My desire update Monday 9 January 2023


My desire 9 January 2023: Rudra calls GPS to a bar to character assassinate him and informs that Preesha’s doubt is right that Sania is blackmailing him and informs him whole story and him having a fake marriage with Sania to get Saransh’s information. GPS is shocked to hear that and says he should inform Preesha about it. Rudra says Sania will harm Saransh if he does that. GPS says he will not and asks what should he do. Rudra informs that Ahana wants him to character assassinate him, but he can think of it and hence he will sprinkle some alcohol on him and he should act inebriated. GPS agrees. Rudra gets a call and walks out. Waiter offers water to GPS, he drinks it and walks out. Rudra gets him into cab.

GPS feels drowsy on the way. Sania stops his car and knowing the window asks how is he feeling. He asks who is she. She opens door and shifts him into her cab and remembers reaching bar not trusting Rudra and hearing their conversation spiking GPS’ water with waiter’s help. Out of flashback, Sania hires a hooker to defame GPS by telling his society people and Vasu that old man spent night with him and didn’t pay her. Hooker leaves in GPS’ cab. Sania thinks she is one step ahead of Rudra and Preesha and will spoil their anniversary celebration.

Preesha calls Rudra and asks him to come his house immediately. He concerned rushes home. She makes arrangements for their anniversary celebrations and says he must have forgotten about their anniversary. He nods yews and thinks he will not let her go away from her. Sania calls him. Preesha disconnects call and says she will not let this cheap woman spoil their special day. He says she is someone else’s wife now and he is married to someone else, there is no special day for them. She holds him close and requests to be with her for the sake of their old love. Rudra gives up and hugs Preesha. She wishes happy anniversary and feeds him cake.

Hooker takes GPS to his society, unbuttons his shirt, applies lipstick on his cheeks and says now he looks Chameli’s lover. She asks security which is old man’s house as he is not giving her money. Security says this is Srinivasan saheb. Hooker says this old man enjoyed with her and doesn’t want to pay. She shouts and warns him to let her get her money or else she will create a big drama. Whole society gathers including Vasu and are shocked to see GPS inebriated and hooker saying he is he customer and didn’t pay after enjoying.

Society people are shocked to see GPS heavily inebriated with a hooker. Hooker says this uncle enjoyed with her and didn’t pay her, so she needs her money. Vasu shocked asks GPS what is happening. Hooker continues her misbehavior. Society secretary calls police while Vasu pleads not to as woman is lying. Hooker shouts she is not lying. Vasu rushes to call Preesha. Preesha and Rudra enjoy their anniversary celebration and feed cake to each other. Sania watching them thinks Preesha will slap Rudra tomorrow for character assassinating her father. Vasu calls Preesha and informs that police arrested GPS. Inspector takes GPS away. Sania thinks now Preesha will cry in police station.


Preesha informs Rudra that police arrested appa. Rudra thinks why did police arrest GPS when he just sprinkled alcohol on GPS. Preesha says she needs to go to police station. Rudra says he will accompany her. Sania starts her drama and asks Preesha what is she doing here, if she she is celebrating anniversary hiding. Preesha says she is celebrating openly. Sania says she is Arman’s wife and is romancing Rudra here. Preesha says she needs to go and will explain her later. Rudra says he is going with her. Sania stops him, but he asks her to understand the situation and leaves with Preesha. Sania thinks she wants him to with Preesha to create misunderstanding.

On the way to police station, Preesha thinks Rudra loves her and hence is helping her. Rudra thinks he loves her immensely and hopes GPS is fine. Sania messages hooker and asks if everything is going according to plan. Hooker replies she will complete her task as ordered by Sania. Police takes GPS and hooker to police station. Preesha with Rudra reaches there and asks inspector about GPS. Rudra checks GPS and seeing him heavily inebriated says he just sprinkled alcohol on him. Preesha hears that and asks if he got her appa inebriated. Sania enters and says she will tell the truth, Rudra took her appa to bar. Rudra reveals truth that he called Appa at a bar to defame him as he is being blackmailed and was ordered to do so.

Preesha says she knew he was being blackmailed and asks who is blackmailing him and why. He says for Saransh and describes how Sania blackmailed him to marry her if he wants Saransh’s addresses, etc., and says he loves only Preesha. Preesha gets happy hearing that.
Sania stands tensed after her truth is out. Preesha gives her a tight slap. Sania shouts Rudra did wrong by revealing the truth and now Saransh will die for sure. Rudra realizes its his imagination and thinks he will not reveal truth to anyone or else they will kill Saransh. Preesha questions hooker.

Sania thinks she should involve another hero also in the drama and calling Arman informs him that his wife is not at home. He checks Preesha’s room. She says Preesha is in police station as her father is arrested. At police station, Preesha questions hooker who gets adamant that GPS came to her. Arman reaches and says appa cannot do that. Hooker says she has a proof and takes them to a lodge and signals its manager. Manager says GPS came there with the hooker. Everyone stand shocked hearing that. Rudra asks Sania to give Saransh’s clue now.



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