My desire update Monday 18 March 2024

My desire 18 march 2024: Arjun tries to tell her that he loves her a lot, but then says she needs a new phone. Kashvi says she doesn’t need a new phone Arjun says her phone got burnt and so he wants to gift her a new phone.

Kashvi agrees and tries to inform him that he failed in exam, but he says he will get her a new phone first and then listen to her. Kashvi thinks when he returns, she will inform him that he failed his exam.

Arjun visits a mobile shop where he meets his friend. Friend informs him that he failed his exam and shows the passing students’ list. Arjun is shocked and thinks why Kashvi lied to him. Mahima enjoys at Bajwa house and orders servant to prepare cold coffee for him. Romila walks to her and asks why she is here. Mahima says to help find Dadaji’s attackers. Romila says she her is her aunt and knows that she is too selfish to help others, is she behind Arjun. Mahima says she likes rich boys and Arjun doesn’t even have R of rich. Romila asks what is cooking between her and Nitya. Mahima says she doesn’t know what she is talking about and walks away from there. Romila determines to find out what Mahima is up to.

Arjun gets heavily drunk at a bar recalling Kashvi’s lie and thinks he will never forgive her for that. He notices fighters passing by and follows them. He notices fighters in a ring and asks one of the audience who informs that it’s a street fight where they fight till one of the fighter dies, they both get lots of money for the fight. Arjun thinks his parents and Kashvi will consider him a loser as he failed the exam. He walks into the ring and says he wants to fight. Audiences discuss that Arjun is a novice and will die today for sure. Kashvi calls Arjun and asks where is he. Arjun refuses to talk to her and says she betrayed and lied to him. Kashvi asks what did she do. He says she knows what she did. Host announces Arjun and opponent’s fight. Arjun disonnects call.

Kashvi gets worried for Arjun and calls his friends. His friend informs her what happened at the mobile shop. Kashvi asks where Arjun must be at this time. Friend says they usually visit a bar whenever they are happy or sad and its a bar cum street fight club. Kashvi recalls hearing about the fight in the background and asks friend to give her it’s address. He gives her address. She rushes there to stop Arjun. Mahima notices Jagadish between with office work and asks about Nitya. Jagadish says she has some meeting and will come late. He asks her to get a black color file from his room as he is stuck with some calculations. She goes to her room. Arjun gets severely beaten by the opponent and falls down severely injured. Kashvi reaches there and stands shocked.

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