gets happy. Yuvraj walks to them and says he will fight the case.

Rudra asks why would he. Yuvraj reminds how he helped Mahima and says they don’t know what Saransh is to him and anyways no lawyer will help them now. Sulochana thinks Yuvraj betrayed her. Rudra reminds that he got his license canceled. Yuvraj says he got it back after 4 months and says he knows well that Kabir and Mishka cannot be good parents like Rudra and Preesha and anyways they don’t have any other option. Rudra agrees. Preesha requests him to be careful as its a question of Saransh. Rudra says if he wins the case, he will give whatever amount he asks. Yuvraj says he will take it anyways and for now Preesha’s trust is his fees, etc.

Sulochana frowns thinking Yuvraj betrayed her team. She catches Yuvraj and yells that he is a chameleon who changed his color. He warns her not to act like his immature son. She shouts to dare not take her son’s name. He asks why is she acting as she is on Rudra’s side. She shouts she is helping Kabir instead by acting. He says he is doing same by being on their side to know their strategies and plans and will make them lose instead. She praises him and asks to prepare the case now. He walks away.At night, Saransh seeing Preesha tensed asks reason. She says she is fine and asks him to sleep. He closes eyes. Yeh Hai Chahatein.. plays in the background.

Rudra looks at her to cheer her up. She prays god to make them win Saransh’s custody case. Next morning, Preesha/Rudra and Miskha/Kabir get ready for case. Sharda brings aarti and tells Rudra and Preesha that god will always help true people. Vasu says she is sure only they will win. Kabir and Mishka walk away fuming. Court hearing starts. Kabir and Mishka’s lawyer starts her justification that Saransh’s present custodians Rudra and Preesha are not fit to take care of him and risked Saransh’s life 2 days ago by giving sleeping pills. She calls Dr. Dsouza in dias. Rudra tells judge that doctor has already considered them wrong and is against them, so he cannot give evidence.

Judge asks him not to speak until he is asked. Kabir’s lawyer informs judge that dr. Dsouza is a residential doctor of the hotel where Saransh’s family is staying and he treated Rudra’s adopted son 2 days back. Doctor alleges that Preesha had given sleeping pills to Saransh and risked his life. Preesha says he is lying. Judge asks Yuvraj to control his client. Yuvraj asks Rudra and Preesha to let their opponent present their case first. Lawyer asks doctor if Saransh is safe with Preesha and Rudra. Doctor says he is not and in fact its dangerous for him. Yuvraj questions doctor next and asks him if this kind of case is first for him. He says no and in this case its not a mistake as Preesha herself is a competent doctor.

Yuvraj shows him 2 pills and asks him to differentiate between vitamin C and sleep pill. Doctor fails to differentiate. Yuvraj says being a competent and experienced doctor, if he failed to differentiate the pills, then how can he expect Preesha to differentiate easily, in fact he would have done same mistake. Doctor gets nervous. Yuvraj asks if he would have made the same mistake or not. Doctor agrees. Yuvraj says he proved that Preesha didn’t purposefully give sleeping pills to Saransh and his opponent lawyer is wrongly alleging Preesha.

Sulochana sees Saransh and Sunny playing and acts as speaking to Sharda over phone and asking if Kabir and Mishka will get Saransh’s custody. Saransh gets tensed and asks what is she talking about and where are Rudra and mamma. Sulochana says he heard everything and informs that Kabir and Mishka think Rudra and Preesha are unfit to takre care of him, so the filed his custody case in court. Saransh says he will not stay with anyone else and rushes towards court. Sunny tries to run behind him, but Sulochana stops him and says let Saransh run. B ack in court, Yuvraj says he will prove that Preesha is a good mother and one can get such a kind of mother with good fate. He calls Sharda in dias and tells judge that it is true that Preesha is a good mother, she takes care of Saransh really well and Rudra and Preesha love Sarash.

Yuvraj tells judge after all the evidences, it is proved that his client Preesha is a good mother. Opponent lawyer says Mishka’s evidence will prove if Preesha is a good mother or not. Mishka gets into dias and says Preesha used to be a good mother, but not anymore. Rudra gets angry and reacts, but Yuvraj stops him. Mishka says Preesha used to take good care of Saransh, but her behavior towards recently and describes how Preesha started neglecting Saransh and forgot to pick Saransh from a party, after which Saransh started hating Preesha and who used to sleep holding Preesha’s hand slept with Mishka that night, etc. Lawyer asks reason for Preesha neglecting Saransh. Mishka because of Rudra’s illegitimate child Sunny; since Sunny came in Rudra and Preesha’s lives, their started neglecting adopted son Saransh.

Yuvraj says he objects, they are trying to divert the main issue with unwanted issues and fooling court. Judge sasy nobody can fool the court.’Saransh eager to reach court stops vehicles. A scooter stops, and driver agrees to drop him. Sulochana waiting in car with Sunny says Saransh has Khurana family’s adamant blood. She wants to Saransh and says she will take him to court. Back in court, Yuvraj says Rudra and Preesha never ignored Saransh or Sunny. Opponent lawyer says they did wrong even with Sunny and calls adoption center’s manager who says Sunny had come to her adoption center crying and requested to give him to some other parents for adoption, he was very sad and didn’t want to stay with his parents, but his parents calmed him down and took him back. Rudra fumes and asks Yuvraj to speak.

Yuvraj says he will lose Saransh custody if he reads. Preesha says its a one-sided case, so he should speak. Yuvraj says things don’t happen as they wish. Sharda gets Sulochana’s call who informs that Saransh found out about court case and wants to come to court. Sharda says she gave her a small task which she couldn’t complete, she shouldn’t bring Saransh here. Sulochana says they are near court and she has given ice cream to Saransh and Sunny to keep them busy, she need not worry as they both will manage once Saransh comes there. Shard asks her to try keep kids away from court as long as possible and gets more tensed.

Opponent lawyer argues that Preesha and Rudra are neither good parents nor good couple and calls Sonia in dais to prove it. Yuvraj acts and asks Rudra why Sonia is coming. Sonia walks in dais and says she is god sent to her as he got her out of dance bar, she is a lucky girl that Rudra takes care of her so much, she even recorded an music album with him and thought he is giving her a chance due to her talent, but at the end she had to pay him with her dignity in return and had to sleep with Rudra. Rudra shouts if she has gone mad. Yuvraj controls him. Preesha confronts Sonia for alleging a person who gave her a new life. Judge threatens Yuvraj to control his clients or else he will leave. Yuvraj asks Rudra and Preesha to calm down as they are indirectly making Kabir and Mishka win. Preesha asks him to speak then. Yuvraj tells judge that his clients will file a defamation case against Sonia and asks her if she has any proof.

She says she has proof and giving a pendrive with pics describes jungle incident and lies that Rudra molested her and even forced her to click pics. Rudra is shocked to see pics. Sonia says she agreed as she loved Rudra, but when he returned home he behaved as if nothing happened; when he couldn’t take care of his son, how can she expect loyalty from him, he is betraying her and even Preesha, she is ashamed of Rudra. Rudra shouts she is lying. Preesha asks Yuvraj to find out why she is lying. Opponent lawyer says Sonia’s seeing mental condition, she needs a break. Judge permits.

Yuvraj calls Mishka in dais telling Preesha its time to expose Mishka. He asks Mishka if she is pregnant and Kabir is not her child’s father, Kabir pitied on her and married her to protect her; how can characterless Mishka question Rudra’s character and challenge for Saransh’s custody.

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