My desire update Sunday 8 January 2023


My desire 8 January 2023: Arman angrily walks to Rudra’s house calling Sania. Sharda asks him what happened. Rudra asks why is he shouting. Arman asks to call Sania. Sania walks to him. Arman asks where is Anvi. Sania asks how does she know where Anvi is. Rudra backs her. Arman says she brought Anvi along leaving a note. Sania reads note and denies. Rudra says Sania’s name is not written in note, why would Sania take Anvi without any relationship. Preesha enters and says Sania and Anvi are deeply related, Sania is Anvi’s mother and Arman’s ex-wife. Sharda ins shock asks if Sania is Armana’s wife.

Preesha says Sania is Arman’s ex-wife and reveals that she wrote this letter to get out truth from Arman, Anvi is safe at Vasu’s house. She goes into flashback where she informs Anvi that she will take her to her parent’s house, write a note for Arman and thinks Arman will think Sania wrote it and will go to meet her. Out of flashback, she confronts Arman and says he disappointed her and asks Rudra why he married a woman who lied to him about her past life. Rudra thinks Sania will not reveal him Saransh’s location and says he doesn’t want to know about Sania’s past as he didn’t inform her about his past, he loves Sania and hence married her.

Preesha asks him to reveal why he married Sania. He says he wanted to get rid off Preesha, hence he married Sania and he loves her a lot, Preesha should stop her drama and return home with her husband.He takes Sania to room and confronts her that he thought she married him for a deal, but she wants to take revenge from Arman. Sania agrees that she wants to take revenge from Arman as he married Preesha and gave her place to Preesha and made her Anvi’s mother. Rudra says Anvi is very small and needs a mother’s care. Sania says he could have kept a nanny, she will not tolerate anyone giving her right to someone else. He asks if she has gone mad.

She says she can leave anyone, but nobody can leave her or give her place to anyone else. On the other side, Preesha asks Arman if he too revenge from her by hiding Sania’s secret. He says Sania left him and he didn’t inform her truth as he didn’t want to her hurt her and is not like Rudra to give her pain, he has kicked Sania out of his life now. Sania tells Rudra that she will destroy Arman for giving her place to Preesha. He asks what about Saransh. She says once she completely destroys Arman, he will get Saransh’s information and till then he has to support her for Saransh’s sake.

Preesha hires goons to act as eve teasing her in front of Rudra and let him rescue her. Rudra watches good misbehaving with Preesha and trashes them brutally injuring his own hand. Preesha clean his hand and kisses it, then touches him emotionally and asks if he doesn’t loves her, then why did she rescue her from goons. Rudra sees Sania watching them and says he doesn’t love her and would have done same for any other girl, so she stop misunderstanding him. He walks away thinking he has to hurt Preesha until he finds out Saransh’s location. Preesha runs behind him and he drives car away. She thinks he left her today, but he cant tomorrow as its wedding anniversary tomorrow and she will not let him forget it.

Goons return and take money from Preesha. Sanai watches everything hiding and thinks Preesha went to this extent to get truth out from Rudra, tomorrow is their anniversary and what if Preesha plans something again, she will not not let it happen again and will give them a big shock.Preesha returns home and asks maid if she is going to pick up Anvi and drives car herself giving leave to driver. Sania follows her and thinks she didn’t think she would have to do this to Preesha, Preesha is interfering between her and Rudra even after her multiple warnings, now she will get her out of their ways.

She rams Preesha’s car from behind and Preesha’s car hits a sidewalk and she collapses httting her head on a steering. Sania says good bye and drives her car away.Sania rams her car to Preesha’s car and drives away wishing happy anniversary and goodbye forever to Preesha. Preesha’s car hits a sidewalk and she falls unconscious hitting her head to steering injuring her forehead. Nanny is also injured, but gets consciousness and pleads for help. She calls Arman and informs about the accident. Arman shocked asks if Preesha and she are fine. Nanny says she is fine, Preesha is severely injured and unconscious. Arman asks her to sprinkle water on her and keep her awake till he reaches there.


She seeks passerby’s help and gets Preesha into a cab. Arman calls back and asks if Preesha is fine now. Nanny informs that they are heading to City Hospital. Arman reaches hospital and asks doctor how is Preesha. Doctor says she is fine and he can take her home once she gets conscious. Arman asks Nanny how is she and how did accident happen. She explains a car purposefully rammed their car from behind when there was no traffic at all. He asks if she is sure and did she notice car number. She says no, but was carbon color sedan. He asks her to take Anvi home and not inform her about Preesha’s accident, else she will get tensed.

Rudra returns home and pampers Preesha’s sari remembering informing her about his romantic album completion and gifting her a beautiful sari. She thinks its loud and she will not wear it. He insists her to wear it as he wants to take her for outing. She wars sari and comes out. He stands gazing her beauty and praises her. Sharda enters and asks who brought this loud sari, she should go and change it. Preesha says its precious for her as Rudra brought it. Preesha says he got tempted by its color and didn’t bring sari before. She says she can see his love for her and will wear it for him. Sharda agrees and leaves smiling at them. Rudra asks if this sari is really not good. She says no and hugs him. Out of flashback, he misses Preesha and thinks he cannot stay without her, its their anniversary tomorrow and they are separate because of her.

Sania informs Rudra that Ahana has sent a message and takes him to Ahana’s sent location. Rudra asks what is their new drama now. She says Ahana may have left a pendrive for him with Saransh’s clue. He finds pendrive and plays it. Ahana asks if he is fine, how can he when Saransh is with her, she is happy that he is obeying her; she knows its his and Preesha’s wedding anniversary and as a gift, she will give him one more clue of Saransh, but he has to give him something in return; he should character assassinate GPS, make him drunk and create drama in society so that not only society but also Vasu starts hating him. Rudra walks away. Sania gets impressed with Ahana’s demand.

On the other side, GPS meets Preesha who informs that Sania is Arman’s ex-wife and wants to take revenge from him. GPS says he didn’t like Sania from before, he can forget what she did in mall, but she is more cunning and wicked and hence Preesha should be careful. Arman assures him that he will take care of Preesha. Rudra confronts Sania for supporting Ahana and says GPS is like his father and he cannot character assassinate him. Sania says she is not with Ahana’s in this issue, even she is feeling bad for Preesha’s father. Rudra says GPS earned only his self-respect in life, how can he ruin it, Preesha will hate him if she finds out.

Sania thinks she wants Preesha to hate Rudra. Rudra notices GPS walks out of Arman’s house with Preesha and hugs him emotionally. GPS asks if he is fine. Rudra says he saw him after a long time, so he hugged him. Sania calls him and he walks back to her. Preesha asks GPS if he saw how Rudra is obeying Sania, she is forcing him to obey her. GPS leaves.Rudra walks to his room fuming. Sania asks what happened to him. She asks if she doesn’t know the reason, he cannot character assassinate GPS. Sania says if he forgot his son Saransh, he should know what Ahana will do with Saransh if he disobeys her. Rudra calls GPS and asks him to meet him at a bar. GPS agrees thinking Rudra is not opening up with Preesha and may open up with him. Rudra feels guilty.

GPS meets him at a bar and says he should have called him somewhere else, asks if Sania is blackmailing him as per Preesha, he is like his son and should open up, Preesha wanted to reunite with him, but whatever happened is unjustified. Rudra agrees that Sania is blackmailing him.

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