Lost in love starlife update Saturday 13 January 2024

Lost in love 13 January 2024: Savi asks Shantanu if he doesn’t mind can she ask how is he related to Isha madam. Shantanu says some relationships are like 2 shores of a river which walk together but can never meet. He then asks her to forget about it and concentrate on his interview, he is sure she will do good.

Savi while having food thinks she can’t ask Harini to convince her in-laws to let her stay in their house. Harini calls her and asks how is she. Savi says she is fine and apologizes her that she had to return to the hell because of her. Harini says Bhavani wouldn’t have let her stay in her house for long and asks if she got admission. Savi says tomorrow is her interview, she managed somehow in director’s cabin last night and will have to manage tonight till she gets admission and shifts to a college hostel. Harini says she will convince her in-laws for her stay. Savi says it’s not necessary. Harini says she can do at least this for her sister.

Harini walks to her in-laws who are waiting a TV serial and says she wants to to talk to them. MIL says if she wants to keep her sister here, then they can’t allow that as Savi has eloped from her house and they will be criticized by the society. Harini says she can’t let her sister stay alone outside when she is in this city. FIL says she is right and permits her. MIL and Kiran refuses. Harini promises to do anything for their permission.

Kiran gets an evil idea and permits her, he thinks he can enjoy with his beautiful SIL and wife both. Ishan leaves in institute in his car. He sees Savi sitting in a tea stall under rain and thinks that place is unsafe for her. He walks to her and asks what is she doing here, did she shift here. Savi welcomes him to her home and offers her tea saying Ramtek people treat their guests well and not like him who kicked his guest out. Their nok jhok start. He feels irritated with her befitting reply and walks to his car fuming. He notices he left car keys and mobile inside the car itself and tries to catch an auto. Savi notices is situation and opens car door with her hair pain. He leaves in his car angrily looking at her. Harini calls Savi and informs her that she convinced her in-laws to let her stay in their house for some time. Savi thanks her and says she will try to get admission and shift hostel as soon as possible.

Bhavani asks Ashwini to bring food for her. Ashwini asks her to wait as she alone has to cook food now without girls’ help. Vinu returns home. Bhavani asks if he dropped Harini to her in-laws’ home. Vinu says and says they way Harini behaves, it’s difficult for them to manage. Ashwini tongue lashes him for his cheap thinking. Bhavani as usual backs Vinu and criticizes Harini’s move. At Bhosale house, Surekha gets tensed when Ishan doesn’t return home early for dinner and not informing her about his delay. She blames Savi for this. Shantanu asks how is Savi related to this. Surekha says Ishan is upset as Savi is sent by Isha. Yashwant shouts at Shantanu for permitting Savi for an interview while Ishan didn’t want to give her admission. They both grill Shantanu.

Shantanu calls Savi and says her interview is canceled. Savi gets tensed. Yashwanth snatches phone from him and asks him to tell Savi that her interview is as per schedule tomorrow. Shantanu informs same to Savi. Yashwanth says that girl would have created a drama tomorrow, he knows how to manage situation and hence is successfully running Bhosale institute. Shantanu asks if it’s a crime to give admission to a deserving girl. Surekha says Isha sent that girl after years with a vested interest.

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