My desire update Saturday 18 March 2023

My desire 18 March 2023: Rudra informs Preesha that Bunty is sending a mechanic, but it will take time. They walk enjoying mangoes. Rupali says mumma picked it and asks Rudra to thank mumma. He says why should he, he is a rockstar who can sing and play guitar. She says his talent did not fulfill his stomach. They find a lake and argue. Preesha addressing them as father and daughter asks them to stop fighting. They get busy filling water and don’t pay attention to her. She goes in search of food, falls into a mud trench, and calls Rudra for help. Rudra with Roohi rushes to her and asks how did she get in. She says she slumped into it. He asks her not to move and let him do something. She gets stuck till her neck. Roohi tries to rush towards her. Rudra stops her and asks her to sty away. He brings a stick and asks her to hold it and come out. She says she cannot reach it.

He then throw a root and tries to pull her out. Even that breaks. She thinks she is very near to Rudra, but cannot get back to him; she need to reveal the truth that Roohi is his daughter before she dies. She tells him that she needs to inform him something. He asks her not to speak, brings another root and with great difficulty pulls her out. They both lie on ground look at each other. Yeh Hain Chahatein.. plays in the background.Yuvraj reaches Preesha’s house and finds it locked. He calls Preesha and finds her phone switched off. Back in jungle, Rudra thinks why can’t he see Preesha in trouble.

Preesha thanks him for saving her. Roohi asks her to thank her also. Preesha does. Rudra finds his phone off. Preesha says even her phone fell in mud trench. Roohi asks if they need to stay in jungle and face a tiger. Rudra asks if she is afraid of tiger and taunts her. Preesha says Rudra is afraid of cockroach and remembers frightening him before. Roohi taunts him. Rudra says he is not afraid of cockroach. Roohi asks if they really need to spend night in jungle. Rudra says Bunty’s mechanic must have fixed the car by now and heads towards it.

Yuvraj thinks of checking with Rudra and calls him, finds even his phone switched off, visits Been maasi, and questions her. Beena says how does she know. Rudra, Preesha, and Roohi reach car and find it unrepaired. Roohi says she is feeling hungry. Preesha says she was searching for berries and fell in mud trench. Bunty thinks Rudra must be still waiting for mechanic, calls him and finds his and even Preesha’s mobile switched off and gets tensed. Roohi frightens Rudra again and laughs, asks if he will save her if tiger attacks her. He says he can sacrifice his life to save her. Preesha reminds Rudra saving Roohi from fire.

Preesha reminds Rohi that Rudra saved her from fire accident and hence he is not a coward. Roohi says she changed party so soon. They start walking again and seeing a hut walks near it to find it locked. Preesha says they should go back to jungle. They hear tiger roar. Rudra says they need to hide in the hut and breaks its lock. Preesha asks what will they say its owner. Rudra says he will pay the owner after explaining their situation. Yuvraj waits for Preesha and Roohi outside their house and gets angry.

Preesha finds rice and daal in hut and says she can prepare khichdi. Rudra asks if how will she without gas. She says she will prepare food on wood stove. He asks if she is sure. She says yes and prepares khichdi. Rudra notices her shivering due to wet clothes and offers her a sari dhoti and kurta kept nearby. Preesha hesitates. Roohi asks how will mamma change in front of them. Rudra picks a blanket and makes a curtain out of it. She says even he is wet and gives him dhoti. Roohi closes her eyes seeing Rudra removing his shirt. Rudra tries to wear dhoti with great difficulty. Preesha walks to him shyingly wearing kurta. Pal Ek Pal.. song plays in the background.

They feel nervous and connected emotionally. Roohi asks them to stop preparing their khichdi and prepare real khichdi as she is hungry. They get alert. Rudra falls down trying to hold his dhoti. Roohi laughs and asks Preesha to teach him. She teaches him hesitantly and asks why didn’t he tell Roohi that she thought him wearing dhoti long ago. He says its been 5 years. Roohi thanks god for clearing Rudra and Preesha’s differences.Vyjayanti questions Sharda why didn’t Rudra return yet, he gets emotionally weak in front of Preesha. Sharda says she is thinking wrong and should trust Rudra.

Vyjayanti says Rudra may leave her and get back to Preesha. Sharda thinks its possible, then says she need not worry as Rudra must be stuck in a traffic and will return soon. Vyjayanti hopes so and walks away.Preesha serves khichdi. Rudra says she prepares tasty food even now. Roohi says let us play antakshari in their style. Preesha says they will select a word from the last line of the song. Roohi chooses one word. Rudra sings Mera Dil Jis Dil Pe Fida Hai Ek Bewafa Hai.. song. and chooses Bewafa words. Preesha sings Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The.. song and selects Pyar for Roohi. Roohi sings Ek Dusre Se Karte Hain Pyar Hum.. song. They all 3 sing the song and rejoice.

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