Imlie starlife update Saturday 9 December 2023

Imlie 9 December 2023: Kairi walks into Imlie’s room and seeing her sad asks if she also lied. Imlie asks what does she mean. Kairi says monkey paa says one gets said when they lie. Imlie smiles and says she is happy and asks which story would she like to hear from her princess mamma. Kairi says she is no more her princess mamma. Imlie asks what is she to her then. Atharva enters and says mamma, then says Kairi’s mamma is calling her and takes her away.

After some time, Atharva gathers family and says a few people here are unhappy about his and Chini’s relationship, so they both have decided to marry soon. Everyone stand shocked while Chini feels happy. Atharva asks if they are not happy with his important announcement. Devika says she is happy and feeds him prasad as sweets. She says he took a right decision and she hopes a few here/Imlie accept this decision and move ahead in life.

Atharva touches her feet and asks if others don’t want to congratulate him. Ginni and others congratulate him. Keya says at least Ginni should wholeheartedly wish her brother and not like people here. Divya congratulates Atharva and Chini and says they will have a grand wedding. Devika asks Rudra if he will not bless Atharva and Chini. Rudra stands silent. Dhairya congratulates Atharva and Imlie next. Atharva thanks him and says he will not feel bad for any of his deeds today. Imlie tries to leave. Atharva stops her and asks if she will not congratulate him and share sweets with him. Imlie says prasad and happiness should be shared. She eats half prasad and feeds him remaining saying he doesn’t look happy though. Atharva asks if she will not congratulate her sister. Imlie congratulates Chini and tries to feed her sweets, but finds its already finished. Keya says Imlie took away Chini’s share. Imie says she is not the one steals someone’s share, it’s god wish who gives a person what he/she deserves. She tells Chini that she is very happy for her and asks Atharva if he will tell even now that she is not happy. Atharva stands frowning.

Imlie looks at her and Atharva’s old album. Dhairya enters and says he can’t see her sad and wants her to be happy. Imlie says Atharva left her 5 years ago and today he left her life completely; she was overshadowed by Atharva and forgot that she is Imlie’s daughter and should try to be happy always. Dhairya says she is really great. Imlie says she will move on as her mother used to say and if she stumbles, she wants her friend Dhairya to hold her. She extends hand. Dhairya holds it and says forever. Atharva watches them and gets jealous. Next morning, Devika performs pooja and asks Shivani, Divya, and others if about wedding arrangements. Divya asks her to relax as everything will be taken care of. Atharv walks down. Chini tells him that Imlie and Dhairya are not seen. She tells him that they are marrying for Kairi’s sake, its good that Imlie and Dhariya are not here or else he would feel awkward, she hopes Imlie stays away and doesn’t interfere in their family.

Imlie with Dhairya walks in playing drums and dancing with musicians. Family joins her and dances. She walks to Atharva and Chini and asks says dance is incomplete without bride and groom. Atharva stands frowning. Devika and Kairi drag him for dance. He says Kairi’s monkey paa is very happy and will dance wholeheartedly. He dances on Main Ghani Bawri Hogayi.. song looking at Imlie. After some time, Devika performs Chini’s tilak ceremony and asks who will perform Atharva’s tilak. Anu walks in and says she will perform Arto’s teeka. Imlie stops her and says she will perform Atharva’s teeka. Atharva frowningly looks at her. Imlie asks him not to be shocked, he is marrying her sister and she will perform all the rituals wholeheartedly. She performs his teeka.

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