Guddan Zee world update Sunday 8 January 2023

Guddan 8 January 2023: Guddan say thanks ?to Goddes Durga for helping her.. Revti come and ask about guddan talking to herself.. Guddan inform whole plan to Revti, how she planted whole camera and now ready to watch sd card chip footage.. Revti get scared ??and decide to take help from Akshat..Revti inform akshat about guddan planning and warn him to kill? guddan. Akshat stop her and goes to destory chip..Akshat shout at Guddan for using/playing with Laptop and throw it… Guddan though feel bad but say she will find truth..

Akshat try to hide chip but in vain..Parv try to feed her sweets given by dadi aand ask her to relex.. Revti hold his hand and get angry?? for showing concern in room when nobody is around.. She order him to close door and bring that thing.. Parv does as asked and Revti beat him with that thing which is belt, making Parv scared ??and angry??Antra apply onitment on Parv wounds while drinking and laughing??.. Making Parv more irritate..Revti and Akshat have talk over phone about not able to destory sd card chip when suddey Guddan come.. Revti get scared but cover up as Guddan has listened nothing..Guddan ask for Revti laptop for seeing footage, while doing so they see masked person, but before Guddan see further Revti hurt herself..

Guddan goes to get first aid box… Revti smiles? evilly and change footage chip.. Guddan dress her wound and When both sit to watch chip it shows error.. While Guddan goes Revti decide to teach lesson to Guddan..Later a courier come which states to find truth about black mask person reach at glass factory alone..Antra scold Revti for her foolishness over giving proof to Guddan. Revti shout at her saying don’t try think??? that is she old sweet Revti, she will go to any extent to destroy Guddan happiness.. Revti add that she is captain of this ship who want to ruin Guddan and goes…Antra think??? do what I want, now I will do whAt i want that is too kill Guddan.. She get idea to burn Guddan on eve of Dussehra..

Next day Everyone pray to Durga Maa while Durga faint down.. Kishore decide to take her to hospital, though Guddan wanted to accompany but she get courier, stating that if she need to find truth reach Glass factory alone.. Dadi ask about courier Guddan lies by saying its Dusshera invite..Guddan reach glass factory where Antra come infront and do her say as usual dialogues related to Guddan foolishness, her smartness etc.. Guddan smile ??and say I brought someone for you, and give explaination to them.. They both hear police? siren.. Antra try to run but Guddan make her fall, while tieing to her rope, Antra inject injection making Guddan faint.. When police ?arrive they find nobody and inform Akshat..Akshat strictly ask Revti about Guddan whereabouts, but she says if she had Guddan she would never infrom him and if Guddan has been in problem alone, she doesn’t care..

Later Akshat goes at Antra house, where he hold Antra neck to speak about Guddan, but she put all blame on revti.. Akshat try to find but in vain.. After that Antra says I kept Guddan inside your nose, still you were not able to find her.. She open her sofa set and Guddan is lying unconcisous.. Antra say that tomorrow on Dussehra eve Sita/Guddan shall be dying instead of Ravan, and Sita will die from Ram/ Akshat hands.At jindal house everyone bless durga for good news about her pregency.. They all try to contact Akshat and Guddan but in vain.. Later Akshat come with police who inform that Guddan called police at glass factory but now she is missing.. Everyone try to find Guddan and revti goes to meet Parv..

In room Revti hurt Parv hand using knife ?asking for her prey/Guddan, but he pleade to leave as he is getting hurt.. Revti ask to call Antra and ask.. Parv call Antra to ask as Jindals are finding Guddan.. Antra says Captain is Revti, we are pawns so ask her.. Revti throw mobile Later Dadi pray to devi Maa, while Akshat say he shall find her Guddan.. Dadi see its 12 am, and today evil can’t win.. Akshat says to Durga Maa that its your world, you created our relation, now once you have returned my Guddan, return her again please… Episode end with unconcious Guddan, Antra and Akshat..

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